When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

By the director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron, ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ is a classic! I love this film. One that shouldn’t be ignored as it is a romcom to be remembered. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star in a tale of two people meeting each other in conditions that led for them to hate each other, throughout life they continuously bump into each other, slowly becoming friends.

The film starts in 1977, when Harry meets Sally. Car sharing, they both drive 18 hours from Chicago to New York. Once in New York, it’s not until five years later they finally bump into each other again. The film travels through 12 years, but it is so brilliantly done, time passing is done believable as fashions change, questionable ones at time, particularly Sally, and hairstyles change to presenting age. Throughout the story of Harry and Sally, the film is also broken up with interviews of elderly married couples talking to the camera of how they loving couple met and when they married. It’s beautiful and heart-felt, very different to many films to have a personal touch such as this one.

When Harry Met Sally - apartment

What makes this film so successful is that there has to be a love for the two main protagonists, and I think both are great. Billy Crystal is Harry Burns.  Harry has a pessimistic charm, he says things the way they are, feels all emotions when he does and shows them. He’s a big talker. From the get go, he claims women and men cannot be friends, because sex will always get in the way, either the having of it or the absence, either way it can never happen. This is something that lingers throughout the whole film as Harry claims he can never be friends with Sally when he finds her attractive. Meg Ryan plays Sally Albright. A completely different character to Harry in so many ways. She’s high maintenance but wants things the way she wants them. She takes ages ordering at a restaurant as she wants the order the way she wants and no other way, which consists of a lot of ingredients on the side. Both together, they hold completely different personalities, but years later after the initial hate, they become friends, friends who tell each other everything, unafraid of the opinions.

When Harry Met Sally - shop

It is a very talky talky kind of film, not much actually happens. It’s just the story of two people meeting and then getting to know each other. That’s it. Simple as it is, but so cleverly done. They struggle through life, through holidays, through friends’ weddings, and through difficulties in their own relationships and friendships. It’s an honest film, easy and satisfying to watch. If you don’t like these sorts of films, then completely steer away. But I think it is a classic with a definite iconic scene in the diner, you know what I mean if you’ve seen it, it is definitely up there with one of the most remembered scenes in film history. If that doesn’t say that it’s a film of good worth then I don’t know what does!

When Harry Met Sally

‘When Harry Met Sally…’ tells a truthful friendship and a complication of adulthood. It does swear and has some scenes for older ages, although I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as 15’s nowadays. Fall into the life of Harry and Sally, of friendship and love. There are also some great comedy moments of light humour to make you smile throughout the film. It’s a beautiful film over 12 years, telling the lives of two people, simple.

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