Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool is back! It’s hard to believe that the first ‘Deadpool’ movie actually came out two years ago! But here we are with the sequel and it is not a let down. The fab Ryan Reynolds is back with his wit, quirk and superhero-non-superhero ways. The things that made the first film great are all back again, and more!

One of the original elements of ‘Deadpool’ was the obvious breaking of every film industry rule. Breaking all the stereotypical, conventional things that make a film a film. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds, talks to the audience, demands when music is to be played and hopes for slow-motion action moments. The film is aware of itself, and it’s hilarious, extremely cleverly done. Additionally, the awareness of modern culture and other films is so apparent. It just adds to the comedy and uniqueness of the film. This sequel has so many stabs at other films, particularly ‘X-Men’ and ‘Logan’ films, which may be ruined in this. One after another, there are so many films portrayed in ‘Deadpool 2’, such as ‘James Bond’, ‘Basic Instinct’, DC Universe as a whole and it would be missing a chance if Deadpool didn’t once call Cable, (the new villain) who is played by Josh Brolin, Thanos. There are so many other mimics in this film that embody other well-known moments in film history.

Deadpool 2 - boombox

The first ‘Deadpool’ is a claimed love story, and the sequel is a claimed family movie. Just like the first, the film still involves the rude connotations, swearing and violent action scenes, so it is not a film for a family, even if Deadpool says so.

Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgård (‘Hemlock Grove’) and BRAD PITT (who flashed for a second, but I swore it was him) also have an appearance. And apparently Matt Damon, but I completely missed that cameo! ‘Deadpool 2’ carries in many new characters and new stories. Differently to the first film, this one carries the shock factor. Brilliantly, comically, shockingly.

Deadpool 2 - trainee

Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, he obviously makes the film the success it is. He’s back wittier as ever, travelling and meeting a lot of people throughout this film. From an X-Men trainee, to mutant prison, to X-Force, Deadpool has an adventure unlike his first. Unlike his determination in revenge in the first, he is determined in protecting the young boy who names himself Firefist (Julian Dennison), if you couldn’t guess, he can create fire with his fists… A new character that is great, is Domino (Zazie Beetz) whose power is luck. And then we’re back with the taxi driver whose love for DP has only grown. The best friend behind the bar is also back, as is the blind woman Deadpool lived with. Plus the X-Men seen in the first movie are back, especially the fab dedicated Colossus.

Deadpool 2 - blind Al

If you loved the first ‘Deadpool’ I really doubt this one would let you down. It’s got all the essentials the original had and adds new characters while bringing the older ones with it. It is hilarious, and gets you laughing throughout. It’s actually got a good plot as well, one quite complex with characters with meaningful backgrounds. It is a great, comical film. Plus Ryan Reynolds! Oh and don’t miss the scenes after the initial credits!

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