Escape Room (2019)

Six strangers are invited to an escape room through the allure of winning $10,000 if they win. What they didn’t know was that these escape rooms were instead based upon their own fears and were in fact extremely real, not just a game. The film has a quick introduction of the strangers invited to the game, but the sole reason for this film is the escape rooms, so happily there’s not too much time wasted on the character developments. You could argue there is too much of an introduction, but a quick flash forward to bring the film in adds intrigue.

Happily, you’re not introduced to all of the characters in the show. Instead, you’re given a quick understanding of our main protagonist, Zoey. A brief show of a few others and let’s get the movie beginning. After all are given a box with a secret message, the six strangers have finally been bought together. Throughout the escape rooms, we understand the characters more, in particular what they have in common and their fears that are being brought to life. The first room evokes some excitement to win the money, but soon they discover that the room isn’t for entertainment when it turns into an oven. They move onto different escape rooms all perfectly designed for those playing.

‘Escape Room’ is a horror, however not one with jump scares or constant frightening scenes. Instead, there is an eeriness throughout the film. The lingering of a camera, the six strangers are always being watched. The idea of a haunted background for all the characters adds intrigue for the audience. The mystery of who is behind all this manipulation and why these six have been forced into this psychopathic game. I wouldn’t say there is a strong frightening element, I wasn’t sat scared. But these sorts of horror elements do work well in this type of film and I couldn’t predict what was going to come next.

‘Escape Room’ is such an interesting concept – strangers trapped and desperate to get out of rooms before their times runs out. While watching, you do become intrigued to what the next room will unfold into and what traps will be lying around. You also become invested in discovering what the haunted pasts of these characters are and how they will react into a survival of the fittest situation forced upon them. It’s not the most amazing horror-mystery I’ve ever seen, but I did love the concept and enjoy the film. It is a shame that the whole reasoning of the games by the end is a bit weak, but as I sad before, it’s the escape rooms you watch the film for. You have to watch until the end and uncover each room as you go.

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