The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Imagine if: 65 million years ago, dinosaurs weren’t destroyed by an asteroid, it missed and millions of years later they’re still on earth. Well this is what this Disney Pixar animation movie is based off. A family of dinosaurs have their own farm, they must farm to survive in winter. Poppa and Momma have three baby eggs, out crack Libby, Buck and Arlo. Arlo, the focus of our beautiful story, is frightened the minute he’s born, everything scares him and his clumsy persona ruins all chores as he grows up. As he’s told he’s a coward, he struggles to fit in with his family as Libby and Buck manage to create their mark in the farm. Arlo, however, is suddenly forced on an adventure when bad luck hits over and over again, lost away from his farm, all Arlo wants to do is make it back to his family. Although, a small human dog-like boy follows him everywhere to Arlo’s distaste. Arlo’s opinion of his “critter” adjusts as they discover they are both lost from family. On an adventure, they embark a mass of other dinosaurs, scary and hilarious.

The Good Dinosaur 2

When this came out, I remember seeing the adverts and thinking it was going to be another great kid’s animation movie, and I was not let-down. It was. However, this is one definitely not like others I’ve seen before, not filled with the comedy and hilarity, but rather more moralistic and drama-like. Although, this was definitely not a bad thing, the mixture was refreshing as it still remained some comedy too.

The Good Dinosaur 3

I must admit this film was so emotional, much more emotional than I thought it was going to be! Not going to lie, I did ball my eyes out… Arlo, the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen on animation, has the worst luck ever! It’s one thing after another, an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you’re having a giggle at some funny part, next, your shocked or horrified by the change of pace. There are some magical, beautiful scenes, and then there are some sad, silent but so meaningful scenes. A lot more meaningful and emotional than I thought it was going to be. But adorable and funny moments throughout to. Especially with the odd hilarious triceratops naming his friends on his horns, for example the Dream-Crusher who stops him from having “unrealistic goals”. It is an emotional rollercoaster where you learn about this young dinosaur and his desperate return to get home. Then his new relationship with the young boy who doesn’t speak however says so much, it is beautiful.

The Good Dinosaur 1

I can’t say this would be a film I would watch over and over again, but I would definitely watch again! It is a beautiful film with comedy and a lovely moral. The bond that is created between boy and dinosaur, one silent but understood perfectly. It’s a wonderful film. Watch this adventure which is one of Arlo learning new life skills and facing fears, all while he grows up and recognises he can do so much more than he ever thought.

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