Naked (2017)

This is another film of repetition, of waking up on the same day over and over again. Except this is a film of waking up at the same hour over and over again. And there is a lot of repetition, the hour repeats itself multiple times, more than usual in a film like this, and to be honest this would probably be the downfall of the film. Because of this repetitive nature, the film feels extremely long when it’s only an hour and a half. In each repetitive cycle, there needs to be a new element to be discovered for a film like this to work, in some cycles this did happen and the film was more interesting and worked with the comedy, however there were too many cycles in which the same things happened. In some cases this worked, especially with the fighting scene, that added comedy and worked with the film, but some cases it just seemed like it dragged. Although on the whole, they did try to add new things, which was needed.


This repetitive film is revolved around a wedding. One man trying to get to his wedding before those wedding bells ring, because once that happens back to the elevator he goes, landing naked on the floor. Why naked? Well that’s part of the mystery because he doesn’t remember the night before. I did like this element of the film, it felt like something needed to be resolved, although can’t say it came to much of a shock at who sabotaged our main protagonist. The groom of the wedding, Rob Anderson, is played by Marlon Wayans, someone probably very recognisable to people, from the ‘Scary Movie’ films or ‘White Chicks’. Then it comes to the wedding, bride Megan (Regina Hall), the judgemental father-in-law Reginald Swope (Dennis Haysbert), the best friend Benny (J.T. Jackson), the maid of honour Vicky (Eliza Coupe), and Megan’s ex-boyfriend Cody (Scott Foley). Will the groom ever make it to his wedding? How many times will he repeat the same hour and return to the elevator naked?

Naked - thrown out

This isn’t a serious film, some might consider this as a piss-take film, I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but that’s how it came across with the type of comedy. I don’t really understand how the repetitive cycle came about or how it would possibly end, because that makes no sense to me, it sort of just happened that he was suddenly trapped in it. Marlon Wayans does add to the comedy like he does in many of his films. It was far from the best film I’ve ever seen and far from the best repetitive film I’ve seen, I didn’t become that invested in the characters other than feeling the struggle for the groom. I can’t say I didn’t find some parts funny, because I did have a giggle, but thinking back it wasn’t hilarious. Overall, I think it tried a bit too hard.

It’s not a repetitive film I’d watch repeatedly. Sorry, rubbish pun…

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This is supposed to be one of the classic crime thrillers, and for completely understandable reasons at that! Studying a film course, I felt this was one I had to finally watch, and I don’t know why I left it so long! It is an 18 and for good reason, it swears, there are dead bodies, and there is a bit of blood and gore.

The plot goes: ambitious FBI trainee Clarice (Jodie Foster) is sent to the one and only lethal Dr Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) to try and discover if this cannibal knows who Buffalo Bill is. The man who has been kidnapping women, keeping them for three days and then skinning them. If you haven’t seen this and have seen any episode of ‘Criminal Minds’, it follows a pretty similar line to the programme (obviously the film was the original). The FBI are on an urgent hunt for the next woman who has been taken, only worry is, this involves Dr Lecter himself, a man who has the strictest protection of him banned from the rest of the world, but in comes Clarice whispering of hope and a view in return for information…

Silence of the Lambs - Lecter and Clarice

There is so much in this film that creates the tension and suspense you feel for the whole two hours. One of the most important things is the camera work, this is something so unique yet worked brilliantly. There are so many close ups on faces, the audience is added to the intensity by looking into their eyes, into Hannibal Lecter’s eyes, yet you cannot read what he is thinking, just listen to the specific questions he is asking of Clarice’s life. Anthony Hopkins plays the dangerous Dr Lecter amazingly well, he is the standing star of the show in my opinion. The weirdest thing, for a brief moment in the film, I felt sorry for him, now that’s got to be some dedicated acting to make an audience feel that! This feeling is quickly diminished when he bites someone’s tongue out, but still there was a moment. The editing of the film also create tension, the way that they do this, is that the audience knows more than those on screen. We know the killer, we see him and what he is doing, this split story effect in the narrative is brilliant in creating more tension for the characters we want to win. Although, saying this, we don’t know everything, and we surely don’t know what will happen. The whole feel of the film echoes urgency and stress, there is the unreliable source of Hannibal Lecter, the importance of saving the woman taken by Buffalo Bill, and the damaging past of Clarice, desperate to solve this case.


‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is a brilliant film. It is definitely one to watch, there were moments that I was extremely tense, hiding behind my hands covering my face. I was definitely freaking out at one point to be honest. It is imaginatively created to push the tensions to the max, and to be honest I would watch it again. I definitely recommend if you haven’t seen this film, if you’re in for a great thriller!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Pre-warning! There will be spoilers from the first ‘Kingman’ movie in this review.

This is second ‘Kingsman’ film and it has been widely advertised and been one of the films to watch this year. So of course after watching the first one two years ago, this one was on the list to watch next. Personally, I thought this one was actually better than the first film, it felt less of a piss-take and a little more serious, but of course there are still unrelatable and unbelievable things that happen, but isn’t that one of the important elements of this type of film?

Kingsman The Golden Circle - Eggsy and Merlin

Ok so, the trailer… I was a little irritated that they showed certain things, for example, the life of Harry aka Colin Firth’s character, who had a shocking death in the first movie by being shot in the face. Although, I do have to admit, it is the only thing that could have been delivered better during the film and kept secret through the trailer since his death was such a shock to begin with anyway. However, watching the first film two years ago I refused to accept he died, so it was nice to be correct about that! They couldn’t kill off Colin Firth!!

Kingsman The Golden Circle - Harry and Eggsy

The second ‘Kingman’ film and there’s a whole new plot (obviously) and new characters to love. And some great recognisable actors at that too! The main character is happily the same, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and he is as brilliant as ever. This time in a dedicated relationship but the world is depending on him saving it. This time, the Kingsman are targeted, blowing up pretty much everyone. Heading to America, Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) meet their Secret Service cousins at the Statesman. This is where we meet a whole new cast, one that includes Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal. Where the Kingsman is set in a tailor shop, the Statesman is disguised as an alcohol distillery, so the names of all the agents are alcohol related, such as Tequila, Ginger Ale, Champagne and Whiskey. The new enemy of the film is played by Julianne Moore as Poppy the drug queen, who lives in a jungle in hiding. A psychopath whose ways in gaining trust from employees are a bit extreme to say the least, but that adds to the type of movie once again. Oh and I cannot forget to mention that the one and only Elton John is in this movie, yes they actually got Elton John! Ok, so he’s not the best actor, but he adds to the silliness of the film and makes it stupidly funny that’s similar to the style of the first film. For example, Elton John does look at the camera, which just highlights that this isn’t supposed to be a serious film, as it’s breaking one of the most important rules of film making.

The film is full of comical gimmicks, great lines and moments to make you laugh. But there’s also slow-motion action, the unbelievable advance in technology, and overall a good plot. The music is something that does have to be mentioned. It is brilliant. The music is contradictory to the scenes that you are watching. Popular songs rocket the sounds as the characters are trapped in action scenes. Just like directors such as Martin Scorsese. Before I forget, this is 100% a film for older ages, there are some rude scenes, one I think is a bit unnecessary, and it swears constantly.

Kingsman The Golden Circle - Tequila and Ginger

This film is still a piss-take but that’s the film you’ve chosen to watch if this one is the one to choose, however saying this it isn’t as much as the first film, there’s no theatrical colourful bursts of brains. The new characters are all great and different, bringing something new to the film that wasn’t there in the first film. Additionally, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ leaves the audience open to the possibility of a third film. If you have seen the first film and loved it, then I doubt this one would be a let-down. It is enjoyable and funny, plus the action scenes seem impressive yet unbelievable, but aren’t they all?

Nanny McPhee (2005)

“The person you need is Nanny McPhee. The person you need is Nanny McPhee.”

Mr Brown (Colin Firth) has seven extremely naughty children. After their mother died they felt unwanted and replaced, so rebelling is the way they went. They got rid of the last seventeen nannies, so what’s another nanny to them? The mission is to get rid of this new nanny, but not so easy as it sounds. Introducing Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson), a government nanny. A magical nanny. A monobrow, bulging nose, warts and a stuck-out tooth, this nanny has strict rules and unconventional ways of teaching them. But one thing you need to know is one rule about this nanny, she has Sunday afternoon’s off, and… “When you need me but do not want me, I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.”

Nanny McPhee - herself

There is actually quite a lot to the plot, which makes it such a great film. Set in the past but relating to their struggles; a conflicted and in pain father trying to do all he can to keep his children safe and together. A strict Aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury) ordering her nephew-in-law to remarry for a motherly figure in the children’s lives. Seven children feeling abandoned by their father as they rebel against him in the dark not knowing what he is doing for them. Seven children just wanting to spend time with their father and still grieving over their lost mother. The leader of the children, the eldest son, Simon (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), headstrong and the most upset. Also meet the scullery maid, Evangeline (Kelly Macdonald), dedicated in becoming educated. Finally, the cook, Mrs Blatherwick, which I can’t really come to grips with when I found out who plays her. The woman who repeatedly claims the children won’t disturb her in her kitchen, “I have it in writing”, or the woman who thinks the family won’t be all together happily until it “snows in August”; this is played by Imelda Staunton, the one and only Professor Umbridge, in a character that couldn’t be further away from the hated Professor who tortures Harry in Hogwarts.

This is a brilliant film, it’s a great comedy and fantasy family film, but also has a lot of emotional moments with the lost mother, but this all adds to the heart-warming overall feel of the movie. It’s a must-see film, one of the classics! It’s one of those films that can be enjoyed by everyone, fun and creative, but also beautiful and heartening. All the children are creative and different in their own way to bring something new to the film, the rebellions are fun and comical, the struggles are real, but the family is a big one and one to love. It’s just a great film, that makes everyone feel wonderful in the end. If you haven’t seen this film then I wonder what you’re doing tonight, adding this film to the list and watching it straight away! It’s never a let-down. Happily, there is also a second film, ‘Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang’ and this one isn’t a let-down either! How can a creative film great as this one be one to not to be watched?

Nanny McPhee - children

Even if she pops out from nowhere, Nanny McPhee “did knock”.