Spy (2015)

I have to admit straight off that this film is up there with the best Melissa McCarthy films. It shouldn’t be one to be underappreciated or forgotten. It’s funny, it’s got some action fighting scenes in the world of the CIA, it’s got Jude Law and Jason Statham, and it’s even got the brilliant British comedian Miranda Hart (whom I love) – what more do you need?

Spy - Susan

Analysist Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) turns spy, when she volunteers heartbroken that her mentor, Bradley Fine (Jude Law – yes sorry, sadly Jude Law doesn’t last long, but he’s amazing when he is there, anyway…), has been killed during a mission. Seeming that she’s the only one to volunteer and that the enemy, Rayna (Rose Byrne – recognisable from ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Bad Neighbours 1 & 2’), has named all the active agents of the CIA; boss, Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney), chooses to put basement-kept Susan in the field. But on strict rules of a “track and report” mission only. Only this doesn’t happen, because how boring would that be?! Instead, with the help of her best friend in her ear piece, Nancy (Miranda Hart), she goes rouge ending up becoming in contact with Rayna and having to lie her way through undercover. With an intense, angry spy popping up every now and again, Susan fights to keep her cover a secret as she tries to solve the mission and get revenge for the loss of the guy she was being the ear piece to. This serious spy, one told to stay out of the mission in safety of his life, is Rick Ford, played by Jason Statham. Statham plays this character brilliantly, as the hilarious bullshitter. Someone who is more presumed in serious action films, it does feel odd for him to be in a comedy action film, but he is welcomed with open arms. Underestimated, Susan repeatedly gets given hilarious undercover personas, nothing that lives up to the fantasized style of being a spy. The plot line is great, action comedy that is worth the story, thrill and laughter.

Spy - Susan and Rayna

This film repeatedly makes me laugh. Whether it’s the too-handsy Italian spy, Aldo (Peter Serafinowicz), or Susan’s changing personas, or even Nancy’s classic Miranda one-liners, or maybe Crocker’s brutal harshness. The film has a lot to stem from in the comedy element. Understandably it is a film for the ages of 15 and above – there is numerous swearing, but other than that, that’s mostly it, oh and the occasionally gory bits. Another thing I do have to mention though, is that the music is so appropriate, it is greatly chosen and brilliant to complete scenes, just adds to the whole aesthetic of the film.

So yes I would recommend this film. There is so much to appreciate and laugh at, also so much to grip yourself into the actual plot of the film. Every actor/actress is brilliant and all played amazingly well, but I think that’s a given. If you’re a fan of any classic Melissa McCarthy, or even a great action comedy, this is one to choose, it’s a great, fun watch and makes you laugh all the way through.


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