Instant Family (2019)

‘Instant Family’ follows the real-life story of a couple who, in a snap decision, decide to adopt from the foster-care system. The film follows a comical, fast-pace, enjoyable film of a new family. Initially, wanting to adopt a child, they end up fostering a teenager and two other younger siblings. The family fly through the ‘honeymoon phase’ as the new happy family, to crash and hit the realistic struggles these children have gone through and the hardship of entering a different family. The parents hit the realities and struggles of new parenthood and the worries of replacing parents they already have.

Instant Family 1

I really enjoyed this film. The actors and actresses are all phenomenal. With Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne at the centre, they execute the plot line brilliantly. I also loved that it was a film that could go anywhere, I couldn’t predict what was going to happen and I was happy to go along with the rollercoaster. The whole film feels very realistic with understandable struggles. But not to worry, it also captures the comedy well and makes a heart-warming, sweet film. The movie got me giggling at quite a lot of moments. Wahlberg and Byrne bounce off each other in such an excellent comical way, they add a lot to the film. As do the social workers at the foster-care orientation and social support groups, particularly Karen (Octavia Spencer) who was a great character.

Instant Family

The children are brilliant in the film: Lizzy (Isabela Moner), Juan (Gustavo Quiroz) and Lita (Julianna Gamiz). Lizzy seems to be more of the centre of the film, the 15-year-old who has adapted to the mother of her two younger siblings. She is the one who finds it the hardest to adapt into a different family, feeling unloved and alone. Then, there’s Juan, an overly sensitive boy, who seems to spend most of the film worried or crying. However, he is the source of some comical moments and he is a great character to watch. Finally, Lita, the youngest of them all. Very stubborn and loud, Lita only wants to eat crisps and nothing else. Being the sole main reason of the film, they really add some genuine and real struggles for children and the realities of some foster children’s backgrounds.

Instant Family 2

‘Instant Family’ is a thoroughly enjoyable film. As I said before, extremely fast-pace, I was a little confused at the beginning of who people were and where they are, but soon enough these sort of things don’t matter and I understand why time wasn’t spent on it to clarify. Instead, the film is about a new family and the adjustments they are having to make. In a loving, chaotic adventure a family try to join as one, but with rejections and difficulties along the way, you’ll enjoy the ride as a normal comical family appears.

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