Leap Year (2010)

Personally, I love this film, it is a great romcom. Anna’s life revolves around schedules and times is completely thrown upside down when a ton of bad luck comes her way. Desperate to please her boyfriend while he’s away, she flies to him in Ireland to meet up, however on the way her flight is diverted to Wales due to a storm, and she sails in the rain to somewhere a little closer, then finally a car ride with a stranger all the way to Dublin, which is full of bumps and crashes. After disappointment when boyfriend of four years doesn’t propose to her, in a snap judgement Anna struggles to make her way to her boyfriend to propose to him instead, on the 29th February, an apparent tradition of Ireland. Unexpected journeys mean she, has to pretend she’s someone else’s wife, loses a car into a river, steps in cow poo, gate crashes a wedding, gets in a bar fight and walks miles in Ireland with Declan as a guide.

Leap Year 2

Two people from completely different worlds, meet in odd circumstances. Anna, played by Amy Adams, brilliant as she is, lives life with complete planning, scheduling and precise notes, nothing will stop her without a little bit of preparation. Declan (Matthew Goode), is the completely opposite, pessimistic and stuck in his routes. Forced to experience something new and try for once, Declan journeys for pure reason of money, and when planning and scheduling no longer works and bad luck is around every corner, Anna is unable to take control. They both bicker and squabble, hilariously, for the whole journey as they discover they could care about one another. But Dublin isn’t too far away and Anna’s got proposing to do.

Leap Year 1

The film is filled with cutesy romcom moments. The bad luck is repetitive throughout the film as it becomes comical that Anna would accidentally hit a bride in the face with her shoe and then pour red wine down the white wedding dress in apology. There are obviously many moments of cutesy romance, where these two forced together in squabbles and unfortunate circumstances. Anna’s determination and Declan’s pessimistic charm remain throughout the film as you fall in love with both characters. There is a lot of character building and you really become to know the characters on this journey of hail, rain and sun.

Leap Year 3

‘Leap Year’ is an easy watch and a great romcom, a chickflick some may say. It’s funny and adorable. With characters to be appreciated and comical moments. It is enjoyable and I’ve seen it numerous times. If you’re looking for a romance comedy you’ve never seen before, I would recommend this one. It isn’t one of the classic romcoms, like ’10 Things I Hate About You’ or ‘John Tucker Must Die’ or even ‘When Harry Met Sally…’, but it’s still enjoyable and should be appreciated. How much bad luck do you think one girl can get anyway?


When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

By the director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron, ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ is a classic! I love this film. One that shouldn’t be ignored as it is a romcom to be remembered. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star in a tale of two people meeting each other in conditions that led for them to hate each other, throughout life they continuously bump into each other, slowly becoming friends.

The film starts in 1977, when Harry meets Sally. Car sharing, they both drive 18 hours from Chicago to New York. Once in New York, it’s not until five years later they finally bump into each other again. The film travels through 12 years, but it is so brilliantly done, time passing is done believable as fashions change, questionable ones at time, particularly Sally, and hairstyles change to presenting age. Throughout the story of Harry and Sally, the film is also broken up with interviews of elderly married couples talking to the camera of how they loving couple met and when they married. It’s beautiful and heart-felt, very different to many films to have a personal touch such as this one.

When Harry Met Sally - apartment

What makes this film so successful is that there has to be a love for the two main protagonists, and I think both are great. Billy Crystal is Harry Burns.  Harry has a pessimistic charm, he says things the way they are, feels all emotions when he does and shows them. He’s a big talker. From the get go, he claims women and men cannot be friends, because sex will always get in the way, either the having of it or the absence, either way it can never happen. This is something that lingers throughout the whole film as Harry claims he can never be friends with Sally when he finds her attractive. Meg Ryan plays Sally Albright. A completely different character to Harry in so many ways. She’s high maintenance but wants things the way she wants them. She takes ages ordering at a restaurant as she wants the order the way she wants and no other way, which consists of a lot of ingredients on the side. Both together, they hold completely different personalities, but years later after the initial hate, they become friends, friends who tell each other everything, unafraid of the opinions.

When Harry Met Sally - shop

It is a very talky talky kind of film, not much actually happens. It’s just the story of two people meeting and then getting to know each other. That’s it. Simple as it is, but so cleverly done. They struggle through life, through holidays, through friends’ weddings, and through difficulties in their own relationships and friendships. It’s an honest film, easy and satisfying to watch. If you don’t like these sorts of films, then completely steer away. But I think it is a classic with a definite iconic scene in the diner, you know what I mean if you’ve seen it, it is definitely up there with one of the most remembered scenes in film history. If that doesn’t say that it’s a film of good worth then I don’t know what does!

When Harry Met Sally

‘When Harry Met Sally…’ tells a truthful friendship and a complication of adulthood. It does swear and has some scenes for older ages, although I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as 15’s nowadays. Fall into the life of Harry and Sally, of friendship and love. There are also some great comedy moments of light humour to make you smile throughout the film. It’s a beautiful film over 12 years, telling the lives of two people, simple.

Life As We Know It (2010)

When one year old Sophie is soon orphaned it’s up to the godparents to drop everything and take care of her. Knowing nothing of being parents and hating each other from an awful blind date three years before, they struggle through charts and other baby-related problems, trying to be the parents Sophie lost.

Another Katherine Heigl romcom, and of course she’s a similar character to her usual, the control-freak, like in ‘27 Dresses’ or ‘The Ugly Truth’, ‘Life As We Know It’ is just the same character. And just like ‘New Year’s Eve’ she’s a caterer, although ‘New Year’s Eve’ did come out after this one. Doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing, no not at all. I do love Katherine Heigl, but it’s pretty much the same character she plays in each film. The other star of the film is Josh Duhamel, he is great too. The film is also quite predictable, but aren’t most romcoms? Saying all this, I really do like this film, it’s enjoyable, it has hilarious moments and heart-warming ones, I don’t think there is much else to ask for in a romcom. Oh wait, there’s an adorable baby too.

Life As We Know It

Holly and Messer (that’s his last name don’t worry) are bombarded with the dreadful news of their best friends death in a car accident, the next day they are surprised to find that those best friends had named Holly and Messer together as their daughter’s guardians if anything should happen to them. Their lives turn upside down as they are now suddenly handed a baby. Told to live in their deceased friends’ house and look after their baby, they feel more and more they are falling into their friends’ lives, struggling to look after a baby who won’t stop crying. Messer is a jokey character of playing the field, as such, he loved his old life of going to see games as a living and being able to pick up women whenever he wanted to. Holly, she’s the opposite, she’s a caterer with her own bakery and she follows life by a plan.

Life As We Know It

The film follows one year which is broken down into seasons. They struggle in their first year of having a child, with the case worker coming at the hilariously most inconsiderate times, and with the neighbours constantly hovering, helping or pestering, you decide. One of these neighbours is actually played by Melissa McCarthy, but to be honest her character does annoy me a bit, she bosses her husband round like nobody’s business and talks with such high pitch, I think she is supposed to be a little annoying.

Life As We Know It - Messer and Sophie

Overall, I do love this film, I think it’s enjoyable, it has some great moments and it’s a fun easy watch. It puts you in a great mood and makes everything feel brilliant. I wouldn’t say ‘Life As We Know It’ is the best romcom, far from it, and it’s definitely not the most hilarious, but it’s still fab. If you love a good romcom, then you should watch this one too.

Bachelorette (2012)

“The B-Faces” are reunited at one of their weddings. High School friends are finally joined back together at Becky’s wedding, with Regan as the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids Katie and Gena.

This is a film for older ages, it’s a 15 for a reason. There’s a lot of swearing, constant use of drugs, and a sex scene. Just a pre-warning.

This film has a good stardom. Firstly, Kirsten Dunst, from Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man’ and from ‘Bring It On’. Dunst plays Regan, the self-absorbed leader-as-such of the group. Secondly, it’s Isla Fisher, recognisable from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, ‘Now You See Me’ and ‘Definitely, Maybe’. Fisher is Katie, the wanna-get-wasted Bridesmaid. Thirdly, Lizzy Caplan, from ‘Mean Girls’ as Janis, as Isla Fisher’s replacement in ‘Now You See Me 2’ and appears in one of my favourite shows ‘New Girl’. Caplan plays Gena in this film, the hate-the-world take-responsibility-of-nothing Bridesmaid. Then the Bride is played by Rebel Wilson, obviously from ‘Pitch Perfect’ 1, 2 and 3. It also has James Marsden from ‘Hairspray’, ‘27 Dresses’ and so many other films I love, although hate his character in this, he is such an arsehole. And then there is Adam Scott from ‘Friends with Kids’ and ‘Leap Year’. So many, many recognisable actors and actresses in ‘Bachelorette’, that’s if you’ve seen those films I’ve mentioned of course!

Bachelorette - Regan, Katie and Gena

At the beginning of the film, Regan, Katie and Gena seem like such horrible people. Really bitchy, horrible people, especially to the Bride. Actually, a lot of the characters are extremely flawed. It is odd to see a film where a lot of the characters are like this, but somehow by the end you end up kind of appreciating the characters and liking them. The Bridesmaid’s go through a lot and more and more is revealed about them, about their past and the reasons they are the way they are, which makes it more relatable and honest. Strangely by the end, you’re hoping for the best with these characters and loving a good ending. As you watch you seem to forget the crap they did at the beginning and just see them as real flawed characters that should still be appreciated. You discover they’re actually extremely close friends and would actually do anything for each other. It’s very strange, cleverly done. The character this was most successful for me was Gena definitely as her past became such a recognition of her ways. Also, it was for Katie, as she became a character deeply sad and troubled.

Bachelorette - Katie and Gena

When the drugged-up Bridesmaids make the Bride’s rehearsal dinner a disaster, Becky angrily backs out of the Bachelorette party, so the three Bridesmaids decide a party is necessary anyway. After accidentally ripping the Bride’s wedding dress, the night becomes a disaster to try and get it fixed. ‘Bachelorette’ turns chaotic and stressful, extremely fast pace, telling the story of the night before a wedding. To strip clubs and ex-boyfriend’s houses, to a pool then back to the hotel, the girls travel everywhere to try and fix the huge problem they have made.

Bachelorette - Regan, Katie and Gena 2

This isn’t the best film I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely not the best romcom at that. It’s an ok film, definitely not the worst either. I mean everything gets so chaotic and mad, that it’s hard to understand the character’s position in the wedding. The film is heavily revolved around drugs as that’s the reason the dilemma occurs. So this is definitely a film of required taste, but at that it’s not an amazing one either. It’s an odd one at that. To say the least, it’s definitely not a film I would watch over and over again, one or two times is enough really.

Bridesmaids (2011)

I believe this to be one of the classic romcoms from the 2000s. It’s hilarious, it’s got a worthy storyline and it’s got some great actresses to pull of the film as great as it is. It is really an enjoyable, comical film, but definitely one for older ages, with a few sex scenes and obscene language.

Bridesmaids 3

‘Bridesmaids’ is a story of when Annie (Kristen Wiig) thinks her life has hit rock bottom, but she’s got so much further to go. She’s lost her beloved bakery and lost her boyfriend when her business went under. But now, she’s losing her best friend when Lillian (Maya Rudolph – ‘Grown Ups’) announces she’s engaged. Annie becomes Maid of Honour and realises how single she is, then she becomes insanely jealous of Lillian’s new friend, Helen (Rose Byrne – ‘Bad Neighbours’ 1 and 2). Helen’s life is in opposition to Annie’s. Where Annie is running out of money, has no love life and lives in an apartment with creepily close siblings Brynn (Rebel Wilson) and Gil (Matt Lucas); Helen has her own estate with a huge driveway, she has money to throw at everything, she wears long ball gowns and her hair is always perfect. Planning a wedding is something she’s great at, although Annie has always been Lillian’s best friend and always wants to be, but as Helen throws money and makes everything spectacular, Annie finds herself dropping to the bottom even more and making huge mistakes which just ruins her childhood friend’s best moments. Introducing the major plot line of this film: a competitive rivalry between Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid.

Bridesmaids 1

We also meet the other Bridesmaids of the film. Firstly, is Lillian’s cousin, Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey – ‘Blended’), she’s married with three sons. She is constantly complaining of her life and the crude stories of her children. Secondly, newly-wed and innocent Becca (Ellie Kemper – ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’). Finally, the best Bridesmaid and the one who gets the most screen-time compared to the other two, the groom’s sister, Megan (played by the amazing Melissa McCarthy – from so many great iconic moments, ‘Spy’, ‘The Heat’, ‘Gilmore Girls’). Megan is absolutely hilarious, she definitely carries a lot of the humour in the film. And of course, Melissa McCarthy’s husband makes an appearance, Ben Falcone, although their scene after the initial credits is not something I wished to have seen…

Bridesmaids 2

‘Bridesmaids’ is solely based on Annie’s life as she crashes everything, but hilariously does so. Kristen Wiig is truly brilliant, she plays this character amazingly well as we become to understand this struggling protagonist. We watch her as she panics on planes, as she destroys a giant cookie. As she ruins a relationship with a genuinely lovely yet awkward cop (played by Chris O’Dowd), and as she keeps returning back to the guy who treats her awfully. Meanwhile, her best friend is planning the best day of her life.

I would really recommend watching this hilarious romance comedy. If you think this would be a film for you, but it at the top of your list, I promise you’ll laugh. Just remember the Wilson Phillips own words: “Hold on for one more day” (it does have some relation to the film, don’t worry).

The Perfect Man (2005)

Everybody knows whether they’ve grown up through the Hilary Duff era, and if you have then I’m sure you’ve already seen this film. This is one the classics of Hilary Duff and one of the best, although she does have many. If you’ve seen any Hilary Duff film, you can be sure that this one is pretty much on the same genre line and is definitely of preference. But this is a great chickflick, and that is what it is, but it definitely has to be one of the top chickflicks of the early 2000s. And personally, the early 2000s has the best chickflicks, it seems ones being released now don’t have anything on these old classics!


So, to be honest, if you’ve seen ‘John Tucker Must Die’ (which by the way, is amazing and if you haven’t seen it you can read my view by clicking on the title) anyway, if you’ve seen this film, you can get the drift of the starter story and the emotions of the main character in ‘The Perfect Man’. I do have to mention though, ‘The Perfect Man’ was released a year before ‘John Tucker Must Die’, so it’s actually the other way around. Differing to ‘John Tucker Must Die’, however, the daughter of this story does something completely different… So, if you’ve seen neither, here’s ‘The Perfect Man’ plot: Daughter, Holly (Hilary Duff), has finally had enough of moving around every single time her mother’s heart is broken by some man. When she moves to Brooklyn for another “adventure”, she decides it’s time to take action and stay at school longer than a couple of months. Her plan? She’s quick to make friends with one girl at her new school, Amy (Vanessa Lengies – recognisable to me as Sugar from ‘Glee’); it’s Amy’s uncle, Ben (Chris North) that indirectly and unknowingly gives Holly the idea. Basically, her plan is to catfish her mum, by pretending there is the perfect man as a secret admirer. It all starts with sending flowers, but soon she falls in too deep, and of course turns to desperate cringey moments.

The Perfect Man - Hilary Duff

There’s a lot of off-screen narration in this film, a lot of the plot is through emails or letters, or Holly’s blog ‘Girl on the Move’ which introduces us to her story. Therefore, the audience are read letters and emails that are being read or written at that time. This is cleverly done and easily accessible to not miss anything that is necessary. This just adds to the film being an easy but enjoyable watch. Although it’s definitely a throwback to IM on the computer and some questionable fashion choices.

The Perfect Man - family

I do love this film, there are moments of romance and comedy. Even through Holly lies she’s a great character, and there are also many other characters to appreciate. Kurt’s father from ‘Glee’ makes an appearance as the desperate for love hilarious man. Holly’s mother, Jean (Heather Locklear) is of course great, even if desperate for love herself but creative in baking and trying as hard as she can as a single mother. Another great contribution is comic-drawer student Adam (Ben Feldman) who finds a new inspiration to draw on. Finally, the youngest daughter, Zoe (Aria Wallace), who sadly sometimes gets a bit lost in this film, and I feel she should be appreciated more as she’s having to move around schools just as much as her big sister Holly is. They’ve chosen the actors brilliantly to make this flawed, but loving family. It’s just a feel-good chickflick with of course many morals, the main one being that you can’t run away from problems. If you appreciate the classic chickflicks, then go ahead and watch ‘Girl on the Move’ as she dives deeper and deeper into lies to create the perfect man for her mother.

Pretty in Pink (1986)

One of the 80s teen movies and it felt time to finally watch it. Written by John Hughes, also one of the writers of teen movies. Furthermore, starring Molly Ringwald, an 80s teen star. And got to love a teen movie, what’s better than going back to the classics of when they first came about, when the teens became dominant in society and they opened up a new audience for the teenager. Sounds stupid, but you can tell this is an 80s film and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pretty in Pink - Andie

‘Pretty in Pink’ is one quite simple to grasp, but actually has a meaningful concept behind it all. The film’s theme is revolved around the differences between poor and rich: one girl from a low-income family struggles as she’s bullied and diminished to nothing; one boy born into money and wealth struggles as he likes someone his family and friends would not approve of. Molly Ringwald plays Andie, the girl seen as poor and worthless by the richer students in her school. She’s a great character, full of hatred at how’s treated, understandably, and stands up for herself, but she’s also creative and clever, she makes her own clothes and excels in school academically. She lives with her father (Harry Dean Stanton), a man stuck in the past and struggling with work. Andie’s relationship with her father really is something to be admired, even if there’s a small moment there could be a different side of her father, this is immediately destroyed and the real reason behind his laziness shines through, making his character more complex. Where Andie becomes most vulnerable is when she meets Blane (Andrew McCarthy), it’s through this rich boy that Andie becomes a character to route for, but Blane also becomes a complicated character, just making mistakes and realising that his friends see Andie as “trash” for having no money. Next character for me to introduce, Andie’s childhood best friend, Duckie, played by a much younger Alan from ‘Two and a Half Men’, Jon Cryer. Straight from the beginning we know much more than Andie does, because secretly, well not that secretly, Duckie is in love with his best friend, to Andie’s unknown knowledge, that’s until his heart breaks when she likes someone from the wrong side. Duckie is actually an amazing character, he’s funny, he’s adorable. He becomes outraged at Andie’s new interest as he’s always been there.

Pretty in Pink - Andie and Iona

The school is divided, and this is one of those Romeo and Juliet films of whether the relationship between Andie and Blane can actually work. Or whether the best friend would be in for a chance, as he sings to himself in agony of how much he loves her. Or even lip syncs to her, because that scene is just great! Ultimately, this is a film that’s just leading to prom, but I think it’s a great teen film. My first knowledge of this film, was actually Shawn Spencer’s 80s constant mentioning of it, and that just made me want to watch it more and I’m glad I did, so thanks to that character from ‘Psych’. What I find great about this film is that I couldn’t actually predict it, it might have been an obvious ending, but either endings could be argued that way. Watch it and you’ll understand what I mean. Looking for a classic romcom, and I mean a classic? I would recommend this one. A teen romcom of a complicated forbidden love, it might be overdone now, but this one is one of the originals!