Jurassic World (2015)

Wow, I’ve never been so tense watching a film. The disaster was quick to occur and it lasted a really long time, I don’t think I took a breath properly until the very end. I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, yet I was wanting to look away fearing for all the lives on screen. My heart was racing constantly. There were definitely some thrilling moments, throughout the whole of the film. What a great film!

Jurassic World - Owen, Claire, Zach and Gray

So another incident at a park full of dinosaurs. 22 years after the first incident, and the creators of this park are determined not to make the same mistake. Introducing Zach (Nick Robinson – Ryder from ‘Melissa and Joey’) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) on their first trip to Jurassic World where their aunt works. The aunt, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), is very high up in the Jurassic World management, therefore is extremely busy and her life is all about facts, figures, profits and sees the dinosaurs are just numbers. Whereas, on the other hand, introducing the brilliant Chris Pratt as Owen, an ex-navy officer turned dinosaur trainer, who sees these wild animals as animals. He creates a mutual respect with the raptors but knows their limits and the dangers of them out of captivity. When the new dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, that has been generated in a lab, becomes genetically intelligent, she manages to escape. Into the jungle she goes, free to roam anywhere, finding killing a sport.

Jurassic World - Owen and Raptors

What makes this film so amazing, is a multitude of factors. For starters, the graphics were amazing. Everything that I was watching felt believable and you completely fall into this world of the dinosaurs. You fall into the jungle and become one of the spectators of Jurassic World, seeing these wild dinosaurs roam around. You become to know all the characters so well, understanding who they are and why they’re there. It really is brilliantly done. The most important thing a film is meant to do is make you forget you’re even watching a screen, and you definitely do that during this one. Then there’s the clever work of music and sound. The use of natural sounds of the jungle and the unknowing of where the dinosaur just adds to the suspense that bit more. ‘Jurassic World’ definitely creates a lot of suspense and thrilling moments.

Jurassic World - fight

I would definitely recommend this film. There is so much going on in the film that you’re that bit more absorbed into the film. You’re aware of every aspect and conscious of everything that could go wrong. The suspense, as I’ve already mentioned, is cleverly done and you become so gripped into the film. It really was excellent. Furthermore, there’s even the control room expert Lowery, who is played by the brilliant Jake Johnson, aka the best character of ‘New Girl’, Nick Miller, which if anyone knows me, knows how much I love this actor. All the other elements to the film join as one but never becomes confusing; more and more is revealed and it’s not just about a dinosaur that has got lose (even though that is the main part – obviously). Like I said, I would recommend, over and over again. It was recommended to me and I’m annoyed it has taken me this long to watch it in the first place! Seriously, fall into the jungle and become absorbed into the life of magnificent dinosaurs and of monstrous dangerous ones too.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

Comedy gym vs gym in a Dodgeball tournament – tell me there’s any other films like this one, because I don’t know any. And these gyms? Average Joe’s vs Globo Gym Purple Cobras; captains, Vince Vaughn vs Ben Stiller.

When Average Joe’s might be bought out by Globo Gym, they are told by the bank they have 30 days to pay off any debts, which calculated to $50,000. In a desperate need for the money and to save their gym, Peter (Vince Vaughn), Justin (Justin Long), Gordon (Stephen Root), Owen (Joel David Moore), Dwight (Chris Williams) and Steve the Pirate (Alan Tudyk), decide the only way would be to compete in the American Dodgeball Association of America (ADAA) Las Vegas competition. Along the way, they gain an extra player and a coach. The coach, Patches (Rip Torn) goes to extreme teaching methods in seriously dangerous, yet hilarious ways.

Dodgeball - Average Joes

The Average Joe’s seem the true underdogs as they struggle in a tournament way out of their league. With a high school student just determined to win something, and finally make the cheerleading team at school to impress a girl. With a married man living life by the rules and unable to get angry. And a man who strongly believes he is a pirate, dresses like one, talks like one and hopes to find that secret treasure one day. Vs the big shot guys from Globo Gym who know they are better than everyone else, or that’s what they say. Captain, White Goodman with the worst, comical comebacks, his hilariously rude and vulgar attitude is played brilliantly by Ben Stiller. The villain of the film as arrogant and offensive in his ways.

Dodgeball - White

‘Dodgeball’ is hilarious. It’s a film I’ve watched so many times, especially when I was younger, which I can’t believe I did, because it is so inappropriate, swears constantly, and is slightly offensive. But like I said it is hilarious. There are many ‘balls’ euphemisms, which seems obvious with the whole film revolving around ‘Dodgeball’. Cannot forget the hilarity of Patches, his brutal honesty and teaching Dodgeball through throwing wrenches at the players. And you cannot miss the clip after the credits, because it has to be one of the funniest parts of the movie. Also, the random stars that appear is brilliant, such as David Hasselhoff, Lance Armstrong and Chuck Norris!

Dodgeball - Average Joes 2

If you haven’t seen this film and it’s comedy that suits you, I would definitely recommend it! Fall into the Dodgeball tournament, which really does seem like a sporting event with broadcasters and everything. But just remember, never forget the five D’s, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.

Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

This has to be one of the classic family comedies of my childhood. I would honestly be surprised anyone in their 20s who hasn’t seen this classic! Starring Steve Martin as the head of the family, the father of the twelve children, yes you read that right, twelve – hence the dozen… The Baker family, father and mother, Tom and Kate (Bonnie Hunt). Now the children… The only one who has moved out, Nora (Piper Perabo – ‘Coyote Ugly’), then Charlie (Tom Welling – ‘Smallville’) and fashion guru Lorraine (Hilary Duff – aka Lizzie McGuire). Then there’s musical Henry (Kevin G. Schmidt), tomboy Sarah (Alyson Stoner) and skater Jake (Jacob Smith). Lastly, Mark (Forrest Landis), twins Kim (Morgan York) and Jessica (Liliana Mumy), Mike (Blake Woodruff), and identical twins Nigel and Kyle (Brent and Shane Kinsman).

Cheaper by the Dozen - all

‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ follows the Baker’s family life and the struggles of rebellious children and two parents determined to have a career they love. The children find things are turned upside down when Tom gets the career of his lifetime, head coach of the Stallions. However, this means that the family have to move house away from their beloved Midlands… Things get even crazier when Kate is offered her dream job, but that means leaving Tom to look after the kids for a while. To say the least these children know what to do to create chaos. The mastermind behind all mischievous tricks is Sarah. For example, dunking Nora’s boyfriend’s boxers in meat so their dog Gunner would hunt… Which by the way, because I cannot not mention who Nora’s boyfriend is, Hank, played by the one and only Ashton Kutcher. Meanwhile, the child taking the moving the hardest is the one child who is sometimes forgotten in the mass of the family, his best friend is his frog, Beans, and he struggles to feel part of the madness his family is, this is Mark. This element of the film, brings in emotional and heart-breaking moments.

Cheaper by the Dozen - beep test

The comedy is throughout the film as Tom struggles to keep control of his children. Charlie hates that he’s had to move away from his girlfriend and struggles to fit into a new school, as do many of the younger children. A snake is accidentally released in a neighbour’s party. The children rollerblade in the house, one swings from the roof, and a visitor hangs from the chandelier. The house is thrown into a state when Mark tries to catch Beans from escaping. And Nigel and Kyle are always giggling somewhere. The chaos becomes comical as it definitely hits extremes. Tom becomes even more overwhelmed with the whole situation and Kate becomes anxious at leaving her children.

Cheaper by the Dozen - Christmas Card

With many children, there is of course many characters, which means there’s a lot that happens. However, this film never becomes confusing, in fact it all ties together brilliantly, and that is why it is the classic family film that it is. If you haven’t seen this film, I would definitely recommend it. It’s fun and creative, comical and heart-warming. The whole film is just a great feel-good easy watch. It definitely brings a nostalgia when I’m watching it.

Coco (2018)

This beautiful animated film is set in Mexico around the holiday of the Day of the Dead, or otherwise known as Día de los Muertos. We start in young Miguel’s home and start to understand his family. His great great grandmother, Mamá Imelda, when her husband abandoned her with a young daughter to follow his dream of becoming a world musician, bans any sort of music in her life. This passes down generations and is accepted as a family tradition. Until… Miguel. Young Miguel finds his one love in the music his family so aggressively hates. On the day of the family, where photos are put up in memory of their loved ones, spirits are able to cross the bridge to watch their family in life. Although, it is this day, Miguel finally breaks and struggles between his love of music and family traditions. When Miguel tries to prove himself the musician he knows he is, he accidentally ends up transporting himself to the spirit world, to the Land of the Dead. However, there is a slight problem, Miguel must go back to the Land of the Living before sunrise, otherwise he’s stuck there forever. But it’s not that easy, he needs his family blessing to go back, although the family he’s with isn’t the one approval he wants. Instead he goes on a search for the greatest musician in Mexican history, Ernesto de la Cruz, his great great grandfather, the man who abandoned his family many many years before. On this adventure, he finds a companion in a desperate spirit man, just wanting to cross the bridge, although unable to without family on the other side presenting his picture. This is Héctor. Oh and I cannot forget that Miguel has a follower the whole way, Dante the stray dog.

Coco - Miguel

This different Disney-Pixar is obviously heavily influenced by Mexican traditions, which is brilliantly new and it is an amazing film. Because of this, there are many Spanish songs, Spanish words, but this is obviously understandable and I think it worked great. It didn’t make any difference to whether you understood the film or not, because trust me I don’t know much Spanish at all and I still loved and enjoyed every part of the film, learning the family traditions in Mexico and falling into their lifestyle.


The voices of the film are brilliant and all can sing really well, which obviously is important for a music-based animated film. I was surprised to find out who the voices were after, as Héctor is voiced by Gael García Bernal (aka Victor from ‘Letter to Juliet’) and Ernesto de la Cruz is voiced by Benjamin Bratt (ie. Agent Matthews from ‘Miss Congeniality’), which both of these actors I had no idea could sing! Finally, introducing the star of the show, the voice of Miguel, Anthony Gonzalez, who is brilliant as the young boy and has a great voice to go with. The songs celebrate Mexico well; some are fun, and some are emotional and beautiful. Two of my favourites: ‘Un Poco Loco’ and ‘Remember Me’. I can’t say all are songs I would listen to repeatedly on their own, but they are brilliant in this film setting.

Coco - Miguel and Dante

This animation is a fabulous film, I would definitely watch it again. It’s colourful and amazingly animated. It’s a film to make you think, a film to go through the emotions. Parts made me laugh, such as a selfie when you’re a skeleton means taking off your head and handing it to the person you want a picture with, or a skeleton falling off a bridge purposely to land in a heap of bones, to easily rebuild himself back up again. It was very clever. There were also parts that made me cry, I was actually balling my eyes out in the cinema. I was shocked in some parts, and it was heart-warming in others. I would definitely recommend this film if you think you would enjoy it, because I don’t think it is a let-down one bit!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Ahh what a great romcom, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, hilarious and beautiful. This film is a classic romcom of the 2000s, joining the brilliance of ‘She’s the Man’, ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘27 Dresses’, just a few that come to the top of my head. ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ is definitely an amazing romcom that shouldn’t be lost in the mass.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Ben and Andie 2

Alliteration names, Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) and Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) end up boosting their careers in ways they didn’t realise were so similar. When one of Andie’s best friends, Michelle (Kathryn Hahn), gets dumped again, Andie decides she will write about Michelle’s dating life in her ‘how to’ column at a fashion magazine. Andie uses Michelle’s flaws in relationships to create a dating in reverse article, a “what not to do”. Date a guy, and push him away in ten days. “How to lose a guy in ten days”. Meanwhile, Ben is bribed into a bet. The bet states: Ben’s mischievous co-workers can choose a girl in which Ben must make her fall in love with him in ten days, if he wins he gets the advertising pitch of his career… Diamonds.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Ben and Andie

So here we go, Andie and Ben are warped into a 10 day relationship. One wanting to end the relationship, the other wanting the exact opposite. Andie hilariously acts crazy, obsessive, needy and to be honest a little insane, planning to drive Ben the same way. She becomes the “one woman circus”. I have to admit, Andie is hilarious, she is great, although the extents she goes to does become a bit cringey, but it’s supposed to be! That’s why she’s doing it, definitely makes the audience cringe from time to time. Ben, however, is the perfect gentlemen, gets her the drink when she wants it, sends her a hundred white roses, cooks her a candlelit dinner, all the stereotypical chivalry acts. He tries as hard as he can to romance his woman, but slowly going out of his mind with her annoyance. Both Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are played brilliantly, they are both amazing actors obviously, believable in their roles you completely fall into this movie head first. It’s also comical as both characters feel they are the most successful, as the audience is more in the know than those on screen. Because they both keep boasting “that’s how it’s done”.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Ben and Andie 3

If you haven’t seen this film and are a fan of the brilliant romcoms, definitely watch ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’! It is so great! It’s up there with one of the best. Great thing is it’s not a chickflick, so it’s not one of those cheesy films, it’s just a great romance comedy. With lots of romance and lots of comedy. Plus Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey!! We all know they are both brilliant.

The Outcasts (2017)

Ok, what did I just watch… Flicking through Netflix, and this one catches my attention. With ‘Victorious’s Tori and Beck, ‘The Middle’s Sue and ‘Awkward’s Jenna, sounds like a cheesy teen chick-flick to me… But there’s an amount of cheese and cringe I can deal with, and this was an overload. Even for me. Maybe I’ve grown too old for the teen chick-flicks, which is sad if I have, but I don’t think that was the problem. The problem lied in the actual film. Safe to say, cheesy chick-flicks have gone downhill since I watched them when I was younger. ‘The Outcasts’ is nothing on ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘The Perfect Man’ or any Hilary Duff film to be honest, nor is it anything on ‘The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants’, not even ‘Bratz’!

The Outcasts - Mindy and Jodi

Life-long best friends, Mindy (Eden Sher) and Jodi (Victoria Justice) after going through Richard Nixon High School bullied and tortured by the Queen Bee, otherwise known as “American Psycho Barbie”, Whitney (Claudia Lee), in their senior year they decide enough is enough. It is time for revenge, time for a “social revolution” as they call it. Bringing the stereotypical characters together, Virginia (Ashley Rickards) is wanted for this social swap to be successful. A mysterious character, Virginia has information on everyone in the student body, and they get to work on turning the school’s hierarchy on it’s head. All the “misfits”, “outcasts” are united under one. The film is actually really fast pace, because suddenly everything has changed and in fact nothing has actually happened.

The Outcasts - outcasts

In a high school of supposedly 17 year olds, they’ve hired actors and actresses in their 20s. I understand why they have hired these stars because of their TV background that is hopefully the audience they are targeting. And to be fair to them, they have made the young adults look the part of teens. They did do that really well! But come on, Victoria Justice is 24, and she’s the youngest… Eden Sher the oldest at 26. What’s wrong with hiring people to play the age they are… To be honest, no one does nowadays anyway.

Can’t say I found much comedy in this film. I think my giggles were more meaning “what am I watching” and “how awkward”. Sadly, I can’t even say the acting is the best, Avan Jogia in particular was just awkward. The film just escalates and escalates into the most random things, it gets extremely crazy by the end. Maybe the truth is I didn’t understand the humour? I just felt awkward and cringed at some moments, it was random at best.

The Outcasts - Mindy and Jodi 2

Safe to say this is not a film for me. I wouldn’t watch it again, if you couldn’t guess from that. It’s sad because I wanted to like it, especially with the stars. I love ‘Victorious’, ‘The Middle’ of course is amazing, and I remember watching ‘Awkward’ and quite enjoying that too! Weird, random film, ‘The Outcasts’… I get what it was trying to do, I think, but it just didn’t work. Victoria Justice is back to singing though! But not that much…

The Purge (2013)

One day in the year for 12 hours from 7pm to 7am, everything is legal, everything including murder. A day where violence is allowed. Supposedly this day lowers crime rates throughout the year. One day where anyone can do whatever they want. No police. No ambulances. Just everyone to fend for themselves or, in the neighbourhood of the Sandin’s, go into full lockdown and stay indoors until the 12 hours have passed.

The Purge - killers

The Sandin family. This is who the whole film is revolved around, in their home. Father and mother, James (Ethan Hawke) and Mary (Lena Headley – yes, Cersei from ‘Game of Thrones’), and daughter and son, Zoey (Adelaide Kane) and Charlie (Max Burkholder). Previously, their security system in lockdown has never been destroyed, but this year sings the possibility of a break-in, especially when Charlie in worried mind lets in a stranger (Edwin Hodge) who was calling help from the street. Everything turns to chaos once he saves this man. Because this man brought the group that wanted to kill him with him, straight to the house. The psychotic Purgers outside have one request, let out the homeless man so they can kill him or they’re coming in…

Safe to say, ‘The Purge’ definitely got my heart racing, glued to the screen but wanting to look away. The killers were definitely psychotic and crazy enough to fear for everyone on screen. We all know sound is key in making a horror great and as scary as it can be, and dramatic music is definitely used in this one, as is silence, just as important. As the family are trapped in one house, so are the audience, unable to escape with maniac killers on the loose. Lighting is also something important and when the Purgers cut off their power, everyone is plunged into darkness also adding to the horror of the film.

The Purge - James and Mary

I wouldn’t say this is the best horror I have ever seen. But it is good and there were parts I was held in uncertainty of life or death for those on screen. I’m definitely intrigued to watch the other two films that have followed on from this one. It has a good plot and of course a great horror story! They created clever suspense and thrilling moments. Also, it helps that the actors and actresses are played amazingly well. If you’re looking for a new horror, this one isn’t bad, isn’t bad at all. Ticks all the boxes for a horror I think.