Trolls (2016)

So straight in, this film has great voices in this children’s animation. Let’s start with ‘Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick, great singer and voice as always. Then we jump to an amazing singer himself, Justin Timberlake, yes Justin Timberlake, and ok he does play a character who doesn’t sing much, but when he finally does, its beautiful, obviously. Then there’s the voices of Zooey Deschanel (the star of one of my favourite TV shows ‘New Girl’), Christine Baranski, whose voice stuck out of the most recognisable, oh wait, maybe the second, because after all the carpool karaokes, James Corden stars in a musical film! We cannot forget a voice that is none other than Russell Brand – because who else does he even sound like?! Then there’s other characters such as John Cleese, Jeffrey Tambor, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Kunal Nayyar (most famously in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as Raj Koothrappali). Oh and Gwen Stefani is in the film too. Although, I’m going to say it how it is, don’t watch this film for Gwen Stefani, for an amazing singer as she is, and trust me I’m a big fan of a lot of her songs, especially when she was in No Doubt, but she’s hardly in this film! I don’t get why they have cast her and then you can’t hear her… She says two words… Anyway, apart from that, I hope the stardom has brought you in a little, because it is a pretty good one.

Trolls - all

And it’s got a pretty good plot too. In a world full of cupcakes and rainbows, where trolls love to sing, dance and hug, there are evil bergens who want to eat the trolls in order to gain true happiness, as in their deepest beliefs, they believe this is the only way they can be happy. Although, saying this there are many different characters and creatures, but most importantly, not all bergens are evil and not all trolls are good. I don’t know whether this would be classed as a spoiler, but it’s something I wanted to mention because it so different from other children’s films where each character is put into a box, whereas this film is different and I appreciate it for that. For example (and this isn’t a plot spoiler because this is just the plot), one troll, Branch, isn’t as positive as all the others, doesn’t want to sing and dance, all he wants is preparation for his determined knowledge that a Bergen will find them once again. To explain this plot in the best way I can, I would say that this is definitely a film of mission to mission, step to step, one thing completed, next mission, and then the next. It’s a quick pace movie but a lot happens.

Trolls - Poppy

Now, I cannot forget the musical side. Zooey Deschanel raps. Do you need more? If you do, then ok. The songs are fun and enjoyable. There are songs we already know and some new, for example the hit ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’. There are songs you will recognise, however words are changed to add comedy and to fit in with the mood perfectly. The songs are definitely chosen well. And of course the singers are great. Most of the songs are sung by Anna Kendrick, being the main protagonist. A great, fun song has to be ‘Get Back Up Again’, extremely catchy to say the least.

I would definitely recommend this fun, feel-good movie. It is full of humour and definitely makes you smile. It has a clever way of telling stories, fun and new, through scrapbooking – hey, it’s different, fun and great. Come on a journey, discover what trollstice is, venture into Bergen Town and always remember “no troll left behind”.


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