The Outcasts (2017)

Ok, what did I just watch… Flicking through Netflix, and this one catches my attention. With ‘Victorious’s Tori and Beck, ‘The Middle’s Sue and ‘Awkward’s Jenna, sounds like a cheesy teen chick-flick to me… But there’s an amount of cheese and cringe I can deal with, and this was an overload. Even for me. Maybe I’ve grown too old for the teen chick-flicks, which is sad if I have, but I don’t think that was the problem. The problem lied in the actual film. Safe to say, cheesy chick-flicks have gone downhill since I watched them when I was younger. ‘The Outcasts’ is nothing on ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘The Perfect Man’ or any Hilary Duff film to be honest, nor is it anything on ‘The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants’, not even ‘Bratz’!

The Outcasts - Mindy and Jodi

Life-long best friends, Mindy (Eden Sher) and Jodi (Victoria Justice) after going through Richard Nixon High School bullied and tortured by the Queen Bee, otherwise known as “American Psycho Barbie”, Whitney (Claudia Lee), in their senior year they decide enough is enough. It is time for revenge, time for a “social revolution” as they call it. Bringing the stereotypical characters together, Virginia (Ashley Rickards) is wanted for this social swap to be successful. A mysterious character, Virginia has information on everyone in the student body, and they get to work on turning the school’s hierarchy on it’s head. All the “misfits”, “outcasts” are united under one. The film is actually really fast pace, because suddenly everything has changed and in fact nothing has actually happened.

The Outcasts - outcasts

In a high school of supposedly 17 year olds, they’ve hired actors and actresses in their 20s. I understand why they have hired these stars because of their TV background that is hopefully the audience they are targeting. And to be fair to them, they have made the young adults look the part of teens. They did do that really well! But come on, Victoria Justice is 24, and she’s the youngest… Eden Sher the oldest at 26. What’s wrong with hiring people to play the age they are… To be honest, no one does nowadays anyway.

Can’t say I found much comedy in this film. I think my giggles were more meaning “what am I watching” and “how awkward”. Sadly, I can’t even say the acting is the best, Avan Jogia in particular was just awkward. The film just escalates and escalates into the most random things, it gets extremely crazy by the end. Maybe the truth is I didn’t understand the humour? I just felt awkward and cringed at some moments, it was random at best.

The Outcasts - Mindy and Jodi 2

Safe to say this is not a film for me. I wouldn’t watch it again, if you couldn’t guess from that. It’s sad because I wanted to like it, especially with the stars. I love ‘Victorious’, ‘The Middle’ of course is amazing, and I remember watching ‘Awkward’ and quite enjoying that too! Weird, random film, ‘The Outcasts’… I get what it was trying to do, I think, but it just didn’t work. Victoria Justice is back to singing though! But not that much…


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