Abominable (2019)

I do love an animation – anyone that says that animations are only for children don’t know anything. In China, young Yi (Chloe Bennet) spends her life very busy during her Summer holidays, until she finds a yeti on her roof – yep, a yeti.

Abominable 1

These magical creatures have been living in a world where their existence is unknown, but sadly this young yeti has been captured. In a manic quick escape from the get-go of the film beginning, he ends up in a busy city in China where he finds solace staring at a sign of Mount Everest – his home. Yi and two friends, Peng (Albert Tsai) and Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor), venture on a journey to return this yeti back to his home. Their bond between the teenagers and the yeti is wonderful, cute and hilarious.

Abominable 3

‘Abominable’ is a film riddled with meaning, just alike to so many other animations. This animation screams the meaning of family. But it doesn’t feel overdone, it’s perfect in its meaning. With a yeti that doesn’t speak but says so much at the same time and Yi having a complicated present, they find each other at the perfect time for this magical story.

All the meanwhile, the yeti is being hunted down and wanted into captivity once again. This seems to be another theme of the movie – a subtle hint to look after our animals, to look after our planet. In its own beautiful way, the yeti needs looking after, needs to stay in its home – but the film is adventurous and creative in its execution where this doesn’t feel forced.

Abominable 2

This film is magical and wonderful. Is it going to break film history? Probably not. But it is still an enjoyable film in all of its magic and comedy. The yeti is adorable and lovable. The film did make me giggle, sometimes in its random bizarreness, others in its actual hilarity. The adventure is loving and full of meaning with the perfect amount of comedy.

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