Lady Bird (2017)

I thought it was about time for me to see this film. Since having won multiple awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress at the Golden Globes, ‘Lady Bird’ seems to still be remembered and flittering around as a great film. I actually didn’t realise it was as old as it was. Nevertheless, it was time to watch and review so here goes…

A coming of age drama about a seventeen-year-old girl who insists on being called Lady Bird (played by the fantastic Saoirse Ronan). The film follows Lady Bird in her normal day-to-day life. Her feisty personality takes her on a rollercoaster for her final year in school. She is a definitely a character who is relatable and realistic – she’s not someone to automatically think everything she does is right. Her experiences are relatable to any other teenager. She struggles to find her place, fighting against her path made for her. She struggles with her first love and the truth of what a friend is. Alongside this, she struggles at home, constantly in arguments with her mum, but never understanding the difficulties her parents are also facing. Lady Bird fights to be someone she is not and does everything she can to get out of Sacramento.

The acting is phenomenal in this film, you believe all of the characters. Saoirse Ronan is brilliant as the main protagonist; it is understandable she won a Golden Globe for her acting. The mother of the film, played by Laurie Metcalf, is also fantastic. Her complicated character is fascinating to watch. You can definitely feel all of the emotion on screen. ‘Lady Bird’ portrays a lot of emotion of struggle and reality, there’s drama and there’s some comedy. I wouldn’t say this film is a comedy, but there are elements to make you smile and giggle along with the characters growing up. Just a small note, due to drug use, sex references and swearing, this film is a 15 for reason.

‘Lady Bird’ is a film beautifully made; every element feels so realistic. The ups and downs of life. The flawed characters. The struggles, the desires, the pain. Is ‘Lady Bird’ the best film I’ve ever seen in my life? No. But it’s just a beautiful escapism for an hour and a half – to get to know different characters, to watch the journey of Lady Bird.

2 thoughts on “Lady Bird (2017)

  1. Screen Idle says:

    I was really taken with this film. Utterly believed in the mother/daughter relationship. And can we just please give Saoirse an Oscar and have done now. My assumption is that the only reason she hasn’t got an Oscar yet is because the Academy is afraid of pronouncing her name wrong.

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