Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool is back! It’s hard to believe that the first ‘Deadpool’ movie actually came out two years ago! But here we are with the sequel and it is not a let down. The fab Ryan Reynolds is back with his wit, quirk and superhero-non-superhero ways. The things that made the first film great are all back again, and more!

One of the original elements of ‘Deadpool’ was the obvious breaking of every film industry rule. Breaking all the stereotypical, conventional things that make a film a film. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds, talks to the audience, demands when music is to be played and hopes for slow-motion action moments. The film is aware of itself, and it’s hilarious, extremely cleverly done. Additionally, the awareness of modern culture and other films is so apparent. It just adds to the comedy and uniqueness of the film. This sequel has so many stabs at other films, particularly ‘X-Men’ and ‘Logan’ films, which may be ruined in this. One after another, there are so many films portrayed in ‘Deadpool 2’, such as ‘James Bond’, ‘Basic Instinct’, DC Universe as a whole and it would be missing a chance if Deadpool didn’t once call Cable, (the new villain) who is played by Josh Brolin, Thanos. There are so many other mimics in this film that embody other well-known moments in film history.

Deadpool 2 - boombox

The first ‘Deadpool’ is a claimed love story, and the sequel is a claimed family movie. Just like the first, the film still involves the rude connotations, swearing and violent action scenes, so it is not a film for a family, even if Deadpool says so.

Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgård (‘Hemlock Grove’) and BRAD PITT (who flashed for a second, but I swore it was him) also have an appearance. And apparently Matt Damon, but I completely missed that cameo! ‘Deadpool 2’ carries in many new characters and new stories. Differently to the first film, this one carries the shock factor. Brilliantly, comically, shockingly.

Deadpool 2 - trainee

Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, he obviously makes the film the success it is. He’s back wittier as ever, travelling and meeting a lot of people throughout this film. From an X-Men trainee, to mutant prison, to X-Force, Deadpool has an adventure unlike his first. Unlike his determination in revenge in the first, he is determined in protecting the young boy who names himself Firefist (Julian Dennison), if you couldn’t guess, he can create fire with his fists… A new character that is great, is Domino (Zazie Beetz) whose power is luck. And then we’re back with the taxi driver whose love for DP has only grown. The best friend behind the bar is also back, as is the blind woman Deadpool lived with. Plus the X-Men seen in the first movie are back, especially the fab dedicated Colossus.

Deadpool 2 - blind Al

If you loved the first ‘Deadpool’ I really doubt this one would let you down. It’s got all the essentials the original had and adds new characters while bringing the older ones with it. It is hilarious, and gets you laughing throughout. It’s actually got a good plot as well, one quite complex with characters with meaningful backgrounds. It is a great, comical film. Plus Ryan Reynolds! Oh and don’t miss the scenes after the initial credits!

Life of the Party (2018)

A new Melissa McCarthy film, so of course I went to go see it! I think she is a great actress. Yes, she is an actress that pretty much plays the same characters, but when she can make these characters hilarious and brilliant and they are different in different plots, then what is the problem with it? Then if there’s Melissa McCarthy, her husband Ben Falcone is soon to show on screen, of course he does! Come on, it’s not just me that when watching a Melissa McCarthy waits for Ben Falcone’s starring moment? Also credit to him for directing, producing and co-writing the film, co-written and produced with Melissa McCarthy.

Life of the Party 2

When Deanna’s (Melissa McCarthy) manipulative husband declares he wants a divorce as he’s fallen in love with another woman, mother of one realises she hasn’t lived the life she wanted to. The one biggest regret being dropping out of college. So she decides that is what she will do, return to college, the college her daughter, Maddie (Molly Gordon), is at. Deanna’s transformation from a full-time mother to a college girl is fun and creative. Along the way, Maddie’s friends soon become her mother’s. Helen (Gillian Jacobs) has to be one of my favourites, known as “coma girl”, she’s hilariously weird and blunt. Throughout it all is Deanna’s over-supportive friend, Christine (played by the brilliant Maya Rudolph), declaring herself a lawyer through the divorce and hilariously supportive of Deanna’s new casual sex with one of the frat boys. Deanna tries to be upbeat and positive with her new found personality and determination to get her archaeology degree. Living with hilarious Leonor (Heidi Gardner), Deanna tries to have a conversation with the girl who never goes outside and hides in the closet. Bumps along the way include the stereotypical bitch of the film, hating that a ‘mum’ is appearing at parties. This is actually played by Debby Ryan, very different in her role, moving away from the good girl ‘Suite Life of Deck’ Bailey and other Disney Channel shows.

Life of the Party 1

‘Life of the Party’ definitely made me laugh. It also stars Gordon from ‘Dodgeball’! Throughout the whole film, I couldn’t place where I knew him from! Christina Aguilera may also appear… All the characters are so unique, it’s a nice refreshing film. The comedy definitely got better as it went along, as Deanna settled more into her college experience. It is actually quite a quick pace film, the divorce announcement is literally in the first 5-10 minutes of the film. Then the decision of going to university is again quick and then she’s there. I love that it’s fast pace, because then her transformation can hit quickly and her comical personality is ready to explore university. The acting of Maddie however, wasn’t the best, she did annoy me at times. I get she was a character with a bit resistance of their mum being at college with her, that’s completely understandable, but just the way the actress pursued this wasn’t the best, things seemed a little laggy. But I quickly got over it.

Life of the Party 3

This is definitely a classic Melissa McCarthy film and an enjoyable one at that. I’m not going to say it’s the best comedy of the year, but it made me laugh and I would watch it again. Melissa McCarthy is obviously the star of the show and deserves it as she executes the character to perfection and hilariously, as she always does. I don’t think there’s a film of hers that I don’t like! If you’re a fan of Melissa McCarthy then this film is the next to watch, but if you’re not, then don’t…

The Rain (2018 – )

This is actually a new Danish programme, on Netflix of course. Now I’ve never seen a Danish show before, so I didn’t know what to expect. There is dubbing over the speech as they’re not speaking English, obviously. However, the dubbing is actually really well done, a lot of the shots of the programme aren’t actually of the faces talking so the dubbing isn’t really a problem for the show. To be honest, there are some moments it is really obvious and becomes a little distracting but that’s the worst it gets. Just in case, this was something that might put you off. I know some people can’t watch a show if it’s lagging and the mouth is moving at a different time to the sound.

The Rain - Simone

‘The Rain’ is a dystopian apocalyptic kind of show. Simone (Alba August) is quickly taken out of school when her father rushes in, before she knows it she’s running through the woods confused following her parents. Soon enough, her and her brother are ushered into an underground bunker and their father is telling Simone to keep her brother safe and he’ll be back. The first episode excels through six years, their father never returned, they’re running out of food and oxygen levels are running low. Then the door opens…

The Rain - all 2

I was so intrigued with this show from the beginning, anything could happen, I didn’t know where it could go. I was hooked. That was until I finished it. I felt a bit deflated, not sure what to think of it. It just seemed I’d watched all the episodes of series one, and then flew straight back to episodes one and two again, to the beginning. It all became a bit predictable by the end, which was such a shame! Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great first series, but it just felt a bit let-down by the end.

As you might have guessed, the apocalyptic notion of the programme is to do with the rain. There is a deadly virus in the rain falling, anyone caught in it instantly dies. There are a few graphic ways to die, usually revolved around throwing up then collapsing. Dangerous and nothing I’ve seen before. While on the topic, it is for older ages, as it does swear too.

The Rain - Simone and Rasmus

As Simone and her brother, Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen), finally enter the real world from the bunker, new characters are introduced. The character developments of the show are very clever and their backgrounds are exposed in different episodes of what happened to each of them before the rain came. It is a brilliant way of creating they’re backgrounds and reasoning to why they are the way they are now. I have to admit, I loved that they did this, as I was so intrigued to discover their stories. I’m not the biggest fan of all the characters, I don’t think they are all loveable, actually there are times when Rasmus irritated me, and Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic), at times, seemed like a pathological lair so she’s a difficult character to understand too. But I don’t think this is takes anything away from the show, as they are raw, real characters, reacting to an apocalyptic world they used to live in. Simone and Rasmus add to this collective group as they embark on an adventure to try and understand what has happened.

The Rain - all

‘The Rain’ was a great first series, I was intrigued all the way through as I did want to know what was going to happen, just sad about the predictability coming a bit too realistic by the end. However, saying this, I would probably still watch a series two. This programme is tense and thrilling, the young adults try to escape from the one thing most difficult to, the weather.

Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017)

This drama is a biography of the life of the writer of Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne. I don’t know about you, but a life story of the writer of Winnie the Pooh is definitely not a history I had stored in my general knowledge. So I went into this film having no knowledge of what was going to happen or how these figures would react, other than Alan Milne eventually writing the childhood spectacular of Winnie and his friends. What I didn’t expect was to be blubbing throughout the film, it was a beautifully heart-wrenching film.

Goodbye Christopher Robin 2

The true story is inspired by one family, the Milne’s. The father, Alan Milne (Domhnall Gleeson), is nicknamed Blue, this is what he is mostly referred to as. Once a soldier in the First World War, Alan struggles with war-related flashbacks in uncontrollable states of bright lights, loud noises and sudden movements, you watch as this man struggles with his own hearing and sight but tries to hide himself in writing books. In constant fear of war, he retreats him and his family to the countryside to move away from the loud noises that haunt him so much. Soon he feels his books and plays are not making the difference he wants to make, he wants to stop all wars, to find any possibility to end another war, especially when he has a son. Daphne Milne (Margot Robbie), the wife and mother, is a complicated character. Her harsh ways but loving appearances are confusing to understand her charisma, but deep down she’s a character in agony of bearing a son when she believes there to be another war he will have to partake in. Both of these characters are riddled with reality confusions and are lost in their own despairs, that when the young boy grows up he never has much connection with either parent having been brought up by his Nanny (Kelly Macdonald).

Goodbye Christopher Robin 3

This little boy of course is Christopher Robin, but from a young age he was called Billy Moon by his family. He has so much love for his Nanny Nou as she was always more of a parent than his actual parents. But when she has to leave for personal reasons and the mother is also away, father and son are forced to spend time together like they’ve never before. This is when the exploration of the woods comes to life as young boy and father play and pretend of wild animals and bears. The creation of Winnie the Pooh is beautifully done as Billy Moon plays in the woods with his beloved teddy bear and illustrator draws the simplicity of Christopher Robin and his best friend. The contrasts and edits of the film create a truth in the children’s books coming to life as they did when first wrote.

Goodbye Christopher Robin 1

As the success of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh grows the harder is becomes for poor Billy Moon to cling onto his own childhood and his story. The film progresses through the life of the family as a lot of things change. Emotional and heart-felt, this drama cleverly plays on the audience’s emotions as anything could happen, but as a constant reminder this is the true story. The actors and actresses are brilliant as their real-life characters come into play in reality on film, every word is hung to as what was said. As the film passes through life, the movement of time has to be done well, which of course it is, the characters look older perfectly. You really do fall into this British beautiful drama of the Milne’s struggles and realities of creating a phenomenal children’s story.

Goodbye Christopher Robin 4

‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ was a true eye-opener to the effects of a successful book has on one family, even though they were the ones successful. The young boy could never have his story to himself ever again, it was always to be shared with the rest of the world. But on the other hand, Winnie the Pooh created a happiness in childhoods all around the world and is still remembered today, cherished in children’s memories of the wonders of a bear in the woods and all of his friends’ beloved.

Footloose (2011)

A remake of the famous 80s music film, from Kevin Bacon to probably less famous actors and actresses, but to dancers, amazing ones, and isn’t that all you need in a film such as this one. With the amazing and fun song that’s always remembered of this film, NOW I GOTTA CUT LOOSE, FOOTLOOSE, KICK OFF THE SUNDAY SHOES, PLEASE, LOUISE, PULL ME OFF OF MY KNEES, JACK, GET BACK… ok I’ll stop. It’s very catchy. You either love it or you hate it, and that’s the same for this film. Now I actually haven’t seen the original version, so I can’t compare the two. This will be a review standing on its own.

Footloose - Ren and Ariel 2

Welcome to the town of Bomont, a town of unusual rules and laws. But simply explained. The film starts with a three year flashback, of a town tragedy, sudden and horrific, five seniors die in a car accident after returning from a party. Laws are put in place, curfews, laws against drinking, alcohol. Public dancing is banned. Three years on, we notice a new guy in town, Ren (Kenny Wormald) from Boston, moving in with his Uncle Wes (Ray McKinnon) after his own personal tragedy. We soon find out he’s not used to the small town kind of life, Ren is a character loved with a smart-ass, sarcastic attitude. Quickly misunderstood, he just tries to fit in but keeps getting lost in things getting him in trouble. We also get to know another character, Ariel (Julianne Hough). Her brother was the one driving the car three years before, so she’s been living in agony, she’s a character troubled and very complicated. Seemingly confident and gets what she wants, she’s actually very lost and broken. She’s an interesting character. As the film goes on, Ren and Ariel have more moments together and truth leaks out about her issues and her controlled father issues and her rebellion. Because of the intensity of the characters and the deep backgrounds they both have, I would say this film is more drama than anything else. There isn’t as many songs and dances as you would think, replacing this are some difficult scenes, heartfelt or heart-breaking, particularly with Ariel.

Footloose - Ren and Willard

My favourite character, Willard, is played by the brilliant Miles Teller. His character has to be appreciated. He’s really funny and his development of dance skills is one of the best scenes. He’s a hot-head where usually most of his scenes contain him getting into a fight. I love watching his character grow. ‘Footloose’ is a great, feel-good movie. The songs have to be mentioned, as I already have mentioned the classic Footloose song. But also there are some other great songs, the slowed version of Holding out for a Hero is beautiful and suited to the scenes it is placed, and the country line dance scene is brilliant, obviously with the amazing dancers, but also with the great Fake I.D. song they dance too. There is one angry dance scene which personally I find a tad awkward, ok very awkward… Nevertheless, the dancing and music has to be appreciated as it makes you want to dance along.

Footloose - Ren and Ariel

This remake of ‘Footloose’ has great dancers, has great songs, and a fun but heart-felt storyline. It’s not the simple ban on public dancing that wants to be broken blah blah, because there is actually more to it than that because of the complicated characters I’ve already mentioned. Regardless, ‘Footloose’ is fun and very enjoyable, and back in the day I watched it on repeat. And yes, it is very predictable, but oh well! If you think this would be a film for you, I would recommend it, although I understand it’s a film of particular taste. Get up and dance with the film, because why not?

When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

By the director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron, ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ is a classic! I love this film. One that shouldn’t be ignored as it is a romcom to be remembered. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star in a tale of two people meeting each other in conditions that led for them to hate each other, throughout life they continuously bump into each other, slowly becoming friends.

The film starts in 1977, when Harry meets Sally. Car sharing, they both drive 18 hours from Chicago to New York. Once in New York, it’s not until five years later they finally bump into each other again. The film travels through 12 years, but it is so brilliantly done, time passing is done believable as fashions change, questionable ones at time, particularly Sally, and hairstyles change to presenting age. Throughout the story of Harry and Sally, the film is also broken up with interviews of elderly married couples talking to the camera of how they loving couple met and when they married. It’s beautiful and heart-felt, very different to many films to have a personal touch such as this one.

When Harry Met Sally - apartment

What makes this film so successful is that there has to be a love for the two main protagonists, and I think both are great. Billy Crystal is Harry Burns.  Harry has a pessimistic charm, he says things the way they are, feels all emotions when he does and shows them. He’s a big talker. From the get go, he claims women and men cannot be friends, because sex will always get in the way, either the having of it or the absence, either way it can never happen. This is something that lingers throughout the whole film as Harry claims he can never be friends with Sally when he finds her attractive. Meg Ryan plays Sally Albright. A completely different character to Harry in so many ways. She’s high maintenance but wants things the way she wants them. She takes ages ordering at a restaurant as she wants the order the way she wants and no other way, which consists of a lot of ingredients on the side. Both together, they hold completely different personalities, but years later after the initial hate, they become friends, friends who tell each other everything, unafraid of the opinions.

When Harry Met Sally - shop

It is a very talky talky kind of film, not much actually happens. It’s just the story of two people meeting and then getting to know each other. That’s it. Simple as it is, but so cleverly done. They struggle through life, through holidays, through friends’ weddings, and through difficulties in their own relationships and friendships. It’s an honest film, easy and satisfying to watch. If you don’t like these sorts of films, then completely steer away. But I think it is a classic with a definite iconic scene in the diner, you know what I mean if you’ve seen it, it is definitely up there with one of the most remembered scenes in film history. If that doesn’t say that it’s a film of good worth then I don’t know what does!

When Harry Met Sally

‘When Harry Met Sally…’ tells a truthful friendship and a complication of adulthood. It does swear and has some scenes for older ages, although I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as 15’s nowadays. Fall into the life of Harry and Sally, of friendship and love. There are also some great comedy moments of light humour to make you smile throughout the film. It’s a beautiful film over 12 years, telling the lives of two people, simple.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

This film has had so much advertising, to say the least! And it’s had a massive uproar of a grand celebration too. So maybe my review will be extremely different to popular opinion. I have a few issues with it. I don’t think it was up to the huge standards the audiences are making it out to be, but when something is this hyped up can it ever reach standards? It gets to the point where it is got such a phenomenal reputation it’s impossible to hit that height. For me anyway. So bear with me, I have reasonings for everything. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things in this film obviously!

Avengers Infinity War 1

All the Marvel characters are united in one film, finally, ahh as the Marvel audience applaud. All of them together, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk and so many more. All of them combined into one long film. Although, with this mass of characters means that there is a hell of a lot of jumping around to places, which for me became a bit confusing. We were jumping all over the place, which also made me feel like the time was going slllooowww, something that is not needed for a long film such as this one. It gets very chaotic. You definitely have to pay attention. I spent the whole of the film waiting and waiting for all of them to finally unite, but that takes a really long time. The majority of the film is fragmented characters in fragmented places.

Avengers Infinity War 2

I definitely love more characters than others. I loved the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I love Chris Pratt and I love the influence of great pop music and knowledge of film they bring. Plus Drax is hilarious, his moments in the film made me chuckle and made me want to see him more. Teen Groot is fabulous, really great too, constantly playing on a game, brilliant! Guardians of the Galaxy were a great part for me. Can’t forget the cheeky chappy of the wonderful Tom Holland as Spider-Man, he is amazing as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Finally, Bruce Banner vs The Hulk moments are extremely comical as Bruce Banner struggles to reach the Hulk in peril scenes. Obviously, Chris Hemsworth needs to be mentioned, when is he not magnificent? Wanda is a cool character, she deserves a lot more explanation than she did in the film, but maybe she did in earlier films? I’m not sure. For the other characters, you’d be surprised how many of them actually got screen time. For example, I felt Scarlett Johansson was only briefly in the film, she was always there in the background, but never came to the front much, obviously there were some occasions, but surprisingly minimal. It is heavily based around Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’m ok with that, and obviously Iron Man, because I feel he very much carries a lot of Avenger films anyway. Robert Downey Jr is great as Tony Stark, he’ll always be a character to remember. Captain America didn’t really hold much for me in this film, thinking back he didn’t really stand out in any parts to remember, and he didn’t have his iconic shield…

Avengers Infinity War 3

So another problem, because of the hectic characters and the amount there is, it does help watching a lot of the other Marvel films before. But there are so many! I don’t think it ruins the film if you haven’t seen all of them, but it definitely helps, because this film does not get any time to introduce any characters, it’s more of an assumption that once you see their face you already have everything you need to know. Also, because it’s such a big franchise it doesn’t leave much ambiguity at the end of the film, although I did love the ending.

Now the villain. Yes! Finally a villain worthy of note. Everyone is at risk, people do die, anyone can die. One of the problems I’ve had with superhero films is that I don’t see point when the superheroes are too good, there are no faults, there’s no thinking that they could lose, however with this villain, there are risks, he is good, he is too good, I love it! Anything could happen, and that’s what I needed. Thanos is a huge purple alien man, I don’t know, but he has a background story that is intense and clever, he is a character to be appreciated, even if as the villain.

Avengers Infinity War 4

I wouldn’t say this is the best Marvel film I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ve just become bored of them. Although saying this, with the ending that they did present this one, it preludes to a different sort of Marvels which would intrigue me and get me into them again. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is of course action packed and there are some great fight scenes. There are shocking moments as I said everyone is at risk. But it is long, feels fragmented and chaotic. I guess it’s all up to opinion, but sometimes when there are too many characters, ones that are loved can become lost. And when films delve into magical elements, there needs to be some sort of connection to reality, otherwise it can become farfetched. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Pratt were fab though.