Justice League (2017)

There will be spoilers in this review, just a pre-warning. Because to be honest, the thing I need to rant about is something that was kept a good secret. So again, there WILL be spoilers.

The trailer and all advertising screams teamwork, “you can’t save the world alone”, well to be honest if you’re Superman you can, because he can do everything right? Why did Batman spend so much time bringing a team together when Superman could do everything alone? Blah, blah, blah, he’s too good to be true and that irritates me in a movie such as this. You may say, “ah but Superman died because of his one weakness”, but noooo, here comes the spoiler! He’s back! And I was really enjoying the film until that happened! Ok, so a bit of an exaggeration, I still enjoyed the film, there were just obstacles making it difficult to be an amazing one I’d watch repeatedly.

Anyway, DC Comics brings Batman (Ben Affleck) back as he tries to build a team against Steppenwolf who wants to destroy the world, obviously, when do they not want to? Steppenwolf brings many, oh so many, flying demons to earth with him, demons who feed on fear. So, Batman brings a team of supers together: Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Barry Allen aka The Flash (Ezra Miller – from ‘Perks of Being A Wallflower’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’), Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and finally Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa – the one and only Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’). I love that all the characters got a proper introduction, so if you haven’t seen previous films of these characters then not much is missed and you can enjoy the film without much confusion.

Justice League

Let’s start with Batman, Bruce Wayne. I have to admit I have a few issues with Ben Affleck as Batman. I don’t know what it is, but as Batman he doesn’t seem quite right, but as Bruce Wayne he is brilliant. He does play the Bruce Wayne to excellency. His voice seems to irritate me when he’s Batman, I can’t quite explain it, but even when everyone knows he’s actually Bruce Wayne in a Bat costume, he still does this deepened voice… Anyway, his character in this film is seen as very human, which was a nice touch, after all as he says his super power is being rich, not speed, nor strength, nor being able to breathe under water. Batman has his mind and his money. I did appreciate this more human side of him, again swaying me to prefer him as Bruce Wayne. With the other characters associated with Batman, I don’t think anyone could beat Michael Caine or Gary Oldman as Alfred or Gordon, so as it wasn’t these in this film they weren’t the best, but nevertheless they weren’t awful. They were more minimal characters anyway.

Justice League - Batman

So next, Wonder Woman. She was brilliant, at the start I thought she might be a bit too good, the same issue as Superman, but no. She was perfect. She was played brilliantly, she had her flaws, but she also had some skills. Diana was a great character, a hurt Amazon woman who fled and hid for centuries in ache of her lost boyfriend, she now rises to do what she must and help the others. She was good in battle and she blended well with all the other characters, she was definitely one of my favourite characters of this film.

Justice League - Wonder Woman

Now The Flash! I loved him. Ezra Miller plays this young, speedy, funny character great. Personally, without him, this film wouldn’t be nearly as good! He carried some comedy through the film with one off sentences. His character was unique and different to all the others. As a character not strong in himself, young in mind and body, he is brought into this world of saving people. Eager to be apart of something bigger and generate some sort of friends, he falls into this world a bit out of his depths. But we watch him as he becomes stronger and obeys rules of how to save people, doing little bit by little bit with his cheeky humour on the way and his many, many fears. When Superman was thrown in the mix, he seemed to undermine poor Barry and that did irritate me, again why need a team when Superman can do it all by himself…

Justice League - Flash

Cyborg, Victor Stone. A damaged character, hurt by what his father did. Alien machinery planted into his body in order to save his life from an accident he was involved in. It very much seemed like, if he wasn’t involved in this team, they would have been considerably lacking in all directions of the film. His character had a lot of potential, yet he struggled to come to grips with everything he can do, this made him more human and I appreciated that. He was definitely a character needed in the film and played well. Although, background wise I didn’t know much about him, although this didn’t really pose a problem for the film, enough was said.

Justice League - Cyborg

Finally, Aquaman. He is a great addition, he’s the tough, ‘I don’t have any feelings’ kind of guy. Straight away, when he was brought in, I thought he would be a fab character, however I felt he was a bit limited. They didn’t show him to his full potential. He could have been a much more powerful character, whereas compared to Wonder Woman, he slacked quite a bit. I wish there was more to him, because his character on ground was brilliantly built but there needed to be more. Plus, background wise, there really wasn’t much we could suss out. A shame to be honest, nevertheless, loved him being in the film.

Justice League - Aquaman

Overall, a mixed review. I did enjoy the film, and it’s made me want to watch ‘Wonder Woman’ and hope they make ‘The Flash’ film, because these two were definitely my favourite characters. I don’t think anything is going to change my opinions on Superman, or maybe if I watch his individual films? But either way, his match wasn’t met and it seemed a bit pointless. Nevertheless, I loved the new team, the Justice League! Bring back Bruce Wayne, Diana, Barry, Victor and Arthur, without Clark Kent and I’ll be happy. If you’re a big DC fan, I don’t think you’d find this film a disappointment, and I’m not saying it is, there were just pitfalls for me. Regardless, I’d say watch it.


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