Rock of Ages (2012)

A musical set in 1987 Hollywood, Los Angeles. With four plotlines carrying the film, it’s easy to follow as they intertwine with each other only enhancing the characters. A duo of musicians are determined to make a name of themselves, a group desperately try to save the rock ‘n’ roll venue of The Bourbon Room, the new mayor and his wife set their sights on cleaning up the city, finally Stacee Jaxx struggles through as the “rock god”.

All of the characters are very enjoyable to watch on screen. Most of the advertisement seems to revolve around Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx as the highlight of the movie. I would agree that he plays the role extremely well, he leaves the audience hanging onto every word he says as he holds so much stage/screen presence. Alike to how all the people on screen act, the audience are similarly captivated into his persona. Although, I wouldn’t say he is the best character on screen. I find it’s difficult to pick just one. Personally, I become invested into the story of Sherrie (Julianne Hough) and Drew (Diego Boneta). These two personalities influence the storylines and add more characters onto the screen. They are the characters that sing the most in the film, but also hold the romance element of the film. Yet it’s not soppy. Their character developments are probably the ones that enhance the most.

I have to also mention the characters played by Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand, Dennis and Lonny. These two characters add a lot of the humour into the film and are a delight to watch. Furthermore, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the “good wife”, the woman who wants to clean the Hollywood strip. She’s the leader of the protests against rock ‘n’ roll. Lastly, Mary J. Blige who is another character who seems to hold the stage/screen presence, particularly in her songs.

‘Rock of Ages’ is a musical that is such a feel-good movie. There are some brilliant 80s rock songs that are brought back to light. Songs such as I love Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Wanted Dead or Alive, Any Way You Want It, We Built this City, Don’t Stop Believin’ and many many more. All the songs become performances in the dance, the singing and the atmosphere. They are all so much fun to watch and sing along to. The musical element of this film is not a let down in the slightest, it’s fantastic, enjoyable and full of energy.

‘Rock of Ages’ is a mix of comedy, romance and full of music. I think this is a great movie, enjoyable throughout the whole thing. The film highlights the desperation of becoming a rock star, the underbelly of a city which agonises the suffering for money, the manipulation and control of the music industry, and the difficulties in keeping a business alive against societal pressures. Overall, the most exciting thing is the energy that persists from beginning to end and you can’t help but feel great by the end of the movie.

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