Criminal: Germany (2019)

The third country in ‘Criminal’ I jumped to was Germany.

Criminal Germany Episode 1

The first suspect is Jochen. Asked to come in under false pretences, Jochen becomes extremely defensive when the police discover a body has been dug up from 1991 and their prime suspect is nonother than Jochen himself. Nearly 30 years prior is returned to memory as the detectives try to uncover who killed this buried man. This episode is a very interesting case, accusations are thrown around and Jochen becomes masked in defensive yet revealing tales. It’s an intriguing and fascinating beginning to the suspects in Germany, while more is discovered about the detectives in this interrogation room.

Criminal Germany Episode 2

Episode two explores the suspect of Yilmaz. After Yilmaz’s wife fell down the stairs, the detectives suspect there is more to the story than a simple fall. With an expensive lawyer on his side, all Yilmaz does is sit in silence as his lawyer speaks for him to the detective’s irritation. This episode is very one-sided with the suspect suspended in silence as the detective talks at him. Truly a great episode this one, heart-breaking in its raw reality of victims.

Criminal Germany Episode 3

Lastly, suspect number three is Claudia. From straight off, this woman seems rich in criminality and that is clarified when we discover this suspect is already a convicted murderer and kidnapper of six young girls. This episode is one of the best in the series, I believe. It ends the Germany series off exceptionally with a grand end. The episode is heart-wrenching and desperate, full of tension and risk throughout. There is a strong claustrophobic feel in this interrogation room, especially when you forget about everyone else around and the focus is only drawn on the interviewee and the criminal. This episode also holds a sense of urgency as detectives are desperate in finding one of the victims never found yet murdered and buried twenty years prior. But Claudia won’t give up this information without something in return.

In Germany, ‘Criminal’ is a great series. These suspects are all so unique and are executed phenomenally well. Every episode holds its own merit and adds up to a brilliant series.

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