Criminal: Spain (2019)

The second country and series segment of three in ‘Criminal’ to be explored, travels to Spain.

Criminal Spain Episode 1

To kick off the interviews in Spain is Isabel. A woman who seems all too happy to talk about what she wants to talk about, but rather confused when the real questions start to get asked. This episode shows a darker side of the detectives – something that hasn’t yet been seen amongst the UK. The detectives, well mostly one, go to extreme measures to finally get the truth out of this woman something quite harsh in my opinion. A dislike is easily placed onto the lap of one detective from the audience, which takes away from the tension of the interrogations.

Criminal Spain Episode 2

Secondly in Spain: Carmen. Carmen’s response is predominantly “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember”. Therefore, the interviewees spend their time trying to crack through her nervous, scared shell. This episode holds a lot of emotion and deep meanings, even when truths are revealed there is more in the story until the very end. It’s a heart-breaking story that I didn’t see coming, really making the audience feel for the suspect as a victim herself. I personally think this episode is the best in Spain.

Criminal Spain Episode 3

The final is Carmelo. Following a darker element in the police, this episode seems to explore the desperation and tension between the detectives instead. A lie is built at the beginning of the episode, it doesn’t seem right straight away from the police, nevertheless they run with the lie to pin down a criminal they’ve been chasing for years. This episode is very much revolving around corruption and irritation of doing the job wrong from the chief inspector. This series seems to reflect a darker side to interrogation rooms, a manipulation that isn’t enjoyed to be watched – rather different from the UK series, Spain seems to reflect more of corruption on both sides of the table. This made it hard to watch and gives a difficulty in liking the characters, instead more sorrow is put onto the suspects and the tables have completely turned.

The United Kingdom definitely tops this series so far! Sadly, Spain wasn’t as nearly as good as the UK series.

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