Psycho (1960)

This has probably got to be one of the classic Hollywood horrors of its era. Probably one of Hitchcock’s most famous films, one where he is pushing the limits of Hollywood in the 60s. Now-a-days it still stands as a great film, cleverly done, well executed and interesting with a murder mystery. However, I probably wouldn’t say it’s fully classed as a horror, as it is more mystery, although it’s traditionally horror and it will stay as that.

Psycho 2

The film is full of mystery and intrigue from the beginning. Marion’s (Janet Leigh) life becomes one of suspicion and temptation when she takes $40,000 and flees with it. On a rainy night, she ends up in the Bates Motel with owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins). After unfortunate events, the Bates Motel becomes more popular than it has for years, bringing in unwanted attention.

The actors and characters are brilliant. Norman Bates is a very interesting character. Even though I thought I knew what happened in the film, I was constantly doubting the characters’ truths. Yes, this was the first time I’d watched it, shamefully because as a graduated film student, this should have been watched years ago… I would definitely recommend others to watch it if you haven’t! I was drawn into the whole film, unable to take my eyes off the screen.

Janet Leigh Screaming in Psycho Shower Scene

‘Psycho’ gets creepy very suddenly. There is quite a long build up, but I think it was effective in creating characters and intrigue, so didn’t feel wasteful. The sound is brilliant. It jumps from very dramatic music, to silence, which is very effective. There were definite moments that were creepy and chilling. Tension built up and I was worried for the characters on screen. It’s a very clever, brilliance of a plot based on the novel by Robert Bloch. Besides, this is the film that generated the iconic shower scene.

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Johnny English returns in a third film of 2018. A Johnny English who hasn’t changed one bit since 2003 when he first hit our screens. I just love that English is only ever referred to when he is the only agent left, and it is the same in this film. National crisis has hit when the British security has been hacked, the only agent they can turn to is one who is retired and now a geography teacher… Johnny English. He is eager as ever, yet as silly in his stupid mistakes, which we recognise as his two main personality traits.

Johnny English Strikes Again 1

Everything loved by the previous two films is brought back in this third. Rowan Atkinson shines as our most determined British spy. Bough (Ben Miller) returns as our most dedicated sidekick in his blind loyalty and “yes sir”s. And humour returns stupid and comical. Finally, our Prime Minister played by the brilliant Emma Thompson, frantic in decisions she has to make. I have to admit, ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ does seem to have a very strong political edge, more than I’ve read in the other films. The Prime Minister in this film seems to echo a message reflecting Britain’s current political state…

Johnny English Strikes Again 3

Johnny English and Bough go on a traditionally old British mission, refusing technology and new cars, English feels the need to hold ground to his old spy days. They embed in car chases with an old loud car and an electric one, but nevertheless English remains strong to his decisions of tear-gassing cyclists in the road and walking up the side of a boat in extremely magnetic shoes. My favourite scene had to be the virtual reality one, where English accidentally leaves the building in a virtual reality state attacking people in the street and crawling across roads, it is classically Johnny English and comical for all audiences.

Johnny English Strikes Again 2

Of course, once again the film is more comedy than action, although there are the scenes with action, that goes tragically wrong, because why wouldn’t it when it’s Johnny English? The whole film is riddled with ironic humour, feel-good giggle moments and light-hearted ridiculously. If you enjoyed the others, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this one too! ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ is a classic Johnny English film, predictable although you don’t watch it for twists and turns. It’s not the most hilarious film I’ve ever seen, but it gets your smiling in the silly mishaps. Poor Johnny English is just a knight in shining armour who just wants to be taken seriously.

Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

This horror is an 18 and for reasons that are all a bit too clear. I would not recommend anyone who is below this age to watch it. I don’t think I was prepared for what we were going to watch, I feel too young to watch this film and I’m definitely over 18. This is not a film to enjoy, which is ok as it is a horror, but it’s a tragic horrible plot line which is heart-breaking and devastating. Although as a film created it is done extremely well to make you feel this way and make you tense up and feel every emotion and agony of the characters.

Incident in a Ghostland 2

A family of a single mother (Mylène Farmer) and her two daughters, Vera (Taylor Hickson) and Beth (Emilia Jones) move into their deceased aunt’s house. When they get there, they discover the house is not what they expected. That night they discover the worst nights of their lives, two people break in and the family are scarred with a rapist and an abuser entering their new homes. Growing up, Beth (now played by Crystal Reed from ‘Teen Wolf’) is haunted by the memories, however has learnt to still have a life with them haunting her, her sister (older played by Anastasia Phillips) although, is quite the opposite.

Incident in a Ghostland 3

The actresses were phenomenal, I think that was a reason I found it so hard-hitting. You felt every emotion of the characters. It is definitely a horror well executed. There is a common theme of creepy dolls which just hold their own strand of horror. But also there are many jumpy scenes and you’re watching with your heart breaking at what has happened to these poor girls. Additionally, the make-up and music are extremely well done in creating the similar feel of the film.

Incident in a Ghostland 1

‘Ghostland’ takes you on a psychological thriller. Because the plot is so disturbing it is hard to watch, it’s definitely not an easy-watch. Not going to lie to you it had me crying my eyes out, it’s really quite horrible. I would 100% say that I couldn’t watch it again, it is psychologically cleverly done, although it’s a bit too horrible to put myself through that again…

2 Broke Girls (2011-2017)

I personally think this comedy show is fabulous. It tells the story of an odd, crazy family at a diner. Well not a real family, a work family. Where insults are thrown around and they all hate their jobs. At the centre of this family are two broke girls, if you couldn’t have guessed. They become unlikely friends and decide a dream to open up a cupcake business is what is going to get them out of the underbelly of Brooklyn.

2 Broke Girls

Max Black (Kat Dennings) is, as she says so many times, dead inside. She doesn’t feel emotions and what mostly comes out of her mouth is insults, or sexual innuendos. She is hilarious! To say she hated her childhood would be an understatement, she’s always using her mother’s alcoholism and her runaway unknown father as a joke butt. She tells it how it is, hilariously but truthfully, and extremely opinionated. She is an extremely strong character, standing up for everything she believes in. Amongst it all, she is caring in her own way and is a great character. She’s the cupcake baker and Caroline uses this to her advantage with a business mind, it’s her idea to create Max’s Homemade Cupcakes and try to bring it to their reality.
2 Broke Girls - Max and Caroline 2

Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) is a posh socialite turned ex-billionaire. When Caroline’s father is discovered for embezzling a lot of money, she loses all her fortune, her mansion, her friends, her rich life. She ends up in a small diner in a sketchy neighbourhood, the one that Max works at. Desperate to not hit rock bottom, she is constantly surprised by little things, like having to do things for herself, waitressing, finding somewhere to live. In an act of kindness, Max lets Caroline move in with her and the unlikely friendship begins. Caroline constantly strives for the best, for working her way up again despite losing everything, but learns so much on the way. But she always does it in high heels and a horse in the garden, literally.

2 Broke Girls - Max and Caroline 3

Then there’s four other characters to make up this bizarre diner family. Firstly the overly sexual chef, Oleg (Jonathan Kite). Anything he says is sexual, literally everything. Then there’s Earl (Garrett Morris), who is the cool suave cashier. He’s just great! Thirdly, Han Lee (Matthew Moy) the boss of the diner and the punch line of so many of Max’s jokes. He tries to assert this authority but it never really works. Lastly, the late comer to the series, Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), the upstairs neighbour of Max and Caroline, who comes down every day to get her cupcake treat. All the characters are so different that they bring something each to the show which is a breath of fresh air and always comical.

And the Not Regular Down There

As you can probably tell this is definitely a comedy for older ages, it’s a 15 for a reason. But regardless, it is hilarious. If you think it would be your comedy (and I do get that it is a comedy of particular taste) then I would definitely recommend. It’s an easy watch 20 minute episodes, that will make you chuckle but also wish for the girls to succeed. Watch as these two broke girls struggle through real life yet odd situations as they try and build their own cupcake business.

Venom (2018)

Marvel is back again with a new movie, a new character, because they’re coming out extremely quickly at the minute. With all the rush of new films, I have actually become a bit bored by the constant craze of Marvel. Although, I have to admit, here I am still going to see the new ones, this one on release date… So there must still be some intrigue that even I can’t shake.

‘Venom’ is brought to our screens and it was not a let-down, I absolutely loved it! I can tell you one good reason why I enjoyed this film so much in two words: Tom Hardy! I am a huge fan of this man anyway, but that doesn’t mean I’m bias, ok it does, but it shouldn’t! He was phenomenal. He plays the main protagonist Eddie Brock, the man who shies away from confrontation but is not afraid to ask for the real truths, that’s until his life comes crashing down, he loses his love, his house and his beloved job. Just to top it all off, in a space mission gone wrong an alien form decides that Eddie’s body is the one that is going to be his new “ride”. This is when Eddie Brock is no longer just Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock becomes Eddie Brock and his alter-ego Venom.

Venom 1

Venom was hilarious. He’s chatty and talks back, tries to dominate but ultimately saves Eddie’s life more than once, although it is his fault he’s in that trouble… He’s sassy and blunt, it really is comical genius. Whether I was supposed to find it that funny is a different question. Eddie and Venom squabble as they are stuck in the same body, Eddie confused about the whole situation and Venom just wanting to eat people. Eddie begins as a lost character, talking to the voices in his head, and soon learning what this form is that has entered his body and the powers that is has actually given to a human being.
Venom 2

The graphics of this film were phenomenal, they brilliantly created amazing action scenes, where human was torn from alien and alien was erupted from human. The car chase in particular was an excellent scene, I was absorbed into the whole film, caught up in the action and thrill of it all. It is quite a long film, but it has so much in it. I would recommend this film, even someone who’s gone off Marvel, this one brought me back. Tom Hardy again is brilliant. Watch as Eddie Brock tries to discover what is happening at the Life Foundation, but ends up discovering a bit too much.

A Simple Favour (2018)

This trailer executed a film full of suspicion and thrilling moments, one full of secrets and mystery. It definitely peaked my interest and want to watch it. Additionally, throw in Anna Kendrick – who I love from ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Trolls’ – and Blake Lively – who is fabulous but also remembered as the scandalous Serena van der Woodson in ‘Gossip Girl’ – and I immediately thought the film couldn’t get much better to get me to watch it. The advertisement for this film seemed everywhere, and eventually I found the time to go to see it in cinema. To so much despair, I was left feeling deflated, underwhelmed and exhausted from sitting so long and enjoying little.

Two mums meet as their sons’ bond, on an unwilling playdate, the women become unlikely friends. Two complete opposite characters. Then one goes missing…

A Simple Favour 2

I spent the whole film waiting for something to happen, for the thing to happen, and I never felt it came. Everything seemed too predictable, or if there was something shocking it wasn’t executed to the shock factor, instead I just found the truth when the main protagonist did; this was so slow, it wasn’t a big reveal, it was a slow recognition. Most of the secrets were actually visually played out with explanation, so again that didn’t help with any secrecy or mystery. I have to admit, there were a few ‘wow, it’s going to get good now!’ moments, but then I was slowly dropped back down again. It seemed like it had a long beginning, but at the same time, one not long enough to be fully explained, and then a long middle and end, an unsatisfactory end.

A Simple Favour 3

It wasn’t all bad! I didn’t mind the characters, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are both great actresses and they played their parts well. Although I think we found out a bit too much of Blake Lively’s character, but the right amount of Anna Kendrick’s, even if I didn’t want to know… They were characters that felt quite real even if messed up in their own lives. Additionally, I loved the costumes, all clothing seemed perfect to all of the scenes, to add to their characters, to add to their personalities. And to add to the genre and potential suspicion. Along with this, was also the brilliance of the music, it again added to the scenes extremely well.


As a whole, I think I just expected a lot more than what was actually there. With such a brilliantly open trailer there was so much for the mind to ponder over, but the imagination from the trailer almost ruined the film as it was lacking. The film also has a lot of swearing and some sexual scenes, so it’s definitely a film for older ages. Overall, I was let-down.