Strike: Lethal White (2020)

This is the fourth of the Strike series which follows Private Detective Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke) and Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger) solving another interesting yet complex case. As it is the fourth series and the fourth case, I would watch the first three cases first, purely to just get the essence of the two main characters of Cormoran and Robin. Furthermore, the first episode of this fourth series fully follows on from the ending of the third series. It had been a while since ‘Career of Evil’ had been released, so maybe I should have watched them before as it did take me a while getting used to what had previously happened.

This case is a very complicated one: there’s lots of families that get involved and looped in throughout the episodes. When a client rushes to Cormoran in a desperate state, the private detective becomes incredibly invested and determined to uncover what this young man witnessed years prior. He claims he saw a young girl murdered and buried when he was six years old. So the Strike agency is on the case to discover the truth of the matter. Amongst the four episodes, the plot thickens and the case becomes more and more complex as Cormoran and Robin determine more about the Knight brothers and the Chiswell family.

One of the best things of this series is the development of the characters in Cormoran and Robin. Over this series, both the main protagonists have their own story arcs; the most prominent is Robin. Holliday Grainger plays Robin fantastically, her character growth over the season is brilliant and worth rooting for. Tom Burke again is amazing as Cormoran Strike. Both are starred perfectly in their roles. They are both brilliant characters to become invested in, and on the plus side you do become invested into the crime case also wanting to uncover what happened.

‘Lethal White’ is brilliantly done alike to the other series in its collection. The case is well thought out, complicated and addictive. Like I’ve already said, Cormoran and Robin are also enjoyable to watch on screen. There’s twists and turns along the way, ups and downs, adding to the complexity of this case. Along with Robin’s character development, you just have to watch all four episodes. The only downside would be that the final episode and the solving of the case seems a little rushed. I feel it could have been perhaps an episode more to really explore the finale in more detail. I don’t think it’s the best case they’ve had, prior cases have been better and more addictive to uncover. Nevertheless, I do think the main protagonists sell the entire show. Overall, it’s a good series to add onto the previous three and I’m excited for a new series of Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott at the Strike agency.

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