Dead to Me (2019 – )

Well this new TV show didn’t take long to finish at all… One season, 10 episodes, one sitting, one day: easy. From the first episode, I was hooked, I had to keep watching till the end, desperate to know what was going to happen, desperate to uncover all the secrets. It’s such an interesting, shocking programme. Brilliant from beginning to end. Truly with a phenomenal cast, the entire season was just excellent in every element.

Dead to Me

So, if you haven’t seen the wide advertising Netflix does so well, then here’s a quick plot. Jen’s life has become a downward spiral ever since her husband was violently murdered in a hit and run. Since then, she’s become a widow and single mother to her two sons. Her response for grief is anger and wine. However, she does start to try and make way for life again when she going to a grief counselling. In this meeting she meets another grieving woman, Judy. Amongst all the loss and hatred the women hold, they soon become unlikely friends as they try to piece together what happened three months before and finally come to grips with their losses.

Apparently described as a comedy – I don’t really get it. There were parts of the programme that made me smile, but I feel like I was invested into the drama significantly more. My face wasn’t really a constant grin but rather jaw-dropped from the twists and turns this show takes you on. You can’t help but watch the next episode when you’re left stunned and speechless at the end.

The two protagonists of the show have to be mentioned as they are both incredible. Firstly, as the heartbroken widow, Jen, is Christina Applegate. She is absolutely outstanding in her role of damage and anger. Then there’s Linda Cardellini (who I always remember as Velma from ‘Scooby-Doo The Movie’) as Judy, the supporting friend with way to many secrets locked away. The roles these stars become is remarkable and really brings the whole show to life.

Dead to Me 1

I would definitely recommend this new binge-watch. It doesn’t take long and becomes an interest for a day. So much happens as you become warped into these two women’s lives, invested to learn all the secrets and uncover what is going to happen. Just a quick note: the programme is a 15 as it does involve drugs, sex and swearing. Nevertheless, ‘Dead to Me’ was such a change of pace from the programmes I usually watch and was so refreshingly different, I couldn’t stop watching – that was until Netflix announced that there were no more episodes left for me to watch. Give it a go, I promise you’ll be hooked straight away!


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