Black Panther (2018)

I try make it my mission to keep up with the Marvel films because personally I believe they’re the best superhero films out there. I completely get that they are pretty much the same story over and over again, of the Marvel universe telling a story of good vs evil and a superhero comes to save the world, usually America. Although, I have to admit this one was actually quite different from the others. There was a personal edge to the main protagonist and more to the narration. Plus, the best thing was that things weren’t so ‘good vs evil’; the ‘good’ were wrong and the ‘evil’ were born into a life knowing nothing but revenge. Additionally, ‘Black Panther’ wasn’t set in America, but instead Africa, Wakanda, Marvel’s fictional country of where technology is at an extreme height where nowhere comes near to comparison.

Black Panther 2

When the King of Wakanda is killed, seen previously in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is left with the throne and the role and powers of the Black Panther. With this he comes across many conflicts, the fate of Wakanda falls into his hands where he stands strong in his father’s beliefs that his country should remain secret from the world with it’s technological powers. Will anything change his mind? With an ex-girlfriend, Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) trying to do anything to save the world. With his sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright) continuing to build the greatest of scientific developments. An old friend, W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) determined in military power. With old secrets of his father coming to light and lastly a murderer finally landing on the radar once again.

Black Panther 1

Tensions rise quickly when we are thrown straight into the spectacle of action that all these films express. We quickly discover a villain in Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue, who brings a villain in Michael B. Jordan to screen too. T’Challa and his best fighters, Nakia and General Okoye (Danai Gurira), are quickly brought to mission of the capture and death of Klaue, but it’s not as easy as that. The audience, as always, fall into this action-filled world, but ‘Black Panther’ also brings some cool scientific discoveries, better than any in ‘Iron Man’ for sure. Moreover, we have the brilliant Martin Freeman making an appearance as the American CIA agent – I guess Marvel has to Americanise both of the amazing figures of ‘Sherlock’, but proudly, even with the American accents, they will always be the great British actors.

Black Panther 3

Obviously, the graphics and the acting are great, as is the action and happily quite a bit of comedy. The Princess of Wakanda, Shuri, is a brilliant character, probably one of my favourite in the film. She is hilarious with witty comments. The comedy is brilliantly done to connect to modern day, even the classic “what are those???”, honestly, I kid you not. Another character who becomes an element of comedy is M’Baku (Winston Duke), in which his brilliance of comedy is fantastic again. I would definitely recommend this film. If you are a Marvel fan then obviously you have to watch this anyway! It’s definitely a great Marvel addition, with a different edge, more to the narrative, action tension and comedy. It’s a fab film for everyone. Don’t underestimate this one just because it’s a character who hasn’t appeared as much as in all the other Avenger films.


Justice League (2017)

There will be spoilers in this review, just a pre-warning. Because to be honest, the thing I need to rant about is something that was kept a good secret. So again, there WILL be spoilers.

The trailer and all advertising screams teamwork, “you can’t save the world alone”, well to be honest if you’re Superman you can, because he can do everything right? Why did Batman spend so much time bringing a team together when Superman could do everything alone? Blah, blah, blah, he’s too good to be true and that irritates me in a movie such as this. You may say, “ah but Superman died because of his one weakness”, but noooo, here comes the spoiler! He’s back! And I was really enjoying the film until that happened! Ok, so a bit of an exaggeration, I still enjoyed the film, there were just obstacles making it difficult to be an amazing one I’d watch repeatedly.

Anyway, DC Comics brings Batman (Ben Affleck) back as he tries to build a team against Steppenwolf who wants to destroy the world, obviously, when do they not want to? Steppenwolf brings many, oh so many, flying demons to earth with him, demons who feed on fear. So, Batman brings a team of supers together: Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Barry Allen aka The Flash (Ezra Miller – from ‘Perks of Being A Wallflower’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’), Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and finally Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa – the one and only Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’). I love that all the characters got a proper introduction, so if you haven’t seen previous films of these characters then not much is missed and you can enjoy the film without much confusion.

Justice League

Let’s start with Batman, Bruce Wayne. I have to admit I have a few issues with Ben Affleck as Batman. I don’t know what it is, but as Batman he doesn’t seem quite right, but as Bruce Wayne he is brilliant. He does play the Bruce Wayne to excellency. His voice seems to irritate me when he’s Batman, I can’t quite explain it, but even when everyone knows he’s actually Bruce Wayne in a Bat costume, he still does this deepened voice… Anyway, his character in this film is seen as very human, which was a nice touch, after all as he says his super power is being rich, not speed, nor strength, nor being able to breathe under water. Batman has his mind and his money. I did appreciate this more human side of him, again swaying me to prefer him as Bruce Wayne. With the other characters associated with Batman, I don’t think anyone could beat Michael Caine or Gary Oldman as Alfred or Gordon, so as it wasn’t these in this film they weren’t the best, but nevertheless they weren’t awful. They were more minimal characters anyway.

Justice League - Batman

So next, Wonder Woman. She was brilliant, at the start I thought she might be a bit too good, the same issue as Superman, but no. She was perfect. She was played brilliantly, she had her flaws, but she also had some skills. Diana was a great character, a hurt Amazon woman who fled and hid for centuries in ache of her lost boyfriend, she now rises to do what she must and help the others. She was good in battle and she blended well with all the other characters, she was definitely one of my favourite characters of this film.

Justice League - Wonder Woman

Now The Flash! I loved him. Ezra Miller plays this young, speedy, funny character great. Personally, without him, this film wouldn’t be nearly as good! He carried some comedy through the film with one off sentences. His character was unique and different to all the others. As a character not strong in himself, young in mind and body, he is brought into this world of saving people. Eager to be apart of something bigger and generate some sort of friends, he falls into this world a bit out of his depths. But we watch him as he becomes stronger and obeys rules of how to save people, doing little bit by little bit with his cheeky humour on the way and his many, many fears. When Superman was thrown in the mix, he seemed to undermine poor Barry and that did irritate me, again why need a team when Superman can do it all by himself…

Justice League - Flash

Cyborg, Victor Stone. A damaged character, hurt by what his father did. Alien machinery planted into his body in order to save his life from an accident he was involved in. It very much seemed like, if he wasn’t involved in this team, they would have been considerably lacking in all directions of the film. His character had a lot of potential, yet he struggled to come to grips with everything he can do, this made him more human and I appreciated that. He was definitely a character needed in the film and played well. Although, background wise I didn’t know much about him, although this didn’t really pose a problem for the film, enough was said.

Justice League - Cyborg

Finally, Aquaman. He is a great addition, he’s the tough, ‘I don’t have any feelings’ kind of guy. Straight away, when he was brought in, I thought he would be a fab character, however I felt he was a bit limited. They didn’t show him to his full potential. He could have been a much more powerful character, whereas compared to Wonder Woman, he slacked quite a bit. I wish there was more to him, because his character on ground was brilliantly built but there needed to be more. Plus, background wise, there really wasn’t much we could suss out. A shame to be honest, nevertheless, loved him being in the film.

Justice League - Aquaman

Overall, a mixed review. I did enjoy the film, and it’s made me want to watch ‘Wonder Woman’ and hope they make ‘The Flash’ film, because these two were definitely my favourite characters. I don’t think anything is going to change my opinions on Superman, or maybe if I watch his individual films? But either way, his match wasn’t met and it seemed a bit pointless. Nevertheless, I loved the new team, the Justice League! Bring back Bruce Wayne, Diana, Barry, Victor and Arthur, without Clark Kent and I’ll be happy. If you’re a big DC fan, I don’t think you’d find this film a disappointment, and I’m not saying it is, there were just pitfalls for me. Regardless, I’d say watch it.

Power Rangers (2017)

Ok so first off, I have to admit a couple of things. This isn’t going to be a review comparing to the many other franchises of the Power Rangers, personally I’ve never seen any before this one. This is most definitely a review from an amateur on the subject. I don’t know whether this copies other episodes or follows a similar story line from before, so I’m going to judge the film standing alone – just as I watched it. So if you’re a super fan, I apologise.

To be honest with no knowledge of the previous merchandises of the Power Rangers craze, I actually really enjoyed this film. I wouldn’t say it’s the best film I’ve ever seen, not in a long shot and it is definitely not the best superhero film I’ve seen either (personally Marvel holds that down), but I cannot say it is the worst either. I enjoyed the film and I was drawn into it, feeling extremely intrigued and isn’t that the point of a film that you want to continue watching? As someone who knows nothing of the Power Rangers, I was completely shocked how the plot line was actually going to go, I had no expectations and maybe that was a good thing. Perhaps for those who loved Power Rangers, this film might be a no-go, or it could be all it thought to be. But anyway, it was much more action-involved than I thought and I definitely appreciated that. ‘Power Rangers’ is very dramatic and paints a new world for the audience, one of science-fiction – but the best thing, you can easily go along with this new world with the characters, as they acted in realistic ways, rejected this new power they’ve been chosen for, just in ways anybody would; this made it much easier to come to grips with this new idea.

Power Rangers - rangers 2.jpg

If you’re like me and have no idea what this 1990s show was even about (I googled that it was a show in the 1990s), then here are the basics of the film. Five teenagers end up being in the same place at once, none of them actually knowing each other well, in this place they are chosen to be the Power Rangers. Five teenagers, five colours – Red, Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow. The Red Ranger is supposedly the leader of the group, this is Jason (Dacre Montgomery). He’s the star quarterback, the stereotypical teenage boy in so many movies, yet he screws up and decides to put a cow in a locker room and ends up caught by the police rebelling against what he stood for. Jason is a character I appreciated, he had a lot of depth to him which made him a character to want to watch. Next, Pink, Kimberly (Naomi Scott), she’s quite hard to explain… She ends up in detention after punching a boy in the face, this ultimately leads for her friends to cut her out – in a very stereotypical way that girls apparently do, starting with cutting them out of the picture… literally. I couldn’t say that I was that invested in Kimberly, because I didn’t really understand her. More information is told throughout the film but again it doesn’t really add up to much. In simple terms, I think she’s a character lost in herself, but conflicted by the things she has done. That’s all I can really say about her to be honest. The Blue Ranger is my favourite, Billy (RJ Cyler). He is played incredibly well carrying the film. He is loyal and such an amazing character to be appreciated, he makes you laugh with honesty, but also you feel all of his emotions and understand him. He definitely stands out as the best Power Ranger, to say the least! Next, the Black Ranger, Zack (Ludi Lin). He’s painted at the dare-devil type, the crazy one, the one to run off and see how far he can jump, he seems to show no fear. But he has another side to him which is shown later in the film and this is touching and makes him a character to like as well. Finally, Yellow, Trini (played by Becky G!). She’s very much the secretive character at the beginning, she hardly talks, mostly just seen running off, described only as “crazy girl”. But as the film goes on she adds more and more to her character and you get to understand her more.

Power Rangers - rangers

Basically, these five teenagers are warped into this new sci-fi world where they are superheroes and are supposed to destroy the woman declaring to ruin the world (of course!). But all in about eleven days – they have to accept who they are, train and be able to morph, something they struggle with straight away. With guidance from a face in a wall and a talking robot called Alpha 5, the whole film is a build-up to the big fight to kill the villain, and to say the least, it is definitely a big fight and lasts a long time – thankfully because I hate films where it’s all the build-up and when it actually comes to it, it’s easy and quick… Boring! ‘Power Rangers’ big fight in the end, honestly, does escalate to ‘really???’, but it’s a sci-fi and you do end up going along with it all.

A good film needs a good villain. And this film definitely has a good villain, actually a brilliant one. You don’t really understand her or her motives to why she’s acting the way she is, that is a bit of a bummer, but nevertheless she is played amazingly well. Rita Repulsa is played by the excellent Elizabeth Banks, and she does make her extremely intriguing to watch and appreciate as the antagonist of the film.

Power Rangers - Rita

Overall, I enjoyed the film. It was full of action, some light humour and even some heart-felt moments, leaving me a bit heart-broken at one time. The special effects are phenomenal, throwing you straight in with the great tense graphics of a car crash. I also loved the camera positions, it made it different and really flowed in the film. Not going to lie to you though, you watch a lot of the film in the trailer, which is a shame. Anyway, it was an enjoyable action superhero movie, and if you think that would be a movie for you, then go and see what’s happening in Angel Grove when five acquaintances just happen to be at the same place at the same time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

So another Spider-Man and another actor. But a great actor, Tom Holland was amazing! He’s also actually an actor that looks the age he is supposed to be at school, ok so he’s actually 20/21 and he’s supposed to be 15, but at least he’s believable; so of course that’s a plus. Tom Holland was a great decision for this film, he plays Peter Parker as a witty, hard-working, determined young teenager. A young teenager who wants to make it into the Avengers, with Iron Man’s head of security supposed to be looking after him, Peter does whatever he can to be bigger than the “local” superhero.

Something which makes this film stand out from the other Spider-Man’s is the fact that they went straight in with the plot, no back story, no story of a spider and Peter, he was Spider-Man from the beginning and remained Spider-Man to the end. We all know the story has been done, so it made a great difference that it wasn’t in this one. No repetitions, new actor, new plot, new story. A plot with the enemy played by 1992’s Batman… Michael Keaton as Toomes or the Vulture. Just saying.

SpiderMan Homecoming 1

One of the best things I have to praise about this film is the time scheduling, bringing Spider-Man into the Marvel Film Universe and into the Avengers, it was so clever and tied in this new Spider-Man amazingly well. So as you can probably guess the Avengers are a major part of this film, but it is not taken away from Spider-Man. For example, Peter’s determination comes from the Avengers and Captain America is seen in DVD form. But happily, and so happily, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man is threaded throughout the whole film. Of course is he as great as ever. Am I wishing Thor could have shown his face? Maybe, but it’s Spider-Man, not another Avengers film.

I can’t say I had many bad things to say about this film, it was really enjoyable. It is quite long, but then again a lot does happen, it is jam-packed with a lot of action and normal school issues. I have to admit though, they make out that Zendaya is a big part and she really isn’t, which is a bit of a shame. She plays Michelle, who is a great character, she’s nothing that I thought she would be, but she brings comedy and is a character who should have been present a bit more in the film in my opinion. Instead the film had a different girl as centre, this being Liz (Laura Harrier), don’t get me wrong she wasn’t bad at all, but Zendaya’s character had so much potential and she could have been present more.

SpiderMan Homecoming 2

I watched ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in IMAX. I don’t know how many people have watched in IMAX, and this was my first experience, so a quick personal side-note about it from me. I can’t say I was the biggest fan, however the film was great and I still enjoyed it, especially in the decent comfy seats at the cinema. The sound was phenomenal coming from all around the cinema, that does make a difference in an action film in particular. But the 3D? Maybe I’m just old-fashioned; tilt your head and some parts go blurry and the screen was so big the corners weren’t in focus. But the parts that did look great (which was the majority) were in a good quality. But I think watching it in 2D, it will still be a great film. I don’t think, I know. But if you haven’t been to an IMAX cinema, it is an experience and definitely worth it to go at least once.

Anyway back to Spider-Man. I honestly think it could be one of the best Spider-Man films. And Tom Holland was great (as I’ve already stated many times). I love all the characters, and I love the plot. I especially love the ties to the Avengers and the bringing in of the time scale of Peter Parker and the new Spider-Man film where they fit into what has previously happened in the Avengers. Obviously, Peter Parker starting at ‘Captain America: Civil War’; the start of the film being a personal video diary from Spider-Man himself. If you’re a fan of the superhero movies or the Marvels, then I’m guessing you’ve already seen it. But if you haven’t, it’s not a let-down and I urge you to go see it. Wouldn’t you be curious to meet the new Spider-Man anyway?

Deadpool (2016)

A superhero determined in not wanting to be a superhero, as he says he is super but not a hero. Probably the first thing to mention, is that this is not a film for younger ages, it has a lot of swearing and is violent and gory at times. Anyway, this is a great film. I have to admit, it did take me a while to watch it, and I’m not sure why, but everyone seemed to watch it in a craze, so I took my time. Well I got around to it eventually, and I shouldn’t have taken that long to watch it, it was great. The highlight? Ryan Reynolds. Of course. So if you’re in the same boat as I was avoiding to watch it, take my word and watch it!

Deadpool 1

Ryan Reynolds is obviously the highlight of the film, as I’ve already mentioned. His character is fun, outspoken, and hilarious. He plays it amazingly, comedy jumping from morbidity, to silent pinches of other superhero films, even mentions of the actor Ryan Reynolds himself. A clever film which points out many of the cinematic choices, this makes it so different from other films, but cleverly so, not only adding a humour but making it intriguingly refreshing from other superheroes. What I mean is, Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) narrates and speaks to the camera, to us in particular. The talking to the camera, the narration and the talking about cinematic decisions really does make it seem like Deadpool is creating a film about himself (having a comment from another character within the film), this is something so creatively different, it should be remembered as different from others. Probably helps that Ryan Reynolds did actually help produce this film too.


So I’d watched some trailers beforehand, but I didn’t realise how heart-breaking or horrifying it was actually going to be. And I had no idea it had anything to do with the X-Men. But nevertheless, the film is powerfully done, and you do feel all the emotions, especially amongst flashbacks with the sadness. For the first hour of the film, the audience are absorbed into the film. It jumps from revenge vendetta to his reasons and life before what happened to him. It draws the audience in to finding out more and wanting to know what actually happened. I like that they did this, because even though the film starts off with violence, it’s broken down, and jumps from time and place, but it not confusing in the slightest. Deadpool’s comedy is quirky, sarcastic and he’s got comebacks for everything. He definitely does have a different humour from most superhero films, but that’s just another thing to make it different and it truly does make you laugh. The special effects are of course done amazingly well. I did notice that a new thing in superhero films seems to be the slow motion moments in fighting scenes, something that seems to be quite liked in these films at the minute, especially in the Netflix Marvel programmes – but hey, it works.

Deadpool 2

‘Deadpool’ is a very enjoyable film. A love story horror film as Deadpool suggests. Safe to say his sense of humour is never lost, so the comedy is throughout the film. Although, you don’t laugh all the way through, most definitely not, the sad moments, the horrific moments are more of the horror story side as he suggests. Besides, Ryan Reynolds is beautifully perfect for the film. I would definitely recommend ‘Deadpool’ for a different edge, for a different style of superhero/non-hero. He is definitely different from ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Iron Man’, they’ve got their humour too, but ‘Deadpool’ is definitely more morbid and gory. If I had to say similarities of ‘Deadpool’ to something, I think I would edge more towards ‘Suicide Squad’ but still, verrry different. If none of this has even made you want to attempt the film, just watch it for Ryan Reynolds, that should be enough!

Doctor Strange (2016)

Love Marvel films, love Benedict Cumberbatch, however, spiritual magic and American Benedict Cumberbatch? I’m not so sure. Perhaps it just wasn’t a film for me. It felt a bit far-fetched, one thing after another, everything had a solution so why get worried, when time can be controlled? Oh, and throw in that he can fly… Yeah, I wasn’t quite there.

Benedict Cumberbatch, in my opinion, is one of the best British actors, amazing in ‘Sherlock’, couldn’t see anyone else playing that role. Yet, they chose this great British actor to play an American part. I get that he can do impressions well, I’ve seen those videos circling Facebook, and he doesn’t do the American accent too bad, but come on, couldn’t they have just kept him British? Anyway, of course he plays the character well, he was (despite the accent) a good choice for the role. We all know he can play the arrogant, cocky type well anyway, but instead of a detective (as like ‘Sherlock’), a neurosurgeon instead.

Doctor Strange 2

The plot goes: we are shown the neurosurgeon is a brilliant one, yet of course he knows it. His job is his life, helpful with his photographic memory. His personality is arrogant to say the least, thinks he is the best out there, never wanting to mess up his “perfect record”. We are introduced to a past-girlfriend, a fellow surgeon herself, Christine, played by Rachel McAdams, of course she is brilliant, she executes some comedic moments well too. Anyway, tragedy strikes and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is unable to be a surgeon with the injuries to his hands. This is where Benedict Cumberbatch grows a lot of hair… When all of his hope in science is disappearing, as his money, he turns to a place in Kathmandu searching for the Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton – recognisable for me as the White Witch in ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’).

Away from the hospital now and we’re in a completely different light, away from science and to spiritual soul magic. This is where I turned a bit sceptical. Maybe the difference was too wide for me. I am a fan of magic films, but this one just seemed like there weren’t any limits, a film without limits feels too vague, anything can happen, nothing bad will happen. However, saying this, of course there was a build-up to the breaking point, something broken in some humour, “I’ve come to bargain”.

Doctor Strange 1

There are moments of humour, for example Wong’s (Benedict Wong) bluntless to Stephen Strange’s attempts to humour is funny, and Christine’s confusion to Strange’s new life. There are moments of tension for the audience as there is a bad guy, even long moments of understanding the insight of the bad guy, which is clever, I do have to admit. Plus, something that has to be mentioned, is the amazing graphics. They are brilliant, really impressive, and make the film feel really real even if it’s not anything recognisable to everyday life.

 Ok, so the film wasn’t too bad. But I wouldn’t say it’s the best Marvel film out there, no way near. It’s very different to other Marvel films to say the least, but perhaps one in a different light to open up to a new audience. The graphics stand out for themselves, they truly are impression. I just wasn’t the biggest fan of the plot, so I didn’t get into it as much as others may have. But watch it for yourself, because you might have a completely different opinion to mine.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America. The government intervenes. The Avengers have a choice. The choice is split. Captain America vs Iron Man. Civil War. Someone pulling the strings in the background?

Ok, so another new Marvel film and I’m definitely a fan of the Marvel films, even if I’m a bit slow on the ball with this one. I love the fast-paced action, the colourful scenes, oh and the brilliant actors and actresses playing the best superheroes. This film is not any different. Especially that some of the Avengers (other than Captain America) make an appearance. What is not to love? Well, there was a few issues for me sadly… But this didn’t much affect the film, it’s still a good Marvel film, I just wouldn’t say it’s the best.


So the plot was a bit confusing. I don’t know if you have to know the Captain America story inside out and this is where I fell down, but the beginning was a tad confusing for me. I would definitely recommend the other Captain America’s before you watched this one. However, still some parts were confusing at who was who… Or where the film was heading. Although after this started to kick in and things started to make more sense the film picked up incredibly. There was a lot fast-pace action so familiar to Marvel fans, where a lot was going on at the same time, although this is the fun and action of the film, and it definitely wasn’t let down by this. The graphics were great, everything just looked real in a world of superheroes. All your favourite superheroes kicking ass. Ok not all your favourites, personally Thor is mine and he wasn’t in this one, nor was the Hulk; however, it is predominantly a Captain America film. But joining Captain America is Natasha Romanoff, ie. Black Widow, Tony Stark, ie. Iron Man and Clint Barton, ie. Hawkeye. All of them familiar from the amazing Avengers films, and of course played by the brilliant same people, or that would cause an outrage. Imagine someone else being the snarky Iron Man other than Robert Downey Jr?! It just wouldn’t be right.


This film is quite long as well, but once past the first part this doesn’t make much of an effect on the audience. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ does require constant attention to, it’s an easy watch, but you just need to watch it all. Something that I did notice, is that it does seem to be a film of all around the world, jumping to so many places. However, this is easy to know where they are, with the massive words of the place popping up on the screen; although this may be seen as drawing your attention to the fact that it is a film because the words were so big on the screen, but then again maybe you need them to understand the film, it could be more confusing without.

Something I actually loved about this film was the two new additions! These were Spider-Man and Ant-Man. They both were brilliant additions, they were hilarious in their own way. Paul Rudd has always been a favourite actor of mine, and now this film has just made me want to see Ant-Man even more, sadly haven’t seen it already! And the new Spider-Man, can’t wait until that comes out! Tom Holland was excellent, he is definitely pronounced as the young one of the new team, especially as the actor himself is about 20 now, surprisingly, he definitely looks younger! Maybe it’s the contrast to all the others… But his chatting away was brilliant during the fights and comical for the audience. I’m so happy with these two new additions, even if only for one fight scene, but I feel they made such a difference to the film.


I would recommend this film, especially if you’ve seen all the other Captain America’s. The film is full of fast-paced action, colourful fun scenes, amazing actors and actresses, busy fight scenes, and some funny moments. If you’re a fan of Marvel this has to be on the list (but I guarantee you’ve probably already seen it). ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is a good watch, but not the best Marvel film. But hey, what sides wins?