Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man so far! He tops Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in my opinion.

Tom Holland is who makes this film brilliant. His quirky, awkward teenager presence as Peter Parker is welcomed on screen. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ finds Peter Parker desperate to keep a normal life. We watch as Spider-Man tries to cling onto his summer vacation with his friends at school. Travelling around Europe, Peter sets himself a plan to tell MJ (Zendaya) how he really feels – aww. But when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes an entrance by shooting Peter’s friend with a dart gun, Peter’s summer holiday becomes a save-the-world expedition once again.

Spider Man Far From Home 2

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has the same awkward funny moments as ‘Homecoming’ did. The plot is also a brilliant one, interesting and intriguing. Leading on from the catastrophe of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the world is feeling the loss of beloved Avengers, where others have given up the game and many have died. Spider-Man still lives, although weight is off his shoulders when another different superhero comes on the screen – Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Elementals have taken over the world, destroying famous cities; fire, wind and water explode through Venice, London, Prague.

I did have a few reservations about this film. For starters, I wasn’t sure about Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio as it did seem like a weird choice. Furthermore, Marvel has had so many numerous films, can it continue to get better or it is just the same story over and over again? Especially after the mass hit of ‘Endgame’. However, I did not need to worry. Jake Gyllenhaal was a good addition to this Marvel film. His and Tom Holland’s bond on and off screen has to be loved by the audience. Plus, the plot was refreshingly different and interesting throughout.


‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ was an enjoyable film. It has the action and the comedy. Tom Holland and Zendaya are fabulous and brilliant characters on screen. As is Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon). Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan is ever more so present in this film and should be loved, his character is brilliant. Elements throughout the film get darker and twisted as the plot unravels and unravels. For some reason, I knew all the twists in this film, so if you know them, they don’t become such the great twists and turns throughout. Although, still worth the watch as it is a great film with brilliant Spider-Man skills developing further and Peter Parker’s presence as a teenager is also perfect.

PS. Don’t forget the two scenes at the end of the credits – they’re gooduns.


Avengers: Endgame (2019)

I now understand the fuss… I understand why this has smashed box office scores. I understand why this film was sold out across the world. Yeah, I get it. This film has such a perfect, wholesome ending to the original Avengers. I know they are making new Marvel films, but I truly believe this to be the perfect final ending of the amazing originals: Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye. It was perfect for all these characters, all the way to end. Ok, I might have said this before, that Marvel has dragged it out for too long, but I take it back for this ending to be concluded. It was truly a brilliant film and I cannot contest otherwise.

Avengers Endgame 2

‘Infinity War’ told us that Thanos was successful. He was successful in making 50% of Earth’s population disappear. This included some of the new heroes: Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Only a few were left behind to pick up the pieces. The world has become broken and lost. A lot happens when everyone loses someone, tragic, drastic changes. Our heroes that are left behind becomes ones we don’t recognise; Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) are examples in particular. Others become desperate in fixing the world, unable to move on: Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

Can Marvel make a film longer? Yes! Three hours ‘Endgame’ is. But so much happens, and it really doesn’t feel like it is that long. Everything that happens makes so much sense in the film that you can’t really take any of it out. Plus, you cannot predict any of it. Well maybe you can predict some parts just before they are about to happen, like just before. Nevertheless, don’t go into this film having the plot predicted and easy, it’s a film to absorb you and shock every element.

Avengers Endgame 1

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is a mass of action scenes with the usual excellent special effect, of the familiar comedy of the loved characters and of an emotional rollercoaster to take you on. The film gets your shocked, sad, hopeful and laughing. I have to mention the phenomenal moment that got me cheering for the film (not literally…) – the absolute love for the women power was empowering. I really can’t say there was any part in the film that I didn’t enjoy. I was hooked from beginning to end, lost in the cleverly thought-out plot that was intriguing and brilliant. Every character was perfect in their execution and reasoning in the plot, we needed them all and they all came to a hell of a finale. Although, to have a full understanding of every second, you do need to watch all other Marvel films connected, however, I haven’t seen them all and it still made sense to me.

The Dark Knight (2008)

‘The Dark Knight’ is definitely one of the best superhero films out there. With the most phenomenal villain on screen. Batman vs The Joker. This is the second of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy: the first being ‘Batman Begins’, the third ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The Dark Knight 1

A new villain has come to Gotham, one crazier and extreme unlike any other that Batman (Christian Bale) has seen before. In his crazed make-up and his purple suit, The Joker (Heath Ledger) resembles a mad man with nothing to lose and only chaos to gain. Meanwhile, there’s a new hero in town, the District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), who will do anything to clean the streets of Gotham, a knight in shining armour determined to take the Mob down and all the criminals in his city. But The Joker is determined in his acknowledgement of Batman being his perfect half to “complete” him, he wants to continue a warp of madness in the city that messes everything up for Dent, forcing a clean city to turn on its head.

I truly think this is a brilliant film. It is quite a long one, but there is so much to the plot that you become emotionally invested, warped into Gotham. There is so much meaning and drive to the plot that brings this film to light. The director is obviously essential in making this trilogy as phenomenal as it is. The brilliant use of sound and lighting makes the audience feel tense in the crucial places. But we cannot forget the outstanding cast of this film. Personally, I think Christian Bale is one of the best Batman’s. With Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman on his side as Alfred and Lucius Fox retrospectively, who can’t appreciate the characters? Additionally, the magnificent Gary Oldman as Gordon, the officer trailing the streets with Batman in the shadows on his side. However, I’ve left best till last, the brilliance of the villain can never be forgotten. Heath Ledger brings The Joker into a different, creepy, unnerving light. Every word is listened to in tension. His laughs echo through the film in remembrance of Gotham’s crash. He becomes the antagonist and brings this phenomenal cast to a close.

The Dark Knight 2

I would definitely recommend watching this film. You become warped into Gotham with Bruce Wayne’s new chaotic life where The Joker personally victimises Batman. The film is a whirlwind of action and special effects excellently executed for the audience to escape into. You really don’t know what can happen with The Joker in the mix.

Captain Marvel (2019)

Let’s bring it all the way back to the beginning. To the beginning of earth’s understanding of out of space threats. To the creation of Marvel. It is the start of all stories.

I didn’t have my hopes up with this film, it’s just another film I was going to see. And to begin with, I wasn’t completely sold. But soon enough, I was absorbed into the film. I loved the music, who doesn’t love a bit of No Doubt and TLC? Then of course the special graphic effects were amazing, when are they not nowadays? ‘Captain Marvel’ was so fast pace, it was a great escapism to get lost into.

Captain Marvel 2

Vers (Brie Larson) has completely forgotten her identity after a crash made her lose her memories. Living on the planet, Kree, she finally has the opportunity to use her powers that were given to her to fight for her country. In her first mission, an ambush is set waiting for her. Landing on earth, she finds her emotions always get in the way of her mind as she tries to track down the enemy’s target. But that’s not the only thing she discovers, but instead everything she’s forgotten. You become warped into an enemy that can shapeshift. You have no idea where they are as they could look like anyone. It’s fun and simple.

I really liked her story. I wouldn’t say it was the most shocking, because I could kind of tell where the whole movie was heading. But regardless, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching it unfold. I did love all the originality of the beginning of Marvel. Definitely enjoyed all the connections to unasked questions in all the other films. We see the return of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) – which I have to say, they did well to look younger – his story of how he first found out about space troubles. Plus, there’s a cat, and it’s amazingly hilarious. Other than the cat, I can’t say the comedy was hit there as usual in Marvel films, unfortunately.

Captain Marvel 1

Was this the best Marvel film I’ve ever seen? Probably not. But I still enjoyed the story very much, particularly loved Vers back story and lost past. And I adored the connections to other films, the realisation of questions you didn’t even ask in previous Marvel films. I even enjoyed the plane fights and Vers growing into her powers. It’s an enjoyable escapism and a brilliant original story. You know you’ll have to watch all Marvel films before ‘Avengers: Endgame’ anyway!

Aquaman (2018)

A new DC character coming to life on screen after originally showing his presence in ‘Justice League’. Jason Momoa as Aquaman greets us again in his own film. A fun, action-filled movie that’s enjoyable and a great escapism as the characters go on a journey.

We have a brilliant back story to Arthur, aka Aquaman, as we are told about his parents’ forbidden love making him a son of both an Atlantian and a “surface-dweller”, both being able to breath above and below water. Therefore, he is regarded a “half-breed”, unworthy of his claim to the throne, even if he doesn’t want it. But when his half-brother declares war on the surface for how they have ruined the seas, Arthur is left with the only one being able to do anything to stop it. A journey begins when Mera (Amber Heard) orders Arthur back to the lost city of Atlantis in the bottom of the ocean where it once sank. They head on a scripted, tough journey in a hunt for another lost object, the first King of Atlantis’ trident. But things obviously don’t go according to plan…


I did enjoy this film. I think Arthur is a great character, stubborn and ruthless in his ways, but also caring and desperate in others. Jason Momoa plays a brilliant Aquaman. His character is easily to adore. The things he says did make me giggle. His journey takes us underwater, to a cool new world of the city of Atlantis. I really enjoyed the back story of this kingdom and it’s sunken ending. It felt very Indiana Jones at times, on a journey through a desert searching for something lost. Meanwhile, King Orm (Patrick Wilson) is on a mission to destroy the surface world, but Aquaman can’t get his support when the Atlantians don’t know who he is.

aquaman 2

‘Aquaman’ brings new characters in a fun, exciting underwater world. Although, the film was extremely predictable, to the point of being able to predict words before they were said. But guess what? It’s DC and it’s not a film of unpredictability and shock, let’s be honest! It’s an enjoyable film, long but it works as they’re on a journey. Nicole Kidman is even in it! However, I didn’t realise it was her…

Moral of the story: We need to look after our seas…

Venom (2018)

Marvel is back again with a new movie, a new character, because they’re coming out extremely quickly at the minute. With all the rush of new films, I have actually become a bit bored by the constant craze of Marvel. Although, I have to admit, here I am still going to see the new ones, this one on release date… So there must still be some intrigue that even I can’t shake.

‘Venom’ is brought to our screens and it was not a let-down, I absolutely loved it! I can tell you one good reason why I enjoyed this film so much in two words: Tom Hardy! I am a huge fan of this man anyway, but that doesn’t mean I’m bias, ok it does, but it shouldn’t! He was phenomenal. He plays the main protagonist Eddie Brock, the man who shies away from confrontation but is not afraid to ask for the real truths, that’s until his life comes crashing down, he loses his love, his house and his beloved job. Just to top it all off, in a space mission gone wrong an alien form decides that Eddie’s body is the one that is going to be his new “ride”. This is when Eddie Brock is no longer just Eddie Brock, Eddie Brock becomes Eddie Brock and his alter-ego Venom.

Venom 1

Venom was hilarious. He’s chatty and talks back, tries to dominate but ultimately saves Eddie’s life more than once, although it is his fault he’s in that trouble… He’s sassy and blunt, it really is comical genius. Whether I was supposed to find it that funny is a different question. Eddie and Venom squabble as they are stuck in the same body, Eddie confused about the whole situation and Venom just wanting to eat people. Eddie begins as a lost character, talking to the voices in his head, and soon learning what this form is that has entered his body and the powers that is has actually given to a human being.
Venom 2

The graphics of this film were phenomenal, they brilliantly created amazing action scenes, where human was torn from alien and alien was erupted from human. The car chase in particular was an excellent scene, I was absorbed into the whole film, caught up in the action and thrill of it all. It is quite a long film, but it has so much in it. I would recommend this film, even someone who’s gone off Marvel, this one brought me back. Tom Hardy again is brilliant. Watch as Eddie Brock tries to discover what is happening at the Life Foundation, but ends up discovering a bit too much.

Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool is back! It’s hard to believe that the first ‘Deadpool’ movie actually came out two years ago! But here we are with the sequel and it is not a let down. The fab Ryan Reynolds is back with his wit, quirk and superhero-non-superhero ways. The things that made the first film great are all back again, and more!

One of the original elements of ‘Deadpool’ was the obvious breaking of every film industry rule. Breaking all the stereotypical, conventional things that make a film a film. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds, talks to the audience, demands when music is to be played and hopes for slow-motion action moments. The film is aware of itself, and it’s hilarious, extremely cleverly done. Additionally, the awareness of modern culture and other films is so apparent. It just adds to the comedy and uniqueness of the film. This sequel has so many stabs at other films, particularly ‘X-Men’ and ‘Logan’ films, which may be ruined in this. One after another, there are so many films portrayed in ‘Deadpool 2’, such as ‘James Bond’, ‘Basic Instinct’, DC Universe as a whole and it would be missing a chance if Deadpool didn’t once call Cable, (the new villain) who is played by Josh Brolin, Thanos. There are so many other mimics in this film that embody other well-known moments in film history.

Deadpool 2 - boombox

The first ‘Deadpool’ is a claimed love story, and the sequel is a claimed family movie. Just like the first, the film still involves the rude connotations, swearing and violent action scenes, so it is not a film for a family, even if Deadpool says so.

Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgård (‘Hemlock Grove’) and BRAD PITT (who flashed for a second, but I swore it was him) also have an appearance. And apparently Matt Damon, but I completely missed that cameo! ‘Deadpool 2’ carries in many new characters and new stories. Differently to the first film, this one carries the shock factor. Brilliantly, comically, shockingly.

Deadpool 2 - trainee

Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, he obviously makes the film the success it is. He’s back wittier as ever, travelling and meeting a lot of people throughout this film. From an X-Men trainee, to mutant prison, to X-Force, Deadpool has an adventure unlike his first. Unlike his determination in revenge in the first, he is determined in protecting the young boy who names himself Firefist (Julian Dennison), if you couldn’t guess, he can create fire with his fists… A new character that is great, is Domino (Zazie Beetz) whose power is luck. And then we’re back with the taxi driver whose love for DP has only grown. The best friend behind the bar is also back, as is the blind woman Deadpool lived with. Plus the X-Men seen in the first movie are back, especially the fab dedicated Colossus.

Deadpool 2 - blind Al

If you loved the first ‘Deadpool’ I really doubt this one would let you down. It’s got all the essentials the original had and adds new characters while bringing the older ones with it. It is hilarious, and gets you laughing throughout. It’s actually got a good plot as well, one quite complex with characters with meaningful backgrounds. It is a great, comical film. Plus Ryan Reynolds! Oh and don’t miss the scenes after the initial credits!