Naked (2017)

This is another film of repetition, of waking up on the same day over and over again. Except this is a film of waking up at the same hour over and over again. And there is a lot of repetition, the hour repeats itself multiple times, more than usual in a film like this, and to be honest this would probably be the downfall of the film. Because of this repetitive nature, the film feels extremely long when it’s only an hour and a half. In each repetitive cycle, there needs to be a new element to be discovered for a film like this to work, in some cycles this did happen and the film was more interesting and worked with the comedy, however there were too many cycles in which the same things happened. In some cases this worked, especially with the fighting scene, that added comedy and worked with the film, but some cases it just seemed like it dragged. Although on the whole, they did try to add new things, which was needed.


This repetitive film is revolved around a wedding. One man trying to get to his wedding before those wedding bells ring, because once that happens back to the elevator he goes, landing naked on the floor. Why naked? Well that’s part of the mystery because he doesn’t remember the night before. I did like this element of the film, it felt like something needed to be resolved, although can’t say it came to much of a shock at who sabotaged our main protagonist. The groom of the wedding, Rob Anderson, is played by Marlon Wayans, someone probably very recognisable to people, from the ‘Scary Movie’ films or ‘White Chicks’. Then it comes to the wedding, bride Megan (Regina Hall), the judgemental father-in-law Reginald Swope (Dennis Haysbert), the best friend Benny (J.T. Jackson), the maid of honour Vicky (Eliza Coupe), and Megan’s ex-boyfriend Cody (Scott Foley). Will the groom ever make it to his wedding? How many times will he repeat the same hour and return to the elevator naked?

Naked - thrown out

This isn’t a serious film, some might consider this as a piss-take film, I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but that’s how it came across with the type of comedy. I don’t really understand how the repetitive cycle came about or how it would possibly end, because that makes no sense to me, it sort of just happened that he was suddenly trapped in it. Marlon Wayans does add to the comedy like he does in many of his films. It was far from the best film I’ve ever seen and far from the best repetitive film I’ve seen, I didn’t become that invested in the characters other than feeling the struggle for the groom. I can’t say I didn’t find some parts funny, because I did have a giggle, but thinking back it wasn’t hilarious. Overall, I think it tried a bit too hard.

It’s not a repetitive film I’d watch repeatedly. Sorry, rubbish pun…


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