Criminal: France (2019)

Finally, to end this anthology ‘Criminal’ series off is travelling to France.

Criminal France Episode 1

Émilie is our first suspect in episode one. In a hideous, terrifying terrorist attack one woman has stayed outspoken about the horrors, helping the other victims there. However, the police suspect that a lie is behind all of Émilie’s protests and social media outcries. Émilie is forced to retell what happened that night over and over again as she becomes emotional by the reminder of her boyfriend’s death. Meanwhile, the detectives on the other side of the table ask her to replay the events every time as they consider whether she was actually there at all. As a new country introduced, we also start to get to know the new team behind the interviewing, to kick the first episode off there’s clear tension but ultimately seem an interesting team to watch for the next few episodes.

Criminal France Episode 2

In episode two, we turn to Caroline as the suspect. This story was a bit of a boring one. There seems to be a lot of animosity within the police team and this element has become more of the tale in this series rather than the solving of crimes and the interviewing of suspects. By the end of the interrogation, there didn’t seem to be much of a conclusion. Instead, we are left with the chief inspector who we are more concerned about again changing the course of the series away from the interview room. Additionally, there’s an extremely irritating detective who is unbearably hot-headed that it just seems unnatural that she’s revolved in this process, the only thing she does it blow up scenes and again defect away from the interesting cases of the series. Bit of a shame, this episode.

Criminal France Episode 3

Lastly, Jérôme comes in as the third suspect ending the twelve suspects across all segments. This is the best episode of France. Tackling such an important problem, this episode explores a hate crime which should never exist. Jérôme is the suspect of a murder where a man was horrifically beaten to death for being who he is. This episode entangles in the detectives fighting for the truth having no clue where the interview is heading. The balance has returned between the importance of the interrogation and the detectives’ squabbles, particularly with a nice summarising end to the issues from episode two. This episode definitely redeemed the series ending with a lot more potential.

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