The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

Action comedy with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, why not? Looks good, looks funny, looks full of action, what else do you need for an enjoyable film? And after seeing, ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ definitely ticked all those boxes. It’s not a film that will change history in film culture, but it was a comical, entertaining film.

As the title suggests, it’s quite a self-explanatory plot-line. Audrey (Mila Kunis) is dumped abruptly by her one-year boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux – aka Drew Barrymore’s revengeful ex in ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’). However, what she doesn’t know is that her now-ex is in fact a spy in the CIA. People are in search for him and they are led to Audrey and her best friend, Morgan (Kate McKinnon). Following, are alleged spies Sebastian (Sam Heughan) and Duffer (Hasan Minhaj), and an unknown terrorist group who brings in an assassin. Suddenly Audrey and Morgan are wrapped into a first-time adventure to Europe that becomes comically explosive.

The Spy Who Dumped Me 1

There are quite a few elements of genre in ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’. Obviously the comedy is at the forefront of the whole film, there are many hilarious or giggle-worthy moments. There is definitely one star who should get most of the praise for this comedy component: Kate McKinnon. Her ballsy persona and honesty to her parents is hilarious. She is definitely a great comedy actress, not to say she was the only comedy element, because Mila Kunis was also brilliant, as she always is.

The Spy Who Dumped Me 2

Now the action element. More brutal than I thought it would be, there are a lot of murders. Some good bad-ass action scenes, not forgetting the character Sebastian’s action scenes, which were magnificent. We also watch as Audrey and Morgan become more of action figures throughout the film which is great! Due to the plot-line, the action actually brings in a mystery configuration. Which I do have to admit was executed well. There is a constant feel of ‘who can you trust’ throughout the film, which did get me double-guessing every character all the way to the end. I quite liked this element, just brought that little more to an action comedy. Finally, this is a 15 for a reason, there is a lot of swearing, nudity, and murders.

The Spy Who Dumped Me 3

Honestly, I couldn’t say I had any issues with this film, it was easy-watching, fun and exciting. We travel all around Europe from Paris to Amsterdam, to so many more places. All travelling round with these two best friends, one who “never finishes anything” and another who is a “little much”. We learn more and more about this comical duo as they have no idea what’s going on. 


Tag (2018)

A comedy inspired by a true story – as they’ve highly advertised. Even at the start of the film, ‘Tag’ is dominant is portraying that it is a film inspired off one true and real-life. Although, this doesn’t mean it follows the tales of the same people’s lives or that the facts are set in stone from reality; the whole essence of this film, is based off the fact that the same group of friends have been playing the same game of tag for decades. And please don’t miss the end, it’s got a beautiful part where they actually show video recordings of these real friends playing their magnificent game, surprising each other unannounced.


Introducing the characters of ‘Tag’. Five friends since they were nine have been playing the same game of tag, every May it starts up again and the game can start again. Hoagie, who claims himself as the heart and soul of the game is the one determined to bring them all together. In a surprise visit to his mate’s work, he tags Bob Callahan mid important meeting. Next is to collect Chilli, the weed-headed one, with a cigarette always in his mouth. Finally, Sable, mid therapist meeting. All come together as they are told this could be the year they can finally tag Jerry, the one and only tag-player who has never been tagged. However, only this year Jerry has announced he will be retiring. Along the way, Hoagie’s over-aggressive and over-competitive wife, Anna (Isla Fisher), joins in on the vacation. And reporter, Rebecca, is also determined to follow Callahan to discover what just interrupted their important meeting and why they insist on running around tagging each other.

Tag 2

The actors and actresses are truly great. It’s nice to see Jeremy Renner in a different sort of film, although this film does still contain a bit of action usually because of him. Renner plays the only one never tagged, Jerry. His competitive ways are hilarious and creative, he truly shows the limits he goes to just to not get tagged. Although, his bride-to-be, Susan (Leslie Bibb), I wasn’t a fan, to be honest just a bit psycho and didn’t quite have the charm Jerry did and more really just made me dislike her competitive rude nature. Hoagie played by Ed Helms, was brilliant, he was the over-excitable determined character, nothing would please him more, especially to get all his friends together. Callahan was played by Jon Hamm, also great, and Sable by Hannibal Buress who was hilarious with some of his comments. But Chilli, ‘New Girl’ Jake Johnson, who I love so much, he could literally play any character and I would still love him. He was comical with his pessimistic nature in his divorce and broke state. Comical when he doesn’t really know the right way to say things. Finally, the reporter who ‘tagged’ along, sorry (not sorry), Rebecca (Annabelle Wallis), was a great addition as she didn’t understand what was happening, all the things explained to her were therefore being explained to us as we were thrown in quite quickly with the plot. She got told the background of the game, the rules and amendments that could be made etc etc etc. This led to great flashbacks, comical and fun.

Tag 3

I would definitely recommend ‘Tag’, I thought it was a great, hilarious film and I would watch it again, over and over. It also has quite a bit of emotion and background story-telling to it, but it all works and combines with action moments of trying to tag Jerry. The whole film is revolved around Jerry’s wedding and the plotting and scheming to catch him. There were also a variety of camera adventures, for example attached to Chilli as he was running away, which just added to his peril of being caught and desperate need to run away. Or another creative element was hearing Jerry’s thoughts as he figured out where his friends were hiding and explaining how he will fool them and escape as he has so many times before. This all added to the creativity of the whole film. Hilarious film, really enjoyable!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

Life of the Party (2018)

A new Melissa McCarthy film, so of course I went to go see it! I think she is a great actress. Yes, she is an actress that pretty much plays the same characters, but when she can make these characters hilarious and brilliant and they are different in different plots, then what is the problem with it? Then if there’s Melissa McCarthy, her husband Ben Falcone is soon to show on screen, of course he does! Come on, it’s not just me that when watching a Melissa McCarthy waits for Ben Falcone’s starring moment? Also credit to him for directing, producing and co-writing the film, co-written and produced with Melissa McCarthy.

Life of the Party 2

When Deanna’s (Melissa McCarthy) manipulative husband declares he wants a divorce as he’s fallen in love with another woman, mother of one realises she hasn’t lived the life she wanted to. The one biggest regret being dropping out of college. So she decides that is what she will do, return to college, the college her daughter, Maddie (Molly Gordon), is at. Deanna’s transformation from a full-time mother to a college girl is fun and creative. Along the way, Maddie’s friends soon become her mother’s. Helen (Gillian Jacobs) has to be one of my favourites, known as “coma girl”, she’s hilariously weird and blunt. Throughout it all is Deanna’s over-supportive friend, Christine (played by the brilliant Maya Rudolph), declaring herself a lawyer through the divorce and hilariously supportive of Deanna’s new casual sex with one of the frat boys. Deanna tries to be upbeat and positive with her new found personality and determination to get her archaeology degree. Living with hilarious Leonor (Heidi Gardner), Deanna tries to have a conversation with the girl who never goes outside and hides in the closet. Bumps along the way include the stereotypical bitch of the film, hating that a ‘mum’ is appearing at parties. This is actually played by Debby Ryan, very different in her role, moving away from the good girl ‘Suite Life of Deck’ Bailey and other Disney Channel shows.

Life of the Party 1

‘Life of the Party’ definitely made me laugh. It also stars Gordon from ‘Dodgeball’! Throughout the whole film, I couldn’t place where I knew him from! Christina Aguilera may also appear… All the characters are so unique, it’s a nice refreshing film. The comedy definitely got better as it went along, as Deanna settled more into her college experience. It is actually quite a quick pace film, the divorce announcement is literally in the first 5-10 minutes of the film. Then the decision of going to university is again quick and then she’s there. I love that it’s fast pace, because then her transformation can hit quickly and her comical personality is ready to explore university. The acting of Maddie however, wasn’t the best, she did annoy me at times. I get she was a character with a bit resistance of their mum being at college with her, that’s completely understandable, but just the way the actress pursued this wasn’t the best, things seemed a little laggy. But I quickly got over it.

Life of the Party 3

This is definitely a classic Melissa McCarthy film and an enjoyable one at that. I’m not going to say it’s the best comedy of the year, but it made me laugh and I would watch it again. Melissa McCarthy is obviously the star of the show and deserves it as she executes the character to perfection and hilariously, as she always does. I don’t think there’s a film of hers that I don’t like! If you’re a fan of Melissa McCarthy then this film is the next to watch, but if you’re not, then don’t…

Bad Moms (2016)

When mother Amy finally snaps after an extremely long day, she quits the PTA and decides she will become a bad mom (or mum). She quits trying to be the perfect mum when things keep going wrong and starts putting her own needs first. The mums that join her, single feisty mum Carla and stay at home, controlled mum Kiki. Along the way, Amy soon finds an enemy in the President of the PTA, Gwendolyn, and the two constantly by her side, Stacy and Vicky.

Bad Moms - Amy

I love the actresses of this film, the stardom is brilliant. Mila Kunis as Amy, Kathryn Hahn as Carla, and Kristen Bell as Kiki. Firstly, these three do have an amazing chemistry, they are all great together. If I’m honest, I have watched many interviews with these three and I love them together, and of course that helps in a film! Gwendolyn is played by the great Christina Applegate too, although her character is one that goes to some extreme extremes. Like I’ve already said, ‘Bad Moms’ has a great cast, plus some other great additions. The music is fab in this film, it’s fun and is modern popular songs, from Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’ and DNCE’s ‘Cake by the Ocean’. It really does add to the fun of the film. There’s also a lot of slo-mo moments, again I think it all just adds to the fun of the film. It adds comedy and just go very well with the upbeat music.

Bad Moms - mums

All the characters are very different, they all have their own parenting style, but all highlight a bad mum struggling but having so much love for their children. Mila Kunis’ character carries the plot of the film, it’s mainly her life that becomes the dominant family in the film. Amy is the parent that has always tried, she does everything for her children, does their homework, makes them the perfect lunch and rushes around to make sure they get to their extracurricular activities after school. When a bad day occurs Amy snaps, and heads to the bar. Here she meets Carla. Carla’s a single mum who’s always been excluded in PTA meetings, she’s very crude and provocative, nevertheless, she’s hilarious in her feistiness and truth. Then there’s Kiki, who is a stay at home mum, she does nothing for herself, and her husband does nothing for the children. Kiki is pretty much domesticated and controlled by her husband to be the “mother of the household” stereotype. To be honest, I really didn’t expect her character to be like this, but her growing throughout the film and her doing stuff for herself made her into such a strong character and funny too, with her hilarious dancing or her awkward ways.

Bad Moms - mums 2

This is a 15 and for good reason. There are hundreds of sex talks and references. There is also a sex scene and a lot of swearing. But a comedy for this audience and it’s a really funny one. There are heart-warming moments, a breaking moment (obviously, as all films do), and many hilarious moments. Yeah it’s predictable, but it’s enjoyable and funny, and isn’t that all you need in a comedy? You don’t watch a film like this one for twists and turns, just a fun watch and that is what it is. The actresses are superb and the film is one I would definitely watch again. It’s a film for many to enjoy and laugh with, and love these bad mums.

Blockers (2018)

I watched this in the cinema last night and throughout the whole film I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s got many hilarious moments and great actors and actresses to execute the humour to precision. I’m going to state now though, this humour is one that is rude, standing at a 15, with sex, drugs, alcohol, nudity and a lot of swearing. It is definitely ruder than I thought it was going to be, even though the plot definitely deciphers a rude storyline.

The Pact

It’s clever how a plot so simple could have a depth like this one. The plot is of three parents who accidentally find out that their daughters have made a sex pact, a pact for them to lose their virginities on Prom Night. But this is not ok for the parents, so a night begins of cockblocking their own children. However, all the characters have a complicated depth and the film covers some struggling issues, of either single motherhood or youths exploring sexuality.

Film Title: Blockers

Three parents and three daughters, all extremely different. Firstly, a single mother whose best friend is her daughter, she is a parent constantly worried but one you can see who just wants the best for her only child. A mother who’s been hurt in the past and can’t bear to see her daughter leave for college. This mother is played by the excellent Leslie Mann, she plays the overprotective mum well; her daughter, Julie is played by Kathryn Newton. A daughter suffocated and wanting her own life, but also worried to leave her mum on her own. This mother-daughter relationship seems more at the centre of the plot, but nevertheless the other parents also become plot drivers and their own stories are great as well. The second parent, an overprotective father played by John Cena, I’m sure everybody has at least heard the name from the numerous videos that cycled social media. With John Cena’s huge muscular presence, he is of course a character who has extreme protective issues of his eldest daughter, particularly the thought of any guy near her. However, he also has a sensitive side meaning he cries at heart-warming moments, which is used by comedy to contradict his outer presence, even though it shouldn’t… But that’s a complicated argument. Anyway, his daughter is athletic star Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan). This star, however, is determined to “try new things” as she says, meaning she’s the sole carrier of the drug element of the film, with her date, known as The Chef, for obvious reasons. The last parent, a divorced father (Ike Barinholtz) trying to make it back into his daughter’s life. Although she is not impressed, she is not bothered about a father who cheated on her mother, however there is so much to his father that really makes him a great character, regardless a really funny one. I do feel sorry for this father, because he seems the one ignored and hated, but his character expands and becomes more understood as the film goes on. His daughter, Sam (Gideon Adlon), is one confused in her own sexuality, which she struggles with throughout the whole film. As her best friends make the sex pact she feels she has to as well, even though she doesn’t want to, in particular doesn’t want to with a guy.

Blockers - parents

All the characters are really great in this film and as you can see they are all so very different. The parents are so hilarious in their overprotecting manner of their daughters’ virginity. They go on an adventure of their own, following their children around, losing them from party to party. From breaking and entering, to butt-chugging competitions, to car chases that go awry when WWVDD is taken seriously, to sneaking out of a hotel room, to the confusion and misunderstanding of emojis, or even the constant ruining of a break-dancer’s life. There are so many hilarious elements, and it would be a film I would buy to rewatch over and over again. As the trailer says they would do anything for love.

Game Night (2018)

I feel like this film has been a bit underappreciated and gone under the radar more than it should have been. It doesn’t feel as highly advertised as some films at the minute, and even though I really did enjoy this film, I liked the less advertisement. It made it feel like I wasn’t watching a film that was everywhere telling me to watch it, it had more mystery to it, it wasn’t widely talked about and I could enjoy a film I didn’t know everything about. This is a film of a real-life murder mystery. What is real, what is a game? You don’t know.

Game Night 2

I absolutely loved the stardom of this film. Firstly, the two main protagonists, the brilliant Rachel McAdams as Annie, who is great in everything she does; and her husband, Max, the very comical Jason Bateman. These two, personally, carried a lot of the comedy and were brilliant as a pair together, they were truly great. But there is actually more to the story, the couples have their own backgrounds and own lives, this couple is trying to start a family. Then there’s the other couples of the game night. Billy Magnussen played Ryan, the stupid comment guy, but his hilarious quips constantly made the audience giggle. His partner, although not his partner per se, is Sharon Horgan who plays Sarah, she is also great. She gets wrapped up into the whole night, not actually knowing these people very well. Her sarcasm, her intelligence constantly confusing Ryan, and her dedication to a bunch of unknown competitive game night players, evolves her into a character to really like. Then there’s the married couple who have been dating since they were in middle school, married at eighteen, childhood sweethearts. ‘New Girl’s Winston, Lamorne Morris playing Kevin, I absolutely love ‘New Girl’ and I absolutely love Winston, and he’s fab in this too. His wife, Michelle, is played by Kylie Bunbury. Game night is distracted by this couple, as Kevin comes to realisation of his wife’s life during a drinking game of Never Have I Ever. Finally, the head of the game night. The one who kicks things up a notch to a murder mystery, Max’s brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler). The players are all brilliant and hilarious as they begin a game night not to be forgotten.

Game Night 3

We cannot forget some of the stars that also rise throughout the film. A pregnant Gina from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ appears, of course I love her. Also, Dexter of his own show, the show of the secret murderer killing criminals. But he looks extremely different, took a few seconds to realise it was him! I have to mention Gary (Jesse Plemons) the police officer, otherwise known as the creepy next-door neighbour. Hilarious though. He’s also the owner of the adorable dog in the trailer, the bloody dog, a hilarious scene. The characters and stars are really great in this film, all comical and enjoyable.

Game Night 1

As I’ve already stated the film is hilarious. But there is actually more to this film than the comedy element. ‘Game Night’ also has a lot of action and there are many thrilling moments, some that made me jump and actually built up tension in the film. There’s action, comedy, and many moments that leaves the audience confused at what is real and what is not. There are fast car chases, gun fights, sibling rivalry, kidnappers and a criminal network real or fake. I would highly recommend this film, it has a lot of action and a lot of comedy, and the stars and their back stories are also great. Fall into this game night, one not to be forgotten.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

Comedy gym vs gym in a Dodgeball tournament – tell me there’s any other films like this one, because I don’t know any. And these gyms? Average Joe’s vs Globo Gym Purple Cobras; captains, Vince Vaughn vs Ben Stiller.

When Average Joe’s might be bought out by Globo Gym, they are told by the bank they have 30 days to pay off any debts, which calculated to $50,000. In a desperate need for the money and to save their gym, Peter (Vince Vaughn), Justin (Justin Long), Gordon (Stephen Root), Owen (Joel David Moore), Dwight (Chris Williams) and Steve the Pirate (Alan Tudyk), decide the only way would be to compete in the American Dodgeball Association of America (ADAA) Las Vegas competition. Along the way, they gain an extra player and a coach. The coach, Patches (Rip Torn) goes to extreme teaching methods in seriously dangerous, yet hilarious ways.

Dodgeball - Average Joes

The Average Joe’s seem the true underdogs as they struggle in a tournament way out of their league. With a high school student just determined to win something, and finally make the cheerleading team at school to impress a girl. With a married man living life by the rules and unable to get angry. And a man who strongly believes he is a pirate, dresses like one, talks like one and hopes to find that secret treasure one day. Vs the big shot guys from Globo Gym who know they are better than everyone else, or that’s what they say. Captain, White Goodman with the worst, comical comebacks, his hilariously rude and vulgar attitude is played brilliantly by Ben Stiller. The villain of the film as arrogant and offensive in his ways.

Dodgeball - White

‘Dodgeball’ is hilarious. It’s a film I’ve watched so many times, especially when I was younger, which I can’t believe I did, because it is so inappropriate, swears constantly, and is slightly offensive. But like I said it is hilarious. There are many ‘balls’ euphemisms, which seems obvious with the whole film revolving around ‘Dodgeball’. Cannot forget the hilarity of Patches, his brutal honesty and teaching Dodgeball through throwing wrenches at the players. And you cannot miss the clip after the credits, because it has to be one of the funniest parts of the movie. Also, the random stars that appear is brilliant, such as David Hasselhoff, Lance Armstrong and Chuck Norris!

Dodgeball - Average Joes 2

If you haven’t seen this film and it’s comedy that suits you, I would definitely recommend it! Fall into the Dodgeball tournament, which really does seem like a sporting event with broadcasters and everything. But just remember, never forget the five D’s, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.