Friends (1994 – 2004)

If there is a generation today who haven’t seen at least one of the ‘Friends’ episodes then something is sincerely wrong, at minimum they are missing out! This sitcom is a classic! The all-time watch whenever, the all-time watch repeats, the all-time hilarious sitcom. It is hands down one of the best programmes out there. All ten seasons are appreciated by millions and are still watched repeatedly. I am hoping that everyone has seen at least one episode. I know how much of a success this show was, but I still wanted to do a review, just highlighting my reasons for my love of this show.

Friends - all

Every episode is great and I don’t think there is one that I dislike, actually I know there isn’t. I can’t explain every episode, all I’ll say is they’re all different so a binge-watch is easy, very time-consuming, but easy! So instead I’ll explain our amazing ‘Friends’ characters, by listing great aspects shown throughout the numerous episodes. THIS LIST IS NOT IN ANY PARTICUALR ORDER.

Six friends; three male, Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Joey (Matt LeBlanc); three female, Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, so read at your own risk. However, every episode is episodic and they’re not needed to be watched in order, so watching at different episodes, these elements of the characters are quickly realised.

So firstly, Ross. The doctor of dinosaurs. The one who is always fine. The one in love with Rachel since college. Three divorce guy. The one who owned a monkey named Marcel. His worst New Years’ Revolution was putting on leather trousers, but at least he is unagi, oh sorry has unagi. He married a lesbian. He counts Mississippi-ly, cannot play the bagpipes and has hand gestures for asking someone to quieten down. As a child, he used to have a recurring dream that Monica was going to eat him. He’s considered as his parent’s favourite. Overall, he is adamant they were on a break. To be honest, Ross is my least favourite character, some of the things he does and says does anger me, he can be extremely irritating. I actually quite dislike him… Although, saying this, he’s still a character necessary in the show because I don’t think it would be the same without him.

Friends - Ross.png

Secondly, Chandler, the joker of the group. Jokes when he’s uncomfortable, when he thinks it’s appropriate and when it’s not. He’s got a defence mechanism of jokes. He’s not the serious one of the group. He’s lonely and desperate until he finds love. His job is unknown, the closest to it is a transponster, if you know what that is. Oh my god, you cannot forget Janice. I guess he’s going to Yemen. He’s the creator of the game ‘Cups’, and he puts too much emphasis on the word ‘be’. He lived in a box and gum would be perfection for him. He has an awkward dance and a third nipple. He is the one who hates thanksgiving but loves baths. Chandler is my favourite character, he’s funny and loved. 

Friends - Chandler

Lastly of the guys, Joey. Two words describes Joey best: food and sex. As he says it’s too difficult to choose between the two, but we know Joey doesn’t share food. He has a chair called Rosita, a TV called Stevie and a cuddly penguin called Hugsy. He cannot speak French and he’s the worst player of the game ‘Pyramid’. He knows everything about pizza toppings or the burning sensation when you pee. He’s a sandwich protector who got a turkey stuck on his head. He’s an actor who accidentally brought a boat. He even eats in the shower. He sleeps with girls and doesn’t call them back. Joey is hilarious and the comical stupid comment guy, he’s definitely near the top of the favourites list. Plus, Joey’s and Chandler’s friendship is one to be adored, especially with all the loving hugs.

Friends - Joey

To start off the girls, Monica, the younger sister of Ross. The clean freak. The control freak. The competitive chef. A sore loser to say the least. She’s organised and things cannot be out of place. She’s excitable and bossy. She wins the award for the best bad massage and humidity turns her hair huge. She’s an obvious drunk but loves presents to an extreme that she cannot control herself. She even considers money as more important than friends, but she’s always loyal. She’s incredibly strong. She’s the one who couldn’t tell time until she was thirteen. She’s the one with the fat childhood and her favourite game at the arcade was the vending machine, but don’t worry she always won. Even though she’s loud and extremely competitive, she’s a great character to be loved, and she is definitely one to be appreciated. 

Friends - Monica

Next, Phoebe. Phoebe’s the spiritual one, with voices in her head, with her dead mother’s spirit in a cat. She’s the most truthful, especially in her songs. Her songs about a smelly cat or a love triangle. She’s scared of a pigeon, but don’t worry it apologises for it’s wrong-doing. She’s vain but has back-up husbands. She’s tough, but she fought with a fire alarm. She’s the maker of Gladys. She can’t run but doesn’t care what people think about her. She fell in love with a gay ice dancer. She snaps at peak points to extremes. She doesn’t know the difference between Ralph Lauren and the copy guy. She gives birth to her brother’s triplets and has a family of baby rats. She’s the one with a secret roommate, because who is Denise? Phoebe is one of the best characters, she’s creative and hilarious in her honest ways. 

Friends - Phoebe

Finally, Rachel. Rachel is the daddy’s girl trying to make it on her own after leaving a man at the altar. Her passion is fashion, but she returns all gifts given to her. She’s extremely loyal. She takes ages to get ready and is petrified of the swings at a playground. She can’t make a trifle, discovering it doesn’t contain meat. She’s a gossip and can’t keep a secret. She was the one who owned the cat (not cat), Mrs Whiskerson. She’s got an admirer who loves her from day one, introducing Gunther. Rachel’s the one who lives in all the apartments, and invites herself to live with Monica in the first episode. And happily she got off the plane. Rachel is obviously loved by many as she is Jennifer Aniston, but she can be annoying at times in the beginning, if I’m completely honest. But it is great to see her character grow in strength throughout the series and she becomes such a character to be loved.

Friends - Rachel

I think that gives the basics of the characters, but what I need to stress, is that they’re all hilarious, they are all brilliant. There are also many guest stars in this brilliant sitcom. Here’s my top 20 (not in order): Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Paul Rudd, Anna Faris, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate, Gary Oldman, Helen Hunt, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Paget Brewster, Christine Taylor, oh and so many more! Just shows how great the show is if you can get brilliant stars such as these on it!

Watch this show! It is never a let-down and a good laugh. The characters are amazing, the stories are great, the whole show is classic. Watch ‘Friends’ to hear stories of Ugly Naked Guy, to meet Mr Heckles from downstairs, to see Central Perk, to witness flashbacks into the character’s past lives and to clap every time during ‘I’ll Be There For You’.

Shadowhunters (2016 -)

I love ‘Shadowhunters’. It’s addictive, and happily it is still currently running, all episodes on Netflix too. If you like the supernatural, fantasy kind of shows then this one should be at the top of your list. It is full of action, adventure and romance. You may have heard it from elsewhere as it’s loosely based on the novel ‘The Mortal Instruments’ by Cassandra Clare, and there is also a film of the same name as the book, starring Lily Collins. Personally, I prefer the TV programme to the film. Maybe that’s just because there’s more detail and it lasts longer.

Shadowhunters - all 2

So if you don’t know what it’s about or you’ve never even heard of it, then here is plot. On Clary’s (Katherine McNamara) 18th birthday, she thought all she needed to worry about was whether she was good enough to get into the Brooklyn Academy of Art, but that changes all in eight hours. Her birthday kicks off and ends with a bang and a change in person, she had no idea how important it was that she was no longer a child. To keep her daughter from harm, Clary’s mother, Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) , removed memories and secrets were made. Dangerous secrets. Jocelyn hid the true self Clary was, and on her 18th birthday, Clary’s “sight” was beginning to return, and this is where everything changes. On a quest to find her mother, who was taken that very day, Clary has to discover who she is as a Shadowhunter and on the way meets, to say the least, a few demons. Demons are introduced to us pretty quickly in this programme. Here we meet a load of other Shadowhunters, including Jace (played by Dominic Sherwood). There there’s the Lightwood siblings, Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia), two of the best characters. Then there’s the downworlders, the warlocks (such as Magnus Bane, played by Harry Shum Jr. – recognisable playing a very different character in ‘Glee’), vampires (for example Raphael, played by David Castro), werewolves (Luke, played by Isaiah Mustafa), and finally, seelies (like faeries who can’t lie). Oh and I can’t forget, Clary’s loyal best friend, Simon (Alberto Rosende), who ends up wrapped in Clary’s life as well.

Shadowhunters - Magnus, Clary, Jace

So a bit more detail about the characters. The main protagonist is Clary, her personality is determined and strong. She holds as a good main character, but of course there are the others to stand there strong too. I can’t say Clary is my favourite character, mostly because her acting isn’t amazing, but regardless I don’t think this takes anything away from the show and the other characters are brilliant. Firstly, Jace. His character is great, he’s mysterious but his strength is brutal and he’s big-headed. Most importantly his loyalty and love is silent but powerful. Then there’s Alec, a confusion in his life to who he is, it’s beautifully done. Alec comes across as tough and blunt, but deep down he is protective as anything. His skills shown through the archery. I love Alec, he has to be one of my favourite characters. The final key Shadowhunter, Isabelle. The fierce and confident one, the one to be honest, I wouldn’t quite mind looking like. She’s the one to calm Alec down, brother and sister as close friends. Isabelle, again, is one of my favourite characters, her strength and struggles really becomes recognised in later series. Lastly, Simon, who aspires to be a singer. Who from the beginning you know he has a deep love for his best friend, but he has stereotypically been friend-zoned from a young age. Unfortunately, he’s a mundane, which means he cannot see any of the shadow world that Clary has just fallen into. Simon is a fab character, one that grows so much but becomes more loved too. All the characters are different in their own way, but they all bring so much to the programme and I do love them all.


A lot happens in this show, and there never really seems to be a moment where nothing is happening. Something always leads onto something else, seasons ending in cliff-hangers, never fully completing a task they’ve been set. There is a lot of romance in this show as well, I actually get so invested in this part, with will they won’t they, do they ever finally get together? It is definitely played well and keeps you hooked. This is also a programme of a lot of secrets, secret after secret and you’re shocked or left thinking it could be false. ‘Shadowhunters’ covers a lot of plots at once, a lot does happen in an episode, I don’t think I’ve watched a boring one yet. The first episode is intriguing, jumping from Clary’s unknown mind to the institute of fighting demons. Therefore, you’re immediately drawn in wanting to know everything Clary needs to know. You do discover a lot in the first episode, for example the enemy, the main antagonist, but don’t worry there are many unanswered questions left behind.

Shadowhunters - Clary and Alec

I would definitely recommend that you watch this TV programme, especially if you like the supernatural types, if not then stay clear from this one. The whole programme revolves around the supernatural, the shadow world. It’s cleverly directed, some episodes directed by Paul Wesley himself (Stefan from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ if you didn’t know). You get warped into this fantasy life pretty quickly, just like Clary does and she is a strong character to watch things from.

New Girl (2011-2018)

‘New Girl’ is a great sitcom, one of those comedy shows you can watch any episode and understand what is happening, just alike to ‘Friends’ or ‘Scrubs’, or any other American sitcom to be honest. It has to be one of my favourite sitcoms. I recently just binge-watched the whole six series. It is currently still going but the seventh series will be the final. Around 20 minutes per episode, they’re easy, hilarious and enjoyable.

This is definitely a programme you get invested into all the characters. They are all great, one episode I know my favourite, next episode it’s someone completely different, they are all fantastic, and they all make me laugh. But if you force me to choose, Nick, Nick, Nick. There are five main characters, Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) and Cece (Hannah Simone). There’s of course other characters who appear more than once, one of the most important being Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.), and also Megan Fox appears in the series five and six as Reagan when Zooey Deschanel is on maternity leave – just so you are aware that sadly Jess is not present for all episodes, but happily everyone else is. Luckily, there isn’t many without Jess, as is ‘New Girl’ ‘New Girl’ without the new girl Jess?


So as there is a different plot per episode, I have to explain the brilliance of these characters. Ok so starting with Jess. Jess is the new girl from the beginning; she moves into 4D (the loft) with three other guys, and this where is all begins. Just a side-note, she moves in with Nick, Schmidt and Coach in the first episode, but by the second Coach is replaced by Winston, but don’t worry Coach comes back in later series. Anyway, back to Jess. She’s a bright, bubbly character, first introduced to us heart-broken and obsessed with ‘Dirty Dancing’. She spends many of the episodes doing whatever she can to please everyone. Her life is full of knitting with yarn, positivity and teaching. She is hilarious with random singing, and her new appearance in the loft is the discovery to new great relationships.

New Girl - Jess

Secondly, is Nick Miller. “Nick Miller, Nick Miller from the streets of Chicago”, “he pores a hundred drinks and none have ever spill, unless he’s super high on a bunch of pain pills”, “he’s got a hairy chest because he eats a balanced meal”, “Nick Miller, Nick Miller, never does anything”. Just a snippet of a random rap in a random episode to explain a little bit about Nick. Nick is such a great character, he’s described so many times as a grumpy old man with a turtle face. His negativity and hatred of technology and anything modern is hilarious as he lives his life as a law student drop out, now bartender. With his awkward moonwalk or his bad analogies, his alias Julius Pepperwood, his turn to alcohol, or my favourite his relationship with Tran (some random guy he found on a bench in a park), Nick is always welcomed onto my screen.

New Girl - Nick

Thirdly (and these are definitely not in order – because I honestly don’t think I could do one), is Schmidt. This man is controlled by a douchebag jar, suits, tight jeans, and his teased past life as a fat kid. Yet he is hilarious. He is over-loving, he aspires to be an original Cece’s boy from the beginning, and he will do anything for his friends. His mispronounces way too many common words and he is petrified of one little spider. Schmidt aims to fly higher in a job I have no idea what he does, maybe a transponster like Chandler? The things he comes out with is both stupid and hilarious – hence the douchebag jar. ‘New Girl’ wouldn’t be nearly as funny without Schmidt.

New Girl - Schmidt

Next, Winston Bishop. Winnie the Bish. The man who loves his cat Ferguson more than anything. The man who owns way too many bird shirts. The man whose dedication to puzzles is admirable, even if he is terrible at them. The man with “kind eyes”, the man who is awful at pranking, either too way small or way too big. The man who is colour-blind. The basketball player who was forced to leave Latvia because he wasn’t good enough. The one who doesn’t quite understand everything that is happening. Winston brings so much comedy to the show. Both Winston and Schmidt I’d have to say make me laugh the most – and obviously that is crucial for a sitcom.

New Girl - Winston

Finally, Cece. Cece is the childhood best friend of Jess. The one who doesn’t actually live in the loft. The one marked as perfect and out of everyone’s league. She’s the model of the group. She’s fierce and loyal. She’s definitely a character that becomes more involved in the later series, for reasons I will not say. She is a great friend and a great addition.

New Girl - Cece

If you’re looking for an easy-watching, hilarious sitcom, then this one has to be near at the top of your list. It is inappropriate for younger ages, as the humour is adult, but this isn’t extreme at all, it’s on par with ‘Friends’ in that sense. All episodes are great, I don’t think I can say I’ve disliked any. You become so invested in the characters, in the relationships, in the friendships. It is a brilliant programme created by Elizabeth Meriwether and I recommend all to watch it. Plus there’s an episode with ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and it is so great! It’s at the loft of 4D with Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston. At least, I urge you to try and understand what the drinking game True American actually is, because I have no idea.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

So another Spider-Man and another actor. But a great actor, Tom Holland was amazing! He’s also actually an actor that looks the age he is supposed to be at school, ok so he’s actually 20/21 and he’s supposed to be 15, but at least he’s believable; so of course that’s a plus. Tom Holland was a great decision for this film, he plays Peter Parker as a witty, hard-working, determined young teenager. A young teenager who wants to make it into the Avengers, with Iron Man’s head of security supposed to be looking after him, Peter does whatever he can to be bigger than the “local” superhero.

Something which makes this film stand out from the other Spider-Man’s is the fact that they went straight in with the plot, no back story, no story of a spider and Peter, he was Spider-Man from the beginning and remained Spider-Man to the end. We all know the story has been done, so it made a great difference that it wasn’t in this one. No repetitions, new actor, new plot, new story. A plot with the enemy played by 1992’s Batman… Michael Keaton as Toomes or the Vulture. Just saying.

SpiderMan Homecoming 1

One of the best things I have to praise about this film is the time scheduling, bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Film Universe and into the Avengers, it was so clever and tied in this new Spider-Man amazingly well. So as you can probably guess the Avengers are a major part of this film, but it is not taken away from Spider-Man. For example, Peter’s determination comes from the Avengers and Captain America is seen in DVD form. But happily, and so happily, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man is threaded throughout the whole film. Of course is he as great as ever. Am I wishing Thor could have shown his face? Maybe, but it’s Spider-Man, not another Avengers film.

I can’t say I had many bad things to say about this film, it was really enjoyable. It is quite long, but then again a lot does happen, it is jam-packed with a lot of action and normal school issues. I have to admit though, they make out that Zendaya is a big part and she really isn’t, which is a bit of a shame. She plays Michelle, who is a great character, she’s nothing that I thought she would be, but she brings comedy and is a character who should have been present a bit more in the film in my opinion. Instead the film had a different girl as centre, this being Liz (Laura Harrier), don’t get me wrong she wasn’t bad at all, but Zendaya’s character had so much potential and she could have been present more.

SpiderMan Homecoming 2

I watched ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in IMAX. I don’t know how many people have watched in IMAX, and this was my first experience, so a quick personal side-note about it from me. I can’t say I was the biggest fan, however the film was great and I still enjoyed it, especially in the decent comfy seats at the cinema. The sound was phenomenal coming from all around the cinema, that does make a difference in an action film in particular. But the 3D? Maybe I’m just old-fashioned; tilt your head and some parts go blurry and the screen was so big the corners weren’t in focus. But the parts that did look great (which was the majority) were in a good quality. But I think watching it in 2D, it will still be a great film. I don’t think, I know. But if you haven’t been to an IMAX cinema, it is an experience and definitely worth it to go at least once.

Anyway back to Spider-Man. I honestly think it could be one of the best Spider-Man films. And Tom Holland was great (as I’ve already stated many times). I love all the characters, and I love the plot. I especially love the ties to the Avengers and the bringing in of the time scale of Peter Parker and the new Spider-Man film where they fit into what has previously happened in the Avengers. Obviously, Peter Parker starting at ‘Captain America: Civil War’; the start of the film being a personal video diary from Spider-Man himself. If you’re a fan of the superhero movies or the Marvels, then I’m guessing you’ve already seen it. But if you haven’t, it’s not a let-down and I urge you to go see it. Wouldn’t you be curious to meet the new Spider-Man anyway?

Mrs Doubtfire (1993)

I’ve heard of this film before, but to be honest, I didn’t actually have any idea what it was about, or what to expect. But when I saw it was on the plane and a nine hour plane journey was waiting, I thought why not. And I’m glad I did, it is such a heart-warming great film. There are emotional, heart-breaking moments, but also it is full of comedy and you can’t help but smile throughout.

Directed by Chris Columbus, who we can trust directs great films and this one slots right into that category, amongst films like ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Home Alone’. ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ highlights the changes in technology – that’s nothing to do with the film, but you definitely recognise the old computers there were from 1993… Anyway, that’s besides the point.

Mrs Doubtfire - dancing with hoover

If you’ve never heard of the film, then here’s a quick rundown. A loving father, Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams), is faced with a divorce from his wife, Miranda (Sally Field), when they are separated he does everything he can possibly do to see his children more than once a week. This happens to be pretending to be an old lady named Mrs Doubtfire and becoming a babysitter of their three children. This is a film of a desperate, hurt father, doing all he can for his children, Lydia (Lisa Jakub), Chris (Matthew Lawrence) and Natalie (Mara Wilson – little Matilda). This film covers the difficulties of divorce, something quite unique within film, and a moral to children who maybe going through the same thing. In this way, it is a beautiful film.

Robin Williams makes this film amazing. A key skill of voices in the film and out. Without him, this film wouldn’t be great at all, and because of him it’s an amazing, heart-warming, beautiful film. Robin Williams is hilarious both as the broken father Daniel Hillard and the strict, loving babysitter Mrs Doubtfire. He is brilliant in everything he does; the keeping of the secret of his new life is so cleverly made humorous. For example, when Mrs Doubtfire becomes snappy towards new boyfriend of his ex-wife, Stu (Pierce Brosnan), the audience understands why and laughs at his harsh comments and reasoning to why Miranda must wear the long frock she once wore at a funeral twenty years before, rather than the little black dress. His jumping from voice to voice is outstanding, something as an actor he is famous for anyway. His character is the best in the film, well it’s named after him, you would hope so!

Mrs Doubtfire - family

I would recommend this film, I could watch ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ over and over again. A heart-warming, heart-breaking, beautiful, hilarious film that I won’t lie brought me to tears. A great film for the whole family to watch and appreciate. So watch the struggles of a desperate father and the comedy of a housekeeper keeping a secret of her identity.

We’re The Millers (2013)

Ok so this is a film about a bunch of people pretending to be a family, when actually they are international drug smugglers, oh but it’s so much more that than, it’s hilarious. With a great recognisable family – well I don’t recognise Kenny (Will Poulter), but he made it great in this and definitely will be recognised from now on. There’s Jason Sudeikis as the small town drug dealer, David Clark, the stripper Jennifer Aniston (if you don’t know who she is, then be ashamed, and get watching ‘Friends’). Finally, the runaway Emma Roberts as Casey (‘Wild Child’, ‘Nerve’). They all are great as they struggle to be this false family.

We're The Millers - scream

This is such a great comedy, it is really one to make you laugh – although not for younger ages, bit inappropriate otherwise. But there are so many parts in the film that are hilarious. The favourite and most memorable scene of the whole film has to be singing Waterfalls – the greatest of Will Poulter right there, proving that he made it great in this film. This scene will never fail to make me laugh. This drug dealer, stripper, runaway and Kenny go on a trip to Mexico with that they think to pick up a “smidge” of drugs, however, it’s not as easy as that. Things escalate and escalate to hilarious. Unlucky things happening to Kenny that you wouldn’t wish upon any. It is quite a different comedy to many others I have seen at least, yet it is still one that is truly funny. And never forget the brilliant bloopers at the end!

We're The Millers - RV

On their adventurous travels, they meet another family, a family who keeps popping up wherever they go. So lies get deeper and the film becomes more comedic as they come up with stupid excuses and crazy solutions. For example, don’t worry it’s just a herb baby that’s been thrown in the middle of the road and hit numerously by lorries… This new family is also great, the Fitzgerald family, Don (Nick Offerman), Edie (Kathryn Hahn) and their daughter Melissa (Molly C. Quinn). This family is great in itself, they definitely add to the humour of the film.

We're The Millers - wave

‘We’re the Millers’ is full of comedy, and even has a bit of action, when they accidentally steal the “smidge” of drugs from an international drug dealer, not like he takes it very well. So I recommend you go meet the Miller family! “No ragrets” right?

Deadpool (2016)

A superhero determined in not wanting to be a superhero, as he says he is super but not a hero. Probably the first thing to mention, is that this is not a film for younger ages, it has a lot of swearing and is violent and gory at times. Anyway, this is a great film. I have to admit, it did take me a while to watch it, and I’m not sure why, but everyone seemed to watch it in a craze, so I took my time. Well I got around to it eventually, and I shouldn’t have taken that long to watch it, it was great. The highlight? Ryan Reynolds. Of course. So if you’re in the same boat as I was avoiding to watch it, take my word and watch it!

Deadpool 1

Ryan Reynolds is obviously the highlight of the film, as I’ve already mentioned. His character is fun, outspoken, and hilarious. He plays it amazingly, comedy jumping from morbidity, to silent pinches of other superhero films, even mentions of the actor Ryan Reynolds himself. A clever film which points out many of the cinematic choices, this makes it so different from other films, but cleverly so, not only adding a humour but making it intriguingly refreshing from other superheroes. What I mean is, Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) narrates and speaks to the camera, to us in particular. The talking to the camera, the narration and the talking about cinematic decisions really does make it seem like Deadpool is creating a film about himself (having a comment from another character within the film), this is something so creatively different, it should be remembered as different from others. Probably helps that Ryan Reynolds did actually help produce this film too.


So I’d watched some trailers beforehand, but I didn’t realise how heart-breaking or horrifying it was actually going to be. And I had no idea it had anything to do with the X-Men. But nevertheless, the film is powerfully done, and you do feel all the emotions, especially amongst flashbacks with the sadness. For the first hour of the film, the audience are absorbed into the film. It jumps from revenge vendetta to his reasons and life before what happened to him. It draws the audience in to finding out more and wanting to know what actually happened. I like that they did this, because even though the film starts off with violence, it’s broken down, and jumps from time and place, but it not confusing in the slightest. Deadpool’s comedy is quirky, sarcastic and he’s got comebacks for everything. He definitely does have a different humour from most superhero films, but that’s just another thing to make it different and it truly does make you laugh. The special effects are of course done amazingly well. I did notice that a new thing in superhero films seems to be the slow motion moments in fighting scenes, something that seems to be quite liked in these films at the minute, especially in the Netflix Marvel programmes – but hey, it works.

Deadpool 2

‘Deadpool’ is a very enjoyable film. A love story horror film as Deadpool suggests. Safe to say his sense of humour is never lost, so the comedy is throughout the film. Although, you don’t laugh all the way through, most definitely not, the sad moments, the horrific moments are more of the horror story side as he suggests. Besides, Ryan Reynolds is beautifully perfect for the film. I would definitely recommend ‘Deadpool’ for a different edge, for a different style of superhero/non-hero. He is definitely different from ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Iron Man’, they’ve got their humour too, but ‘Deadpool’ is definitely more morbid and gory. If I had to say similarities of ‘Deadpool’ to something, I think I would edge more towards ‘Suicide Squad’ but still, verrry different. If none of this has even made you want to attempt the film, just watch it for Ryan Reynolds, that should be enough!