Rough Night (2017)

Love that this film is so different from the stereotypical comedies nowadays. It has some dark humour in it, especially because of the plot, but it is brilliantly different and enjoyable. Things escalate and escalate, get crazier and crazier, somethings I expected, many shocking moments I didn’t expect to happen at all – all throws in with the comedy and drama of the rough night. I have to admit, the escalation of the film, made it more feel like a drama than a comedy, but there were moments I did laugh, even if it’s rather morbid. The way they react to everything makes the comedy. Nevertheless, it isn’t a film alike to many others, it’s contrasts in characteristics are brilliant, to get to know characters that aren’t always used in films.

Rough Night - selfie

I wouldn’t say this is a film to watch for the cast however. Obviously Scarlett Johansson stands out as the star of the film and she is definitely the best in it. And obviously a recognisable actress is Demi Moore, although her character was definitely of a certain humour, if it was comical? Then there’s Zoë Kravitz, who I recognise but can’t really place where from. Then I also recognised minor characters, such as Colton Haynes from ‘Teen Wolf’, or the Vulture in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, Dean Winters. I wouldn’t say this is a film of big stars, but regardless, they all are great, whether they are known or not! I probably should mention that ‘Rough Night’ is definitely for older ages. There’s drugs, sex references, lots of swearing. So yeah, a film for older ages.

If you haven’t seen this film advertised then you probably don’t even know what it is about. So here’s a little run-through. Jess (Scarlett Johansson), a politician in mid-campaign, is getting married. Her very protective freshman roommate Alice (Jillian Bell), plans a weekend for her best friend’s bachelorette party in Miami. Accompanying them are previous girlfriends, Blair (Zoë Kravitz) and Frankie (Ilana Glazer). The four of them concludes best friends from college. Finally is Jess’ friend from Australia, Pippa (Kate McKinnon); an unexpected guest that, to say the least, Alice doesn’t appreciate. Things start to go horrendously wrong when they accidentally kill a male stripper… Like I said, things massively escalate. Meanwhile, husband-to-be Peter (Paul W. Downs) panics when a phone call from his fiancé has some major miscommunication issues.

Rough Night - phone call

‘Rough Night’ is a film of an extreme bachelorette party that has gone majorly wrong. The actresses are great and it’s good to see such a different film of where women behave badly. Coming down to it, however, I wouldn’t say I would watch this film over and over again, watching it once was enough for me. It is a film for older ages and is extremely inappropriate at many times. What do you think they do when they accidentally kill a male stripper in a house mostly made of glass on a bachelorette vacation while drunk and high?


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