Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

A reunited 2019 film of Fat Amy and Bumper from ‘Pitch Perfect’. Then with Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine, throw in Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra. ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ tells the story of a romance comedy hater, but soon she finds herself unconscious, waking up in her own romantic comedy movie. With all the clichés and the whole plot line exposed by the main character at the start of the film, Natalie (Rebel Wilson) sings in her own musical number, has her own personal inner-narration, and lives in a beautiful city which only smells of lavender. These are all the styles of a classic romcom, although at the centre is a woman trapped in desperate need to find her way out of this parallel universe, however the only way to do that is to play out the movie the way it must entail.

Isnt it Romantic 2

All the actors and actresses of this ironic film are brilliant, they are fun and creative, in the same way as predictable and common as all romcoms. Nevertheless, its own twist is enjoyable and can’t not put a smile on your face. It’s a mix of cheesiness and cringyness, but adorable scenes with hilarity as well. Everything classic romcoms have.

Natalie has a pessimistic view on the world, she’s bossed around in her job and walked all over by the people around her. But when her friend, Whitney (Betty Gilpin), states she must be more open, the next guy that smiles at Natalie, instead wants to rob her. In a mugging, Natalie ends up running into a wall and wakes up in a bright pink hospital room. This is where she ends up in a parallel universe that is only a nightmare for our main protagonist. She finds that her neighbour hilariously shows up anywhere in need; her best friend Josh (Adam Devine) finds a love interest of his own; and men in the street are telling her how beautiful she is, no matter her screaming and detest to it all, this including one man in particular, Blake (Liam Hemsworth), the extremely handsome billionaire. Natalie is now in her own romcom, which she believed to never have come true – even though she doesn’t want it.

Isnt it Romantic 1

This is just a feel-good movie! There is a lot of cheesy scenes, but isn’t that what makes this classic romcom? It’s simple, easy-going film which is fun to watch for the hour and a half that it is. Rebel Wilson is brilliant as the main protagonist, hilarious as usual! The dance numbers, even if surprising to begin with, are cleverly enjoyable in a mix of ‘what am I watching’ and ‘why is this song now stuck in my head’. Natalie’s version of ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ is an excellent example in this film, epically musical and fun, but cringey from start to finish, but why not just smile and enjoy? If you hate a romcom, you’ll hate this, because it’s romcom turned up to volume 100 with overexaggerated uses in irony and comedy. If you are a fan, then watch for the sheer joy of a romcom using all clichés they possibly can! Will Natalie ever return to her old life, or will the romcom ending just be too good to leave?


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