Big Hero 6 (2014)

Disney Classic no. 53, another Disney film. In a world of advanced technology, we venture into the scientific brain of young Hiro. When a villain erupts into the city of San Fransokyo, a group of high-tech heroes band together including young Hiro and an unlikely friend, a robot named Baymax.

Big Hero Six
I personally think Baymax is the highlight of the entire film. This inflatable robot gets me into fits of giggles. The simplicity of just pointing out the obvious is classic. Or him learning of what a fist bump is and getting it tragically wrong. Or even better the hilarious moment when the poor robot has low battery. I adore this robot, made to help the people around him, he is the centre of the show who brings the comedy and the tears. Without this cuddly robot that just wants to do good, the film wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing as it is.

‘Big Hero 6’, alike to many Disney films, has a much deeper meaning across the film. This Disney Classic does not follow the route of the hero doing everything correctly, instead it proposes the opposite. The underlining theme of this film is grief – the hurt, loss and anger. Within tackling such strong emotions, the film is so clever in creating sadness and laughter.

Big Hero Six
Overall, I believe ‘Big Hero 6’ to be yet another fantastic Disney Classic. The film explodes with technological heroes saving the world, along with sci-fi elements of advanced scientific knowledge. I can’t really explain when this film is set but it does seem futuristic – particularly with the robot. There’s action and adventure, also comedy which does make me laugh out loud. Finally, there are moments of heart-breaking sadness – yes it’s another film I cry in… If I’ve not given enough reasons to add this film to the watchlist, then just watch for Baymax!

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