Knives Out (2019)

With a star line-up including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans (aka Captain America), Jamie Lee Curtis and even Katherine Langford from ‘13 Reasons Why’, how can this film not peak interest? An interesting plot following the classic tale of a whodunnit but with quirky differences and a feel that anyone could have been the suspect in this murder case.


‘Knives Out’ has such a modern flavour running throughout the whole film – crime, drama, comedy, mystery and a thriller – a bit of everything thrown into one unique film. You would presume a classic plotline; firstly, find there has been a murder, a detective comes to the case and interviews begin, all leading to the final end where the big reveal eventually comes to light. A classic Agatha Christie plotline, as we’ve seen numerous times before from Poirot or Miss Marple. Where ‘Knives Out’ follows this significant pattern to a T, the middle is somewhat flooded with difference, which only leads to more intrigue. I actually felt quite deflated at one point feeling the film had nowhere else to go – but I was so wrong! The film knew exactly what tricks to play to keep the audience guessing at every single word told on screen.

In front of a spiral of knives, the detectives interview the suspects. Behind the detectives someone creeps in the shadows, he soon comes to light stepping forwards as PI Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the audience quickly catch on that this is the man who is to uncover the truth at what happened the night of the father-of-the-household’s birthday party, the night he apparently committed suicide. The characters are brilliant, all so different and interesting in their own way. It’s a quick discovery that all are willing to lie giving them all motive to kill their father. The film unravels and unravels, where the audience are convinced by a successful conclusion to be tricked and landed back into confusion.

Knives Out - Jamie Lee Curtis

‘Knives Out’ is such a clever, unique film. Light comedy launched into segments makes the audience chuckle while they are still intrigued by what completely happened that night. The downfall would be Daniel Craig’s accent, which is definitely a shock when first heard. Nevertheless, I would recommend this film as something new and different, while returning to a classically beloved whodunnit.

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