Saw II (2005)

There are many ‘Saw’ films in this horror gore franchise. After reviewing the first and original ‘Saw’ movie (click to view) with the introduction of the man who captures people to play games for survival, the next obvious choice was to turn to the second. This time we’re not in full cooperation with the people playing the game to begin with, instead our focus is towards the killer himself, being captured by the police yet still in all control.

When the mastermind behind all the dreadful killings is finally captured, the police are eager to put this villain in his place. However, he states rather quickly that he only wants to discuss with one Detective in particular and that he must now play along with the game. Meanwhile, he also reveals that he already has his selection of victims trapped in a house in the middle of a game. Therefore, this time we watch as two games unfold. The game in the house, as sadistic as it is, is played by these rules: the group have been breathing in a deadly poison and to survive they must obtain one of the few antidotes scattered around the house. The audience are forced to watch as the group become crazed and ill driven to do anything to gain an antidote and save themselves.

The ‘Saw’ movies are known for their gore and horror. This one is no different from the rest. This second film actually has many connections and hints to the first film, which adds to the franchise feel of the films. ‘Saw’ movies should also be known for their revelations and twists in the end. ‘Saw II’ once again follows the desperate emotions of humans and their drive to survive, but also follows a mastermind who has thought everything through to play a game so disturbing but clever in its complex solutions.

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