Sister Act (1992)

This is one of those films you have to say you’ve seen at least once, a film that’s well-known that everyone has heard of. But the question is: do people actually know what it’s about? Yes, I’ve heard of it, and yes I watched it recently for the first time knowing I should have watched it way before this. But I was so wrong at what the actual plot was. So if you’re not aware: when our main protagonist, Deloris (played by the brilliant Whoopi Goldberg), witnesses a murder committed by her boyfriend, the police have to put her in the one place he would never find her. And that is St Catherine’s convent. Deloris now Sister Mary Clarence, to say the least, finds it extremely difficult to fit in in this completely different place from her old loved life.

Sister Act - 2

So of course Whoopi Goldberg carries this film, she is the star of the show, carrying the narration and the comedy. And you don’t need me to say she plays the part well, because of course she does, it’s Whoopi Goldberg! The comedy of this film isn’t as much as laugh out loud, holding your belly, but there are some great moments that do make you chuckle. Mostly the film is a nice heart-warming film. The development of a strong-willed singer to a woman hiding as a nun in a convent, a change not that easy. Amongst her hiding and the comedy of her trying to fit in, is the crime of the film. Now, it is not scary crime at all! They make it more comical, especially at the end and the difficulties the two sidekicks of Vince (Harvey Keitel) have with Deloris dressed as a nun and their command to “waste her”. So as IMDb suggests this is a good family film, not scary in the slightest, and a rather enjoyable comical film.

Additionally, you can never forget that the brilliant Dame Maggie Smith is in this film! She is obviously amazing in her role as Mother Superior, struggling to accept someone so controversial to what she believes in. Maggie Smith always plays her characters to the greatest extent and this film is no different. You have to love Maggie Smith anyway! Professor McGonagall in ‘Harry Potter’, in ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang’ and so much more!

Sister Act - 1

‘Sister Act’ does have an element of music to enjoy in this film as well. It’s not a musical, but with Deloris loving her singing, her talents move towards the church’s choir. There are many songs that are enjoyable, starting the film with the classic ‘My Guy’. There are many performances to enjoy within the film, this just adds another element of the film to appreciate.

Overall, yeah I would recommend this film! It’s a nice easy-watch film, with funny moments and enjoyable songs. Whoopi Goldbery and Maggie Smith, I say again. You should at least watch it once, watch Deloris struggle to hide herself when she’s a star witness.

Addams Family Values (1993)

This is definitely one of those comedies that is very different from others, and one which requires a certain taste, it’s definitely not a film for everyone to appreciate or find funny. Everything is very overdramatic, very over the top. This is a gothic comedy of a family very different to the rest of society, a family of a husband and wife with their three children, the Uncle and the Granny (Carol Kane), also with two others in the family, a hand named thing and Lurch (Carel Struycken).

Morticia (Anjelica Huston) and Gomez (Raul Julia) have a new baby in which Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) get insanely jealous. The beginning of the film, their plan being to kill new baby Pubert. However, the new nanny manages to convince the parents, the two eldest want to go to Summer Camp. A place a bit too happy and controversial for the Addams family, but off they go. Alongside this, the new nanny, Debbie (Joan Cusack), has her own plan. Her other name being the ‘Black Widow’, given to her by the news, a gold-digger to the extremes of murder. But Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd) has fallen in love. So as you can probably guess, there are different plot lines going on at once, but I think that makes it even better, the film jumps to different places, home with the new born baby, with Uncle Fester and his new love, and finally at the Summer Camp where fun has to be had.

Addams Family Values 1

In a film such as this one, the actors and actresses have to be great and they definitely are. All those part of the Addams family are well suited and play the part extremely well. Although I have to mention, Morticia, the mother, seems to always have a light across her eyes, not sure why they do it, but perhaps it is all for the effects, just something I noticed… Anyway, the relationship between Morticia and Gomez brings in an element of the romantics. They are played and chosen well. But personally, my favourite of the film has to be Wednesday, she is a brilliant aspect to this comedy of the film. Her bluntness and no emotion is definitely a contribution to the gothic Addams family. The only actress I’m not the biggest fan of is Joan Cusack, personally she’s just not my favourite actress in any film. Regardless, she plays the villain well, she is a good actress coming down to it, but a film with her in isn’t really one I want to watch, although she doesn’t make this film bad, far from it, she’s the villain so she’s not supposed to be loved.

Something that needs to be kept in mind is that this was a film made in 1993, so the graphics are not like the films we watch today. Although, I don’t think they’re terrible, they could be considerably worse, although, the baby isn’t the best in parts. Overall, the other parts are not awful, but rather well done and almost add to the aesthetic of the film. Almost add to the gothic aspect that runs all the way through. Some may consider that this film has an essence of horror, I more see this through that it is more gothic than anything, it is not a scary film as they turn this into a different sort of humour. Not a humour you laugh continuously throughout, the film has random aspects or everything is so overdramatic you just have to chuckle, but I like it.

Addams Family Values 2

In conclusion, you can probably tell that is a rather different film from many others and of an acquired taste. However, I enjoy it and if you think this is a film you would appreciate I would definitely recommend it. It’s brilliantly clever and humorous in the barbaric actions and bluntness and overdramatic hatred of normal human emotions. Despite everything, the film has a very catchy theme tune, everyone must know it. *click click*

Bratz (2007)

Ok, ok, don’t judge me! I feel like it’s already started, but hey, you’d be surprised to know this film isn’t that much of a bummer. Yes yes, it’s one of those cheesy, shitty, over the top, like seriously over the top, overdramatic, kind of films. I fully accept that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some enjoyment out of it! And at risk of sounding sexist, I would definitely say that this film is chickflicky, 100% girly, not that only girls should watch it, but you know the genre.

So for starters, this film may be for those a little younger than myself, but hey! Some say Disney is for children! When I was younger, I used to play with Bratz dolls all the time, all of them Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha, I was always Jade, just like young children do. So I’m not going to lie to you, when a film was going to come out of dolls I used to spend so much time playing with, of course I was going to watch it! Oh and especially when I used to play the playstation game, I still stand by the fact that, ‘Bratz: Rock Angelz’ was one of the best playstation games going… And you know what from the Bratz dolls, they have chosen the actresses extremely well!









Anyway… there are so many films like this one, and they shouldn’t be forgotten! Similarities such as ‘Camp Rock, or ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie’, you know the type. Ok, so those two might be better, but you get what I’m trying to say. IMDb even suggest similarities in ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song’ or ‘Princess Protection Programme’, which I understand. Films such as these ones have a very particular audience, but hey, I know a few people have guilty consciences over them, so add this film to the list.

So what is this film even all about? Four best friends start high school, however there is one problem. At this new school, there is a Daddy’s Princess President of the school, who to say the least is a bit of a control freak and has to have the order in the school, to the point that everyone must be in a clique and sit at their designated table, this is Meredith (Chelsea Kane), the self-absorbed villain of the film. Although, these four best friends, Cloe (Skyler Shaye – which off point but I’ve noticed has considerably less screen time than the other three…), Jade (Janel Parrish – some may recognise as Mona from the one and only ‘Pretty Little Liars’), Sasha (Logan Browning) and Yasmin (Nathalia Ramos); they all like different things, and therefore all qualify for different cliques. So BFFs (as they say) at the beginning, soon turns into little recognition, as they jump two years ahead and they look exactly the same, but that’s really not the point… Cloe has become a football star. Sasha joined the cheerleading squad. Jade delves herself into science, while also loves fashion design. And Yasmin, well I think journalism? But they really don’t delve into her clique much… well like at all. She’s more there for the memory of the four girls once together, oh and that she loves singing but won’t do it due to her major fear of stage fright. They also bring back some other memorable names of the Bratz franchise life, such as Cameron (Stephen Ford) and Dylan (Ian Nelson).


Behind all the cheesy, overdramatic front of the film, there is actually a worthwhile message as they delve into different people’s lives, yet the message that they all can still be friends no matter the differences, of course there is a moral! But Jade struggles as she hides her true self of a “passion for fashion” as her parents want her to amaze in science and maths. Cloe lives under the care of a single mother struggling with jobs and money. Sasha’s parents have gone through a divorce as a child gets in between the mess of it all. And finally Yasmin’s own brother turns on her, and she’s under the care of a guardian herself. So don’t be hating the film full on, because there is some essence of the film that is important for children to learn.


You know what, I enjoyed watching ‘Bratz’. It’s one of those feel-good, upbeat films. Just to sit and watch. I understand where hate could come from, but hey! Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s enjoyable and fun, hilarious in how crazy and dramatic it is. I think those who loved the Bratz franchise would probably appreciate it more, but it’s a film children might enjoy. There’s even an elephant in it! Just get warped into the hilarity and randomness, it’s not that bad!

Bad Neighbours 2 (2016)

The 2016 sequel to the first ‘Bad Neighbours’ and I can’t say there is actually much difference to the plot lines, except it’s not a fraternity next door, it’s a sorority. A bunch of girls angry they don’t get to have parties when fraternities are able to, so what other than starting their own sorority in the house next to Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne), once again.

I’d say you have to watch the first ‘Bad Neighbours’, but then again it really doesn’t make a difference to the plot or not being able to understand any of it. But I would say watch the first one for an added comedy element, and the first one is better. There are repeated characters from the first film; back again, like I’ve already said, is Mac and Kelly, but also there is the return of Zac Efron (of course, one of the main reasons for watching) as Teddy, and also an appearance of some others including Dave Franco. The new characters are mostly revolved around three new sorority girls; the main character, Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz), Beth (Kiersey Clemons) and Nora (Beanie Feldstein). Their bonding on the hate of Frat parties, they decide to create their own sorority, independent from all others, Kappa Nu.


Now don’t get me wrong, I get the film, but the creation of Kappu Nu was not where I thought it was going to go, actually the whole film wasn’t where I thought it was going to go. The trailer is quite misleading, for example if you are watching this film because you believe Selena Gomez is in it, umm no. She’s hardly in it at all. Luckily, this isn’t why I was watching it, Zac Efron was still in it. But also the trailer makes the audience assume something which is not actually true, or just show things that don’t actually happen. I’ll let you decide whether this is a good thing or not…

So the film on a whole, well it escalated extremely quickly… Things escalated unnaturally quickly, get the plot kicking right away. The audience get the point of view from both houses so the ending is a round off happy one. The film doesn’t try to paint one side as the bad guys or one as the good guys, it’s just a war between two houses. One house wants to be able to do what they want and live in a fair world – there is a lot more of feminism in this film than I expected, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, 100%, just didn’t realise that was where the film was heading from the trailer, but I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing! Anyway, the second house just want to be able to sell their house, a bit difficult with a sorority and parties happening next door, and we know how annoying that can be from the first film. The film was funny, I did enjoy watching it, however there were parts of the film which were just a bit too much. You don’t expect to see it until it’s too late and it can’t be taken back. But then again that is part of the humour. You have to be a fan of Seth Rogen to understand this humour, well actually, it’s a bit more subtle than other films, but still the consistent use of drugs. Of course, it’s a film with Seth Rogen in it, so expect sex, drugs and swearing.


If you liked the first film, I don’t think you’d find this one a disappointment, but it’s not as good, but then again it’s not so different. If that makes any sense? It’s an enjoyable watch where the audience is once again warped into a war between young college students and “old people” as they call them. There are moments of hilarity and moments of shock, but then again like I’ve said before that’s expected in a film with Seth Rogen in it. It’s not the most hilarious film I’ve ever watched and I wasn’t laughing in every scene. There is a lot of character building around Zac Efron’s character, Teddy, which brings it away from the house war. And I’m not going to complain if they want to screen Zac Efron more! It’s an enjoyable comedy, not one I would suggest watching over and over again, but I wouldn’t say it’s a regrettable watch or a waste of time.

Grown Ups (2010)

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider. Enough said. Thank you…

If those names don’t make you think this will be a great movie, then perhaps this is not the film for you. But come on! Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider! Just looking at those actors screams a hilarious film. Adam Sandler and Kevin James together once again (just like ‘Pixels’). Love it.

Decades after a basketball match, a team of five friends meet at their coach’s funeral, Coach Buzzer, (shown all about this basketball match in a flashback). A meetup that brings out their childhood memories as they all stay at a Lake House together, all with their families. This brings Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) with his wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek), and their three children, Greg (Jake Goldberg), Keithie (Cameron Boyce) and Becky (Alexys Nycole Sanchez), also the nanny, Rita (Di Quon). Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) with his family, wife Sally (Maria Bello), daughter Donna (Ada-Nicole Sanger), and son Bean (Frank/Morgan Gingerich). On his own, brings Marcus Higgins (David Spade). Additionally, the McKenzie family, Kurt (Chris Rock), Deanne (Maya Rudolph), Andre (Nadji Jeter) and Charlotte (China Anne McClain), not forgetting Deanne’s mother, Mama Ronzoni (Ebony Jo-Ann). Finally, Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) and his slightly older wife Gloria (Joyce Van Patten). Every character is brilliant, not only the actors I previously mentioned at the beginning, but Maya Rudolph (‘Bridesmaids’) and Salma Hayek (‘Sausage Party’), amongst the others, are all great!

Grown Ups - guys

The main five guys are so different that it brings such great comedy into the film. Lenny is bounded in lies from the very beginning, realising his life is not what he thought it would have turned out to be; mostly that he has a nanny and his children are spoilt and don’t recognise the outer world, so he decides he wants them to have a childhood like he had. Kurt, the house-husband, stays home cooking and cleaning, so feels underappreciated. Then, there’s the guy who everyone takes the mick out of, Rob Hilliard, who likes much older women, therefore an easy target for the other guys. Finally Marcus Higgins, the single guy, the one who hasn’t yet grown up. So lots of different characters to appreciate and all of them hilarious in their own way. I can’t even express how great of a comedy this film is, and personally it all goes down to the actors comments in my opinion.

Grown Ups - Eric

The guys’ friendship is bonded by memories and insults to each other. By playing games such as arrow roulette, board games, rope swings, skimming rocks and of course more basketball. The film portrays the differences between children nowadays with technology and children when these adults were younger of playing outside. There is also a scene at a water park which gives a nice change of scenery to the film. There are rivalry, snarky comments back and forth with Kurt and his mother-in-law. There is also the fake definition that ‘wasted’ means having a craving for ice cream. All together the actors have a great bond, and there are many elements in order to make it funny.

Grown Ups - gang

So if you’re looking for a hilarious film with great actors, then this one is a good shout. I would definitely recommend it. Besides… Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider!

Pixels (2015)

‘Pixels’ is hilarious. Like seriously, hilarious. I love it. If you’re in for a good laugh, and a slightly different form of action then I would watch ‘Pixels’.

To say the least, I love an Adam Sandler film, and with a bit of Kevin James, that’s even better! Of course, Sandler and James are excellent. This is just seen in ‘Grown Ups’ for an example. Adam Sandler plays the main character, Brenner, an arcade nerd. The beginning of the film shows a World Championships of arcade games in the Summer of 1982, this portrays Brenner coming second, Eddie (Peter Dinklage), the “fire blaster”, coming first; something Brenner hasn’t been able to let go of, even when it jumps to the present day of them as adults. This flashback at the beginning of the film is clever and creates great background profiles for the characters. Brenner’s character is hilarious, and from the beginning of the film, he meets Violet Van Patten (Michelle Monaghan) in awkward circumstances, of course she later becomes more involved when the plot gets kicking, so her and Brenner’s back and forth comebacks are great and amusing, and have a slight romantic edge to them. Brenner’s best friend is obviously played by Kevin James, this being the President “Chewy” Will Cooper. The President is disliked by many, and when the catastrophe arises more fault and responsibilities land on him, but as he has some occasional successes he becomes more confident which is hilarious for the audience, especially his dance moves. It’s only a couple of seconds of the film, but it’s that memorable for me. Just wait and see, it’s confusing to watch, I was watching thinking what is happening, but I couldn’t not laugh. However, my favourite character, even though it’s hard to beat Sandler and James, has to be Josh Gad’s character in this film. He plays Ludlow Lamonsoff, “the wonder kid”, the “conspiracy nut”, the one obsessed with Lady Lisa. His character is brilliant, a lot of what he says I find hilarious in this film, he truly is a great element to add to the comedic side.

Pixels - Ludlow

The plot is an outbreak of animated video game characters. It really is a different type of action film. But there is still plenty of action, some car chases and fighting brilliantly pixelated animation characters, including a Smurf… But they make the action hilarious. The arcade games include Pacman, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and many more. The hands fall to the nerds as military soldiers have never experienced this kind of invasion and the only people who can save the world is Brenner, Ludlow and Eddie, the ones who spent their childhoods revolved around these arcade games. Of course, military personnel, Colonel Van Patten is also involved helping on the science edge.

Pixels - Van Patten, Brenner, Ludlow, Eddie

There are some classic great songs in this film, from Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’ to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. This just adds to the mood of the film and makes it that much better. Additionally, there are some great guest stars including ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson, and Serena Williams herself.

I would definitely recommend watching this film. I love how different it is to other films, it’s not just another film portraying the world at its end. Instead it throws some great actors, some hilarious moments, and some crazy action scenes involving pixelated characters, at the audience to enjoy. Besides, how can you not love a film with Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Josh Gad. Also, the director, Chris Columbus, directed the first two Harry Potter films and I’m definitely a fan of them! So join the nerds in saving the world. “Game over”.


Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

I have to say the first time I saw the second ‘Pitch Perfect’, I was a bit disappointed. I feel like it wasn’t as near as good as the first film. Don’t get me wrong I loved the first film so much, I just think the first one was so good and such a different sort of film that it was quite successful, and it was hard to top when it came to the second film. Everyone got their hopes up but it never really got to the stage it potentially could have been. I love a chickflick full of music as much as the next, but this film was just not what I expected. Saying this however, it still does have some qualities that I enjoyed in the film. All I’m saying is if you loved the first ‘Pitch Perfect’ as much as I did, then don’t count on this one to be as good.

The Bellas are back in this film, but most of them are in their third and final year at university. This film is more about moving on from university and starting life outside of the Bellas; something Beca (Anna Kendrick) has understood, Chloe (Brittany Snow) not so much. Chloe flunks uni so she could stay and be in the Bellas the last couple of years, Aubrey (Anna Camp) having graduated after the first film. This shows how dedicated she is with the acapella group. I liked the plot, it’s joining with reality in moving on after university and beginning a new part of life. However, there were some parts of this movie I just didn’t understand the point of, some scenes were a bit pointless to me, not many of them, just a few. Back to the plot, Beca finds herself an internship at a recording studio, which I liked because reflects back to her desperate love of producing music in the first film; however she feels guilty as she’s not paying all her attention to the Bellas. Chloe who plans to flunk uni again, dedicates her life to the group, therefore you just know this is going to cause friction.

Pitch Perfect 2 - girls

Once again the film starts with a disgrace of the Barden Bellas which leads for them to be suspended this time. I really like how much this reflects the first film, with Aubrey in the Bellas “puking their way to the bottom” and then again another disgrace for the Bellas; however this one was more outrageous, funny yes, but a bit too extreme in some ways. This time it was due to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), one of my favourite characters in the first film, constantly hitting the audience with her brilliant one-liners, although disappointingly ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ just didn’t get as many one-liners and wasn’t near as funny as the first film, of course she still had comedic comments, but none as great as the first.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Fat Amy

John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks – also as the director of this film) are back, following the Barden Bellas on “their road to redemption”, they were still funny so were good in this film and were needed. There are some new additions to the Bellas in this film, which I liked; they mainly did keep all of the old Bellas which I also liked, but the new additions gave a new feel to a different film. Stacie (Alexis Knapp) was a character that has much less of a part in this film, she seems to be replaced by one of the new additions in speaking terms. This being the new Guatemalan girl, Flo (Chrissie Fit), who talks constantly about her life before moving to the US, this puts Chloe’s catastrophes into perspective in an extreme way; adding humour to Chloe’s extreme outrages. The main new girl, who gets much more screen time, is first year Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), she joins the Bellas as one of her dreams at university and joins as a “legacy”, even though they’re suspended and not supposed to bring on anyone new. Emily is definitely a character that shakes up the plot to make it different from the first film, with her original songs, I enjoyed this. I feel there should have been more differences even though I liked the reflections to the first film; but if they were more separate, the first and second films wouldn’t have been compared so much. For example, there was another scene like the riff-off, it wasn’t as good as the riff-off, although saying this it was an enjoyable scene in the second film. It’s difficult to say, because there are so many similarities between the films that are nice to reflect on, however the first film just did them better.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Barden Bellas

Something that was different from the first film, is that there was more than one romance. Happily, there is still the original Beca and Jesse (Skylar Astin), however there is a much less focus on them, but they are still together and it’s adorable. The romance moves away from them to Bumper (Adam DeVine) and Amy, and Benji (Ben Platt) and Emily. I also enjoyed the performances, some of them were fun to watch like the first film. New songs were used and some songs from the first film were brought back.

The new competition is a world acapella competition. The focus moves away from the Treblemakers, even though they are still in it, to Das Sound Machine, a German group. I really like this new group and the rivalry between them and the Bellas is enjoyable, especially Beca’s comebacks, which aren’t as snarky as the first film, but still equally hilarious in their own way as they turn into compliments.

Film Title: Pitch Perfect 2

Additionally, it’s like the film is split, it jumps from the Bellas to Beca’s internship. I liked how it jumped like this because it was different from the first film and again reflects the fact they are moving on. Additionally, it puts focus on Beca, one of the best characters. And added in new characters at the internship that were hilarious, one of these being Snoop Dogg, seriously, as he wants to create his own Christmas CD, it really is great!

Overall, this film was good in its own way. However, I feel it’s difficult to not compare to the first film as there are way too many similarities. There are some great scenes in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and it has a nice moral to the story. So I still found it enjoyable. But coming down to it, I would definitely recommend ‘Pitch Perfect’ the first film, but not so much the second because the similarities don’t reach the extent of how funny they were in the first film.