Happy Feet (2006)

Mumble is a penguin different from his whole family. Once born, all the other penguins quickly notice that Mumble doesn’t have the voice that he should. These penguins need to grow up singing, they need to use this talent to find their true love and create an egg – their life’s purpose. Mumble screeches his way through childhood but has a talent for dancing and tapping his little happy feet instead. The adorable little penguin is booed and called weird for not fitting in, which did hit me hard as he continues to tap tap away.

There are a few negatives with this film… OK, there’s quite a lot of negatives with this film, other than the moral, the story really isn’t great. The animation isn’t as top notch as it thought it would be. Although, I can’t argue with the cuteness of the baby penguins! My main issue is that I don’t think the voices fit the characters, they seemed random and some were annoying in the choice of voice. Particularly, the parents of Mumble. However, I can never fault Robin Williams, he executed light comedy and different voices perfectly. It was more the other voices of the Emperor penguins who were weak and unappealing; the Adelie penguins were comical in enthusiasm and confidence.

I actually found this film quite distressing at times. Stay with me… With flashback realities from David Attenborough running through my head, ‘Happy Feat’ covers familiar issues the world is faced with now even more severely. The penguins are suffering from a sea lacking fish, they turn to blame the penguin different from all the others: Mumble. Therefore, he becomes persistent in finding the real cause which takes him on a journey to find out who the “aliens” are. I found it quite hard-hitting to how this animation covered quite a large issue that’s still around today. As I say, the story is weak, but the moral feels very real.

‘Happy Feet’ is not the best animation I’ve ever seen, it is a bit weak. It’s not a ground breaking film and a bit pants in areas. The songs are a good variety, although some felt forced in the singing. It wasn’t a hilarious film, although few moments of chuckles (mostly with Robin Williams). I did like the moral of the story which still should be shown on screen now.

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