The Divergent Series: Divergent (2014)

This sci-fi action alternate world really is one that becomes thrilling. You get to know this dystopian life pretty quickly. This different city is caged, the whole place fenced and divided into five factions. 1. Erudite, those intelligent and live a life of knowledge. 2. Amity, treasuring kindness and harmony. 3. Candor, who cherish honesty and order. 4. Dauntless, the protectors, the police, the warriors. And finally, 5. Abnegation, or known as the “stiffs”, the selfless. Then there are those factionless, who don’t have a life to live, who have no where to live, who are accepted by no one, except the generous help from Abnegation.

Divergent - Tris and Four

100 years ago, this society was created to keep peace and to get rid of all conflict. On the day of the test, each person is suggested a faction you belong in based on the results, 95% get into the faction they were born into. But this isn’t so easy for Beatrice (Shailene Woodley), born into the governing faction of Abnegation, but not feeling like she fits. When her test results come back inconclusive, she is told she is three factions, something extremely rare and extremely dangerous, she is Divergent. At the choosing ceremony through a lot of struggle she chooses the warrior faction, Dauntless. Once Abnegation Beatrice, now Dauntless Tris. But it is still not that easy. In order to be a fully-fledged Dauntless member you have to pass the series of tests, a strict 10 week training programme for the transfers to determine whether they are fit enough to be in this faction. If they are at the bottom of the ranking they are cut, which means they live the aimless life of a factionless. Alongside this are even more pressing issues, not only is Tris in serious danger of her secret, nor struggling to keep up with the other initiates to not be cut, but there are also issues amongst society, the leader of Erudite faction, Jeanine (played by the amazing Kate Winslet), wants nothing but for her faction to be the governing one, instead of Abnegation. Because of all these factors it is quite a long film, approximately two hours twenty, but a lot does happen.

Divergent - Tris

Falling into Dauntless, literally, Tris meets enemies and friends. The trainer, Four (Theo James), is a brilliant character, you don’t know much about him, but you are told so much at the same time. Then there’s Christina (Zoë Kravitz), originally from Candor, she learns the hard ways of how Dauntless is. Enemy wise, originally Erudite, Peter (Miles Teller) is always trying to put down Tris for being from Abnegation as she falls immediately at the bottom of the ranks. Then there’s the one who carries a lot of the tension of the film, he’s erratic and you never know how he’s going to react which creates a lot of suspense and thrilling moments. This is one of the leaders of Dauntless, Eric (Jai Courtney). He definitely shows this hard, thrilling training the transfers have to go through and he stands as the constant reminder that death could be around any corner.

Divergent - Tris and Four

Based on the book by Veronica Roth, this film is a really great representation. You follow Tris’ life as she struggles to come to grips with everything, you become empowered when she stands out, but then wince when she falls back down. She truly is a great protagonist to follow. I would definitely recommend this film, there is action and suspense, mystery when trying to figure out what is actually happening and a constant threat of the characters throughout the film. Just remember the one rule: “faction before blood”.

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