New Year’s Eve (2011)

A film of multiple story lines, of multiple characters, just like ‘Love Actually’ or ‘Valentine’s Day’ (the latter being the same director – so very similar). The main difference between ‘Love Actually’ and ‘New Year’s Eve’, being that the former is British, the latter American, so the cast is very different, yet equally as great. Such as the classic Robert De Niro or Michelle Pfeiffer, or even Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel. Like I said, many to recognise and throw yourself into the multiple story lines.

New Years Eve - Chef

I don’t know about you, but in films such as this one, I love to see connections between the very different plot lines. To see how they all connect, or their secret lives they hide and are revealed at the end. Which character is connected to who, which place will they meet up, do the storylines interlink with others, etc. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that’s what is great about this film. There are many different interlinks to keep you gripped, also just to uncover where all the stories are going. And alike to the others like this film, every story is completely different. Overall, the whole film revolves around New Year’s Eve, in particular in New York.

New Years Eve - Mother and Daughter

Ok, so I think I should at least explain the different stories. Firstly, there’s the maternity ward competition of two pregnant women and their husbands. The story to this is the closest baby born to midnight wins $25,000, so there’s a competitive rivalry there. Then there’s the two stuck in the elevator, a girl who has got to be somewhere and a guy who hates New Year’s. Moving across the city to the offices is a woman who decides to take control of her life, finally wanting to complete her New Year’s Revolutions. In order to do this, she hires the delivery guy for the day to help her complete the list. There’s the chef’s and the organisation of the party of the year, in which a famous singer turns back to his ex-girlfriend. There’s a daughter desperate to live her own life, but a mother being a bit too protective. There’s a man stuck in traffic, in agony of whether he will go back to the woman he met last year. The first time watching this story is great, because the mystery on who the woman is is intriguing and great. There’s a sadder story, in which I guess there normally is in these films. This is a dying man in a hospital, a man who never asks for anything but the only thing he asks for he’s denied against hospital policy. And finally, the organisation of the New York Times Square ball drop, what everyone is waiting for. So many different stories, yet they all are great! There isn’t one I don’t like. This is what is so important for one of these films to be successful, every story has got to be intriguing and wanted to be watched and this is definitely there in this film.

New Years Eve - New Years Revolutions

So if you’re still unsure, maybe the stardom of this film will intrigue you. So like I said before, there’s the brilliant Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel. But there are so many more! ‘Sex And The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker. ‘Catwoman’ Halle Berry. ‘Glee’s Lea Michele and ‘High School Musical’s Zac Efron. ‘That 70’s Show’ Ashton Kutcher. Bon Jovi’s lead singer. The strict father of ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ Larry Miller and head of security in ‘The Princess Diaries’ Hector Elizondo. ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’s Jake T. Austin, ‘American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson and ‘Charmed’ Alyssa Milano. There’s also the recognisable Josh Duhamel, Hilary Swank and Abigail Breslin. Then Seth Meyers, Ludacris, Til Schweiger, Sean O’Bryan and Sofia Vergara. And so so many more! A pretty great cast to say the least! And this definitely should be a factor in why you should watch it. Because of course they’re all amazing.

New Years Eve - Elevator

If you haven’t noticed, I love this film and would definitely recommend it. The stories are great, the characters are great. There’s romance and comedy, there’s some sad parts, but overall it’s an enjoyable film. It’s also such a throwback to 2012 New Year’s, seems so long ago now!

Blended (2014)

The third Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film. A different one, but definitely still a brilliant one, and of course it’s a romcom! From ‘The Wedding Singer’ to ‘50 First Dates’ to ‘Blended’, and you have to love this duo. They work excellently together and this film is no different. A film about a mother of two sons, Lauren, and father of three daughters, Jim. After an extremely unsuccessful first date they never want to see each other again, that’s until they end up going on the same romantic holiday to Africa.

So as I’ve stated, the film starts with an awful blind date, but of course that’s not the last they see of each other. This is definitely a film which covers many family or personal issues, such as growing up, first crushes, and death of a loved one; don’t worry it’s not so much of a sad film, but there are heart-warming moments, or just touching sad moments, which makes the film so different from the constant comedy of a romcom, but rather covers some hard issues and makes the film moving as well. But don’t fret this film is filled with comedy as well, it is hilarious, but you would expect that with the Sander-Barrymore duo. There are moments that are probably inappropriate for younger ages, well definitely are. But again this adds to the humour of the film it is.


The film is based around the two families. Lauren, the single mother struggling with a crappy ex-husband and a crappy father, and her two sons, Brendan (Braxton Beckham) and Tyler (Kyle Red Silverstein). And the widowed father, Jim, struggling with raising daughters accidentally adapting them to be extremely boyish, Hilary (or Larry, as her father calls her) (played by Bella Thorne – ‘The Duff’), Espn (named after the sport network if you can believe) (Emma Fuhrmann) and Lou (Alyvia Alyn Lind). You can probably tell what happens in this film; the two boys struggle with a let-down of a father and the three girls struggle as females with no motherly figure. So when Lauren’s best friend, Jen (Wendi McLendon-Covey – ‘Bridesmaids’) cancels her romantic trip with her new boyfriend, she takes Jen’s ticket. Unknowingly Jim has taken Jen’s boyfriend’s ticket, who happens to be his boss. Therefore, off they all are, to Africa, Lauren and her sons, Jim and his daughters. No matter how much they try, they can’t avoid the week together.

I would definitely recommend this film, it is a cute, heart-warming, yet hilarious film and I love it! You have to appreciate that it has Terry Crews (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘White Chicks’) in it as well, who appears from nowhere but always has a song ready, it is a comedic repetition in the film. There are some parts that are weird and so random, but it goes with the comedy and you just have to laugh. Brendan as a character in the film is slightly overdone, but nevertheless, the actors and actresses are great. Overall, I think it’s an excellent film (like I’ve already said), but really it’s different from other films and the common romcom.

Blended - Jim and Lauren

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Do I need to say more?

Legally Blonde (2001)

Personally, I think this is one of the classic chickflicks, one of those cheesy feel-good romcoms. A film about a stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’ but she has a point to prove – that she shouldn’t be stereotyped, that her appearance is not all she has. Yes, she does start this mission because she wants to get her ex back, but nevertheless, Elle Woods joins Harvard Law School in the way just like any other student has and throws herself in the deep end to show she can be serious and clever. I do love this film, I love any romance comedies or chickflicks, it is a genre that is easy to watch and great way to spend time. ‘Legally Blonde’ is not any different.

There are of course predictable moments, but like I’ve said before, this is not a genre to be guessing what is going to happen next, and there is no problem with that, just don’t be expecting twists and turns. Although, there is one particular moment, and if you have seen this movie before you’ll know which part I mean, that is quite shocking and I always forget happens, but regardless of this you can probably guess the plot of the film quite accurately. Anyway, a film of its genre, it is filled with comedy, over-dramatic moments of course, and those classic cheesy moments that is expected in a chickflick.

Legally Blonde - 1

‘Legally Blonde’ does have many recognisable actors and actresses. Elle Wood is played by the brilliant Reese Witherspoon, her ex, Warner, is played by my favourite Alaric from ‘Vampire Diaries’ (Matthew Davis). Other students include Vivian Kensington (Selma Blair) and Emmett (Luke Wilson). There is also the appearance of Velma (Linda Cardellini) from ‘Scooby-Doo The Movie’, looking very different I have to add. There’s also Professor Callahan (Victor Garber – whose name might not be familiar, however many would recognise his face), and also the new friend of Elle’s, Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge – from ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘American Pie’ and ‘A Cinderella Story’). So from this I conclude a good stardom in the film, which of course adds to the greatness of the film.

So as Elle struggles to come to grips with this new life, discovering it’s completely different from her fashion major or sorority presidency. She is completely stereotyped, therefore giving a moral to the film, one to believe in yourself but also not to stereotype those who could prove so much more than that single thought. The film is one that is just a feel-good film, a heart-warming film, mainly just one to get you routing for the main protagonist, Elle, so she can prove herself to those against her.

Legally Blonde - 2

As you can probably tell, I love this film. An easy watch to sit and enjoy. Not much attention is needed at all, but that doesn’t matter. I think it’s a great romcom, one definitely up there with the best. I think if you like films such as ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘House Bunny’, ‘John Tucker Must Die’ or ‘Clueless’, I think you would appreciate this one too. It’s a different, yet easy plot, well made and enjoyable. Besides, along with Anna Faris and Alicia Silverstone, Reese Witherspoon plays the stereotypical dumb blonde excellently.

Warm Bodies (2013)

Well ‘Warm Bodies’ is definitely a romcom. A cheesy, love is everything, romcom. However, there is a twist to the traditional romcom. I mean, the slight twist that it’s a zombie that falls in love with a human, rather than the traditional human and human… But it’s only that humans are trained to dehumanise and shoot corpses in the head, and the corpses, well, they need to eat humans to survive and apparently, according to R (the main zombie protagonist), the brain is the best part. But they still find love…

After a zombie apocalypse, dead people roam the city. Separated by a wall, the humans, alive people, live the other side, terrified by what’s on the other side of the wall and trained to kill them. Basically, dead corpse and human meet, in difficult circumstances, but the corpse, R (Nicholas Hoult), saves the human, Julie (Teresa Palmer), and falls in love with her. Such an unfortunate circumstance, especially as Julie is trying to shoot his head off. To make things more difficult, R chooses the daughter of the biggest hater of zombies and the leader into killing them all; played brilliantly, of course, by John Malkovich.

Warm Bodies Zombies

As the audience, we are more delved into the character R. This is predominantly because it is from his point of view. R is just one lonely dead corpse, yearning for human connection and to feel something again, he remembers nothing of his past life, but ties himself to any human thing he possibly can. There is a voice over narrative throughout the film, again this is from R. This is clever of the film as it explains his emotions and his life, especially as without the narration at the beginning the film would look rather odd, because the zombies can’t actually speak, so we would just watch zombies roaming around an old airport grunting occasionally; the narration is definitely needed to say the least. This also adds to the comedy of the film as R is a sarcastic character, who even takes the mick out of himself as if he was watching the film with us. This means we are more connected to R, and want him to get what he wants, even if he does go round eating people.

‘Warm Bodies’ is classed as a 12; there is the occasional swearing, and violent scenes, but between zombies and humans, so obviously, less realistic. There are also some jump scares, where bad zombies jump out and some scenes might be frightening for younger ages as they run away from human-eating zombies in dark abandoned warehouses. But I wouldn’t class it as a horror.

Warm Bodies

If you like a good old romcom then this is a good one to choose. I really enjoy watching this film, I think it’s clever, not boring, and in scenes where not much is happening, the narrative makes it more comical and fun to watch. The actors and actresses are played brilliantly, so you don’t watch the film annoyed at the acting and become more involved into the plot. There’s a cheesy cute moral of the story that love cures, and alike to most romcoms it has a cute, soppy ending; without trying to spoil anything. I would definitely recommend this film, especially if you enjoy the more mystical and unrealistic love situations, so not a human based film. So if you do, give ‘Warm Bodies’ a watch, and find yourself routing for the dead corpse to get his girl.

Trainwreck (2015)

So personally this was a film not for me. I was quite deflated by the end, didn’t feel the essence of comedy and was quite confusing at times. Ok so maybe it’s meant to be a bit structurally confusing where everything is thrown everywhere at once, the film is called ‘Trainwreck’, maybe? For me, it didn’t work. The structure was so bizarre it felt like a film that didn’t have any flow, just a mish-mash of everything, but then again, that’s life right?


Starred and written by Amy Schumer, she plays the main protagonist Amy (why not?). To be honest, I managed to guess the whole pattern of the start of the movie just from the trailer. A father telling his two daughters that love and marriage isn’t real, then jumps how many years ahead to the present, we follow Amy’s life for a while, strongly getting the message she sleeps with a lot of men, and one night stands at that, we also get her job and her family life – however, I didn’t realise the route of the family life from the trailer, that was a nice change of the significance of it, I do have to admit. Then the man is introduced, the man who changes everything, obviously. This is Aaron (Bill Hader). Sounds like a normal plot to any romance comedy right? Well I have to say the trailer looked better than the actual film. From then on the flow was completely confusing, jumping around I have no idea how much time. The idea of a narrator of Amy talking to the audience was supposed to clear things up, but she wasn’t there that much, she was needed more in the film to understand where we were.

The relationship, umm, well I wasn’t invested at all. I didn’t really understand Amy as a character, I couldn’t read what she was feeling, therefore I couldn’t connect with the film. This is obviously a major problem in any film. I couldn’t find many characters that I actually liked that much to be honest. The film was also a bit contradictory as well, it went back on itself, again back to the point that it was occasionally confusing. I didn’t understand the relationship between the two and I didn’t ever really know where they stood, it jumps around and I felt things weren’t built up properly. It was a relationship in which I didn’t care where they stood at the end of the film.


This is definitely a film of older ages, there are many over the top sexual references, swearing, bums and sex scenes. A 15 for a good reason to say the least. These sexual references though are supposed to be the comedy of the film, for me it felt a bit forced and didn’t work right. But then again, I guess many would disagree when looking at the 85% from Rotten Tomatoes…

So if you hadn’t gathered, I wasn’t a fan. I guess there were parts of the film that I did enjoy, an occasional giggle, nothing I would say I would watch again. So no I wouldn’t recommend this film. But then I guess you have to have the right humour for this film and by the looks of it I clearly don’t. But if you think this would be a film for you, sure why not give it a go. Not that I’ve really sold it or anything however…

“From the guy who brought you Bridesmaids”. ‘Bridesmaids’ is so much better, that’s a film I love!

What’s Your Number? (2011)

When Ally realises her number of how many guys she’s slept with is pretty high, she starts to have a minor breakdown. An article in a magazine says those above 20 will never get married. Only problem Ally is already at 20… So what does Ally do? Only goes and tracks down all her ex’s, hoping one of them might have changed and has become her perfect husband.

‘What’s Your Number?’ really does have some great people in it, and it’s a proper chickflick (for older ages due to the swearing and sex references), and a great feel-good romcom movie. Ally is played by Anna Faris, she’s perfect in playing the ditzy or clumsy ‘blondes’, such as in ‘House Bunny’ or the Scary Movie films. But of course, she can’t search for all her ex’s on her own. In comes Colin! Played by Captain America himself, Chris Evans, again perfect in this role would be an understatement. Colin helps Ally in finding her past relationships. The best thing, is that these two characters complement each other so well, it is loved by the audience as they joke and push each other to do better in life.


Meanwhile, during all this Ally’s sister, Daisy (Ari Graynor), is getting married. So we witness hilarious moments from a judgemental mother (Blythe Danner) and tensions between mother and father (Ed Begley Jr.). Of course, if there’s a wedding there has to be bridesmaids, and these close friends are also wrapped up in Ally’s mission to hunt her ex’s down. There’s Eileen, played by Heather Burns from ‘Miss Congeniality’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’; Sheila (Jane from ‘Happy Endings’ or Denise from ‘Scrubs’ – Eliza Coupe), Katie (Kate Simses) and Jamie (Tika Sumpter). They all add to the humour in their own way, but personally no one beats Anna Faris in the comedy, or perhaps just the reoccurrence of Disgusting Donald is funny enough – played by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Peter Quill, Chris Pratt.


Surprisingly, they find many more ex’s than you would suspect. We witness clever little flashbacks of who they are and when they were with Ally in hilarious circumstances. Jumping back to now we recognise a difference, or perhaps not one at all. All of the guys are so different, they all bring their humour to the film. They’re so different, it’s definite to say that Ally does not have a type… Ally is brilliant in all these meet ups and she definitely brings the humour to the film.


‘What’s Your Number?’ has many characters to appreciate and find hilarious, obviously the brunt of it going to the main protagonist. It’s definitely one of those easy watching, feel-good movies, and I would definitely recommend if you think this would be a film for you. I love it, it’s enjoyable and adorable. But I guess you either think Anna Faris is hilarious or not so much. But still Chris Evans, not as a saving-the-world hero this time however. And hey, there’s even some pretty recognisable ex’s, such as Jake Peralta from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, and Martin Freeman!

John Tucker Must Die (2006)

One of the best classic romcoms going in my opinion. If you are a fan of the romcoms (which I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this), then this film must be on the top ten list. Every single time. Classic chickflick.

Unlikely friends of a know-it-all Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), head cheerleader Heather (Ashanti), a vegan obsessed Beth (Sophia Bush), and the invisible Kate (Brittany Snow – a younger blonde Chloe from ‘Pitch Perfect’), meet when they discover they all are dating the same guy (well not Kate but she brings them together). With one plan, they find themselves plotting. One plan that they thought would be simple and easy – to destroy John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe). As narrator Kate points out, this is not her story, but the story of the one and only John Tucker instead. Although, I have to say, it is a lot about Kate too. Now John Tucker is the number one player. The number one star of lying to girls to just get with them and break up with them. Not the only one in film, but one of the best! And one of them that should be remembered always! This 2006 film should not be forgotten.


‘John Tucker Must Die’ is full of classic pop songs, comedic moments, and girl power. As the film advertisement states, “Don’t get mad. Get even”; and that’s surely what happens. Firstly, the music, I love it, I think it’s a great aspect of the film, even if it’s something that’s not really noticed when you watch it, you don’t realise how much music makes a difference to the audience. The music in this film is very clever in which it starts as non-diegetic music, so not within the actual movie, to then incorporating into the film through someone’s headphones or a CD player, becoming diegetic music the characters are also listening to. This is a small but great way in which the audience is dragged through scenes and different places easily. Plus it helps that all the songs are classic great ones, from ‘Dirty Little Secret’ (an obvious choice for a film about a guy who lies to girls…), to ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ (again blending in with the film well); just two examples there.

Within the four girls coming together to take down one guy, there are many funny moments to enjoy. There are witty comebacks as the girls start as rivalries from different cliques of the school. Throw in some awkward moments they find themselves in, especially Beth, just adds to the humour of the film. Also bring in a different romance element from “The Other Tucker”, Scott (Penn Badgley – ‘Gossip Girl’), which the audience can admire. Additionally, there are moments that girls of similar ages can relate to. So probably more of a classic chickflick for girls of that age, so a particular audience, but I’m not limiting it to this, just because of the relatability of the film. If you like films such as ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘The Duff’ or ‘Easy A’ (other chickflick school based films), then you would 100% love this one.

John Tucker Must Die

It really is one of those classic chickflick films that if you love this genre then this wouldn’t be a let-down. ‘John Tucker Must Die’ is riddled with comedic elements, while four girls try and get their payback on the guy who screwed them around in the first place. But what is always to remember is “never underestimate your opponent”.