Step Brothers (2008)

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly – it’s safe to say this is not a film of my humour. Apparently one of the top 100 films according to my new bucket film list poster, so I thought I’d give it a watch. I don’t think I’ll be watching it again. Sorry.

When Brennan’s mother marries Dale’s father, the family join together. A happily newly married couple and their forty-year-old sons who never moved out. Rivalry kicks up straight away as they declare hatred as the men fight and argue over having to live together. Their war comes to an end with a mutual hatred of another, but will that be enough to save a family who’s been through a lot? I have to admit, I completely understand their mutual hatred, as I had the same feeling straight away.

step brothers 1

The humour is classic Will Ferrell, rude and stupid. The whole film was just so stupid, there were escalations to the max, that were so unrelatable and crazy it was just bonkers. I guess this is obviously on purpose, but I just don’t seem to get it. Don’t get me wrong, I did laugh at some points, but other parts which were supposed to be funny, I was more baffled by the weirdness and randomness. The new step brothers ironically behave as young children, as that is what they are symbolising however have grown up but not in maturity. The whole irony is definitely a common thread of comedy in the film as the men act like you’ve not seen before. They strop and fight, sleepwalk and demand everything.

step brothers 2

The characters are played well obviously, it’s Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. I just didn’t love the concept of the film and couldn’t find the humour. But then again, many declare the film hilarious. I disagree. Maybe give it a watch if the stupid rude comedy if what you enjoy, because it hits the nail on the head with that category!

Another Cinderella Story (2008)

Before the 2011 ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song’, the same director made this 2008 film, ‘Another Cinderella Story’, but instead of Lucy Hale, this one stars Selena Gomez. And you can see so many similarities between these two films, just if you’ve seen one rather than the other. But anyway, this film is based more upon the earlier Damon Santostefano film of the two. I have to be honest, this isn’t my favourite film and definitely not my favourite Disney remake. I do prefer ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song’.

So another representation of the ‘Cinderella’ remake. This time, instead of a shoe that’s being chased by the male protagonist, it’s a dance partner, his perfect dance partner, that he (obviously) met at a masked ball. The main girl, Selena Gomez playing teenage Mary, dreaming to become a professional dancer. But the woman who adopted her, Dominque (played by Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester from ‘Glee’), she wants Mary to serve her hand and foot by doing anything she says. Plot twist, Dominque is a star herself, or so wants to be, so she has her own involvement with the main guy, different to ‘Cinderella’ I might add (even if the main guy doesn’t want involvement with Dominque). The main guy anyway, Joey Parker (Drew Seeley), a famous (and apparently loved by all girls) artist, a singer, but most importantly a dancer. Well the plot goes, he returns to school, which creates havoc, but he returns to “find himself again”, the person to help? Of course, Mary!

another cinderella story - mary and tami

A pre warning, this is definitely one of those cheesy chick-flicks. And possibly a bit of a crap one, it’s not the best, but hey I’ve watched it more than once… Sadly, it’s not the best acting, but it’s still ok. It doesn’t take much away from the film. I do want to say though Jane Lynch is brilliant, she is hilarious in it, quite alike to her ‘Glee’ character I might have to add, rude and harsh but in a funny way, she plays that sort of character well. I was quite enjoying this film, until my flat mate decided to google how old everyone was in it at the time it was made (noticing Selena Gomez looks incredibly young), and well to be honest it kind of ruined it. So thanks Becky!

another cinderella story

It’s another cheesy teen movie, soppy and predictable but a good time-waster and escapism (that’s if you like these sorts of films – if not, stay away!). It’s another Cinderella, with some good dance scenes and some funny moments. Selena Gomez is a good dancer, so why not put her in a dance movie?

Die Hard (1988)

One of the classic action films, right? I’ve finally watched it! After watching five series of Jake Peralta in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ claim this is the best cop movie, thought it was time to see if I could understand what he was going on about in all the references. Is that sad?

At Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve, a party is underway celebrating the holidays and the recent success of the business. An New York Police Officer is caught up in the night when he goes to visit his estranged wife. A night that goes terribly wrong when terrorists claim the building theirs, including the $600 million in a vault. Hostages are taken, the officer goes under the radar, leaving it to be him against all the terrorists, one man against the world.

die hard 2

You probably know that the main character, the police officer, John McClane, is the one and only Bruce Willis, in one of this most famous action movies. He is brilliant in this film, his acting down to a T as you wouldn’t expect anything different. He is a character that talks to himself a lot, random things too. His enemy of the night, the lead terrorist played by the excellent Alan Rickman. Although, I feel his accent was a bit jumpy from English to German… But never going to say anything against this brilliant actor.

The plot is an interesting one, and I have different opinions about it. Firstly, the action scenes are classic, they are fun and exciting, there are also many tense moments. Although, there are many talk moments, moments slow and a bit wishy washy. It’s quite a slow beginning to actually get going with the plot. This goes along with it being quite a long film, it’s over two hours, so there is a lot of talking moments. We, as the audience, definitely know the most on screen. By the end, it actually feels like quite a clever plot, the storyline does get creative by the end. It’s definitely a plot that paints the ‘good guys’ are quite negative, it’s John McClane and John McClane only.

die hard 1

I stand by this film not being a Christmas film. Just because it is set at Christmas doesn’t mean it’s a Christmas film. It doesn’t reach Christmas day, the whole film is on Christmas Eve, and there are the few Christmas songs. I would personally just say it’s an action film, one classic from the 1980s. And it’s not terrible, obviously it’s not. I just felt I was caught up in the action with exciting scenes, and the wishy-washy talking moments just felt like they dragged. But overall, it wasn’t bad!

Killing Eve (2018 – )

New BBC show based on the Villanelle books by Luke Jennings. After all the hype died down over this show, I finally decided to watch it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH? It was amazing. Twenty minutes into the first episode and I was hooked, absorbed into this MI5 life.

The two main characters are magnificent. They are both complicated, yet so interesting, women: Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Both actresses play their characters phenomenally, you become absorbed into their lives, wanting to know more and more about each character. So to begin with, Villanelle, the psychopath. She’s brilliant, unpredictable and ruthless. But somehow she becomes a character to adore watching. You want to know more and more about her, her past is a mystery. She has no emotions, or that’s what she wants us to think. Her comments and outrageous behaviour are brilliantly portrayed, even funny at times. Even the hilarity in her bluntness of honesty.

killing eve - villanelle

Secondly, Eve, the woman tracking her. Eve feels very real and relatable, rather than relating to the psychopath on screen. At her job in MI5, she is the only one that believes a string of murders are done by the same person, a woman, which is one thing she is clear on. Eve, with an obsession with female psychopaths, becomes addicted to knowing more about this supposed woman. A woman we’ve already met and know, Villanelle.

killing eve - eve

The show is serious, thrilling at times, and deathly frightening for all characters. You become worried for every character, especially with the unpredictability of Villanelle. However, it’s also amusing, there are times I found myself actually giggling which in a show such as this I didn’t expect. ‘Killing Eve’ feels very human, relatable in some way, it just feels realistic. We travel around the world, flipping from Eve’s life to Villanelle’s. We seem to know most on screen in that moment, but at the same time we know so little to everything in the background. There are also some other characters to love on screen from each life, new characters to delve into.

killing eve - eve and villanelle

It was a great new binge-watch and I can’t wait for season two. It’ll definitely be top on my list to watch when it is released. If you haven’t watched it, I would definitely give a watch!


Season two has now been released, find my review on it here!

Peter Rabbit (2018)

I love James Corden, but I’m a bit put off by the amount of animations he’s doing, his voice is so significant and recognisable I feel it destroys the character his voice is portraying. I feel this true to ‘Smallfoot’, although happily, it wasn’t too bad in ‘Peter Rabbit’. I actually enjoyed this film, even if I had my doubts.

peter rabbit 1

Based on the children’s books by Beatrix Potter, this movie follows the tale of Peter Rabbit (James Corden), a mischievous and rebellious rabbit and his family, cousin Benjamin Bunny (Colin Moody), and sisters, Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki) and Cotton-Tail (Daisy Ridley). Even though this is an animation, the rabbits are so adorable! They are fabulous little creatures to watch a film based around. The story goes: Peter is adamant that old McGregor’s garden belongs to the wildlife, including all the vegetables he’s growing. However, it’s made slightly harder when a younger McGregor comes along, determined to keep the rabbits out with electric fences and explosives. A comical war begins. But that’s only further complicated when the rabbits’ strongest ally is influenced by this Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson).

peter rabbit 2

I really did enjoy this film, it’s fun and creative. I also love the connections to Beatrix Potter and the beautiful drawings of the classic rabbits and other wildlife. It’s not only the rabbits brought to life, of course we have the hedgehog and an hilarious pig, including a cockerel that truly got me laughing. Oh and I cannot forget the badger who cannot hide. They are all excellent characters with their own fun personalities that bring the tales to life. Benjamin Bunny has to be my favourite character, he’s trusty-worthy and character flaw of following Peter Rabbit no matter what is heart-warming. Additionally, there’s some brilliant tunes throughout. Why not give it a watch? It’s in a people world with animated wildlife brought to life from Beatrix Potter’s tales. An enjoyable story, fun but also meaningful.

The IT Crowd (2006-2013)

‘The IT Crowd’ is a brilliantly British show, one that is hilarious and one that I always return to for a quick easy watch that guarantees to make me giggle. The show is set in the middle of London, in one of the top industries, Reynholm Industries, right down in the Basement into the IT Department. We hysterically follow the unfortunate lives of Roy (Chris O’Dowd), Moss (Richard Ayoade) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson). Who constantly have hilarious, yet odd things happen to them on a day-to-day basis.

The IT Crowd 2

Over five series we get to know these brilliant characters. The boss in episode one, describes our beloved characters as “standard nerds”. So here we go. Firstly, Roy, who, lazy and pretty much angry at everything, helps the staff of Reynholm Industries by asking one simple question: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Secondly, Moss who doesn’t quite understand social situations. He’s awkward but by far the best character. Whether it’s his panic that he’s late or going to be told off, or even his complete misunderstanding of a lot of situations. His knowledge excels in electronics and computers, overly technical when helping customers of the industry. If you’ve ever seen the comedian Richard Ayoade then you’ll understand exactly his blunt comedy. Finally, the last of the trio, Jen, the “Relationship Manager”. After the boys discover she’s their new manager having no knowledge of computers, she is designated as the People Manager to make Roy and Moss more “people people”, whether this is successful is a different question… Usually not, hilariously unsuccessful.

The IT Crowd 1

There are some classically, hilarious, memorable scenes of this television programme. Ones that always stick in mind is the change in Emergency Services, the ironic humour is brilliant. Or the episode where Roy is petrified of balloons. Even the episode where Roy is told exactly when he is going to die, down to the second. Maybe the episode where Moss finally stands up to his bullies. I could name so many more! All episodes are equally as great as each other. They all bring something different yet cannot not make you laugh with this excellent trio. The humour is witty, ironic, classic. ‘The IT Crowd’ is just an easy watching show, that puts a smile on faces.

Psych: The Movie (2017)

When I eventually found this somewhere I could watch, I could not contain my excitement. I love ‘Psych’ the TV show, so much. I fell in love with the show and binge-watched it so quick. So when I got an email to say that I might be interested in watching ‘Psych: The Movie’ on Now TV, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Watched it straight away. If you haven’t seen the programme, a lot of this film may not make sense. You wouldn’t understand the character build up or some of the plot. It could be watched as a comedy mystery alone, but it’s so much better with the nostalgia of the television series. This film follows three years on from the last season of ‘Psych’ in 2014, building on things that have happened in those years of the programme or the three years in between that we have missed.

Psych the Movie - Shawn and Gus

Full of the nostalgia from the programme, the film brought all the favourites back. Starting with the beloved Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton Guster, aka Gus (Dulé Hill). Their friendship fabulous as ever, hilarious and trusting. Then we have Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson) returning, still in the loving relationship (one of my favourite TV relationships) with Shawn. Although, I do feel it was lacking slightly, but that can all be forgiven by the end. The Chief, Karen Vick (Kirsten Nelson), also makes a big return in the film as O’Hara’s boss like the series ended. Sadly, Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) doesn’t make the return I quite so hoped, meaning hardly any return. I did miss Lassiter and Shawn’s constant competitive bickering and arguing. There is also the return of many other characters, but I don’t want to ruin it all!

Psych: The Movie - 2017

Around the Christmas holidays, the whole gang are brought back together when a case becomes a bit too close to home, targeting one of them. Yes it is around the Christmas holidays, and there are a few Christmas trees and a few Christmas songs, however I wouldn’t say it’s a Christmas film! Because that means it only limits me to watching it in December… Besides, Christmas Day isn’t present in the film! It’s a comedy mystery through and through, just like the TV series.

Psych the Movie - Shawn and Gus 2

‘Psych: The Movie’ got me giggling throughout, whether it’s Shawn and Gus’ iconic friendship, where pretty much everything scares them, or maybe even Shawn’s false sense that he can do everything. We cannot forget Shawn’s brilliant ‘wait for iiiiit’ that has to repeat in the film. Additionally, will Gus find a true love in this film? With modern references, the film captures the old and new. It’s a film that is full of nostalgia from the television show, but also bringing in a new mystery to solve, intriguing and a little spooky at times. But all the while, fun with our Psych cast.

White Chicks (2004)

This is a film not like any others. It’s not a film to be taken seriously, and it’s of a particular humour. It’s one that splits the crowds, I think it’s hilarious, my boyfriend thought it was utter rubbish. Guess it’s one of those films. Starring the Wayans brothers, it follows humour such as the ‘Scary Movie’s. Satire comedy, stupid, ironic, yet hilarious. Sometimes really cringey.

White Chicks 1

Two FBI agents under heat from their boss, want to get back into the good books. They force their way onto a kidnapping case, involving potential victims, Beverley Hills stereotypical rich blonde girls: the Wilson twins. When there’s an issue and the girls refuse to go on their Hampton weekend, the FBI agents think of one option that may escape their being-fired state: they will pretend to be Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. And so they enter the stereotypical life of rich girls, of shopping and modelling, of backstabbing and sleepovers. And of being hit on by various men… But can they keep their secret life hidden for the whole weekend while solving the case?

Like I said, it’s not a comedy that is taken seriously. Throughout, the men constantly forget they are supposed to be these women; charging after a bag stolen from them or dancing with flips and break-dancing. There is an issue of stereotypes, from every angle. But it’s not to be taken seriously. There is everything to laugh at, with the silly comments or the irony of opposing genders. It has very memorable moments in this film, especially the iconic ‘A Thousand Miles’ song.

White Chicks 2

‘White Chicks’ is filled with comedy throughout, but also embedded with some action and the thread of an FBI case underway. It is for older ages, because there are some inappropriate scenes, although the Netflix version does skip some of these out. Although, it gets the audience laughing along, with stupidity and hilarity. But as I’ve previously said, it’s a film of particular taste, you may hate it, or it may get you laughing in the uniqueness of the Wayans’ films.

Back to the Future (1985)

Took me a long time to see this movie for the first time! Call myself a film blogger and I see ‘Back to the Future’ for the first time at 21… Shameful! Not to worry, because now I have seen it! Even though it is one of those classics, I still was shocked at what was going to happen. It’s not one of those films that even though you haven’t seen it, you know everything that happens, because all I knew was that they went back in time. Of course, that is true, they go back to November 5th 1955: 30 years before.

Back to the Future 2

Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) was warned to stay away from the “crazy” doc, Dr Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), as he delves into wacky inventions. But Marty soon discovers that the Dr has sussed something brilliant: time travel! In a mass of worry and craziness, Marty McFly ends up travelling back 30 years before he was born, all the way back to when his parents were in high school. Things soon become clear of his parents’ past, but repercussions of Marty’s influence in 1955 starts taking effect in 1985. The goal is to get back to 1985, when Marty can return to his own life in Hill Valley.

The graphics are of 1985, don’t be expecting 21st century graphics because that just didn’t exist! They are good for what they are, and perhaps nostalgic. They create the classic feel of the movie, with the burning floor after the car has vanished. I do have to admit, the first gets extremely OTT by the end, all so very dramatic. But who cares? It’s a classic right, you need that dramatic build up. Will they, won’t they? Will Marty get back to the future?

Back to the Future 1

The actors are brilliant as you are taken back into the past. It actually took me a while to realise they were the same actors past and present, but I think that was just me being stupid. I was lost in the make-up and make-believe. You do get lost into this 1955 Hill Valley. It’s a great escapism film, enjoyable and fun. It did have some shocking moments, I didn’t think were going to happen, it wasn’t a film I could predict all the way through, which was a breath of fresh air. ‘Back to the Future’: classic as it stands, and classic is shall stay.