Baywatch (2017)

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, beautiful. Ok first off, I can’t state how much this is based on the television show because to be honest the only knowledge of ‘Baywatch’ I have, comes from Joey and Chandler obsessing over it in ‘Friends’. Oh and I know David Hasselhoff has some key role. So I will base this review as a film as it stands and as a film as it is, rather than something influenced from tv. Although, from the television show, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson make an appearance – if that means a lot to you, then there it is.

As an action comedy film, it’s highly enjoyable. All the characters are played amazingly well, but I don’t think that needs much reasoning. Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are obviously the stars of the film, however the other stars are also brilliant and add a lot to the film. Dwayne Johnson, a rising star in many great films more recently, plays the dedicated, devoted, ocean-obsessed Lieutenant lifeguard Mitch Buchannon. Zac Efron, one of the most beautiful men on earth (an opinion struck by many), plays the cocky, reckless, “Malibu Ken”, the new-bee on the beach, Matt Brody. The one thing that Brody doesn’t understand about Emerald Bay’s lifeguards is the seriousness, not only are they lifeguards, they solve crimes. The crime of this film is revolved around one Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) and her dedication to business, ie. The drug business. Things start to get considerably worse after a dead body is found by the lifeguards, this is where the six begin to solve the case by themselves, ignoring the priorities of the police.

Baywatch - run and fall

As I said there are six lifeguards. There are three original lifeguards, then there are the three new trainees. The three leaders, obviously Mitch standing strong in that section, then there is Stephanie (Ilfenesh Hadera) and CJ (Kelly Rohrbach). Then there’s trainees, Brody, Ronnie (Jon Bass) and Summer (Alexandra Daddario). Ronnie is brilliant, he definitely carries some comedy. Ronnie is the dedicated, never quit, awkward, “why me” guy. At his third time of trying to successfully pass the qualifying course, he is triumphant at his never quitting spirit. His dedication of pursuing the ocean is revolved around a certain individual, in particular the slow moving, tight-costumed CJ. Then there’s Summer, the one that catches Brody’s eye. However she is so much more than that, a young woman strong in her mind, rejecting Brody time and time again, studious and determined in becoming the new lifeguard of the bay.

Baywatch - saving

There is definitely action in this movie, with lifeguards fighting crime there is a lot of action to be thrown in the deep end – sorry. There’s fight scenes, tense scenes of burning boats etc. Most importantly there is comedy. There were times I was laughing out loud in this movie, it was brilliantly funny. Comments of a “far-fetched TV show”, or Dwayne Johnson calling Zac Efron “High School Musical” amongst the multitude of nicknames given to him. Little things like that were brilliant. The film is modern and relates to modern technology, relatable to today’s audience. I have to admit this is a film of extreme OTT effects. From the beginning, in the first minute of the film, there is slow motion effects left, right and centre. There is dramatic, tense music. A man in danger at sea. Everything is very dramatic, but in a way this over dramatic notions to the whole essence of the film adds to the comedy of the film. And you know the obsession with slow motion effects in all 2016/2017 films now-a-days, right?

Baywatch - strength

If this seems a film you would enjoy I would definitely recommend it! It doesn’t require much concentration but it’s a fun, hilarious easy-watch. With lots of swearing and many other inappropriate moments, this film is for older ages. This isn’t supposed to be a serious film, the comedy is overdramatic, it’s just an easy-watch comedy. And that is how it stands. Regardless, they are always contactable via “shell phone”.


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