Deadpool (2016)

A superhero determined in not wanting to be a superhero, as he says he is super but not a hero. Probably the first thing to mention, is that this is not a film for younger ages, it has a lot of swearing and is violent and gory at times. Anyway, this is a great film. I have to admit, it did take me a while to watch it, and I’m not sure why, but everyone seemed to watch it in a craze, so I took my time. Well I got around to it eventually, and I shouldn’t have taken that long to watch it, it was great. The highlight? Ryan Reynolds. Of course. So if you’re in the same boat as I was avoiding to watch it, take my word and watch it!

Deadpool 1

Ryan Reynolds is obviously the highlight of the film, as I’ve already mentioned. His character is fun, outspoken, and hilarious. He plays it amazingly, comedy jumping from morbidity, to silent pinches of other superhero films, even mentions of the actor Ryan Reynolds himself. A clever film which points out many of the cinematic choices, this makes it so different from other films, but cleverly so, not only adding a humour but making it intriguingly refreshing from other superheroes. What I mean is, Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) narrates and speaks to the camera, to us in particular. The talking to the camera, the narration and the talking about cinematic decisions really does make it seem like Deadpool is creating a film about himself (having a comment from another character within the film), this is something so creatively different, it should be remembered as different from others. Probably helps that Ryan Reynolds did actually help produce this film too.


So I’d watched some trailers beforehand, but I didn’t realise how heart-breaking or horrifying it was actually going to be. And I had no idea it had anything to do with the X-Men. But nevertheless, the film is powerfully done, and you do feel all the emotions, especially amongst flashbacks with the sadness. For the first hour of the film, the audience are absorbed into the film. It jumps from revenge vendetta to his reasons and life before what happened to him. It draws the audience in to finding out more and wanting to know what actually happened. I like that they did this, because even though the film starts off with violence, it’s broken down, and jumps from time and place, but it not confusing in the slightest. Deadpool’s comedy is quirky, sarcastic and he’s got comebacks for everything. He definitely does have a different humour from most superhero films, but that’s just another thing to make it different and it truly does make you laugh. The special effects are of course done amazingly well. I did notice that a new thing in superhero films seems to be the slow motion moments in fighting scenes, something that seems to be quite liked in these films at the minute, especially in the Netflix Marvel programmes – but hey, it works.

Deadpool 2

‘Deadpool’ is a very enjoyable film. A love story horror film as Deadpool suggests. Safe to say his sense of humour is never lost, so the comedy is throughout the film. Although, you don’t laugh all the way through, most definitely not, the sad moments, the horrific moments are more of the horror story side as he suggests. Besides, Ryan Reynolds is beautifully perfect for the film. I would definitely recommend ‘Deadpool’ for a different edge, for a different style of superhero/non-hero. He is definitely different from ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Iron Man’, they’ve got their humour too, but ‘Deadpool’ is definitely more morbid and gory. If I had to say similarities of ‘Deadpool’ to something, I think I would edge more towards ‘Suicide Squad’ but still, verrry different. If none of this has even made you want to attempt the film, just watch it for Ryan Reynolds, that should be enough!


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