The Rain (2018 – )

This is actually a new Danish programme, on Netflix of course. Now I’ve never seen a Danish show before, so I didn’t know what to expect. There is dubbing over the speech as they’re not speaking English, obviously. However, the dubbing is actually really well done, a lot of the shots of the programme aren’t actually of the faces talking so the dubbing isn’t really a problem for the show. To be honest, there are some moments it is really obvious and becomes a little distracting but that’s the worst it gets. Just in case, this was something that might put you off. I know some people can’t watch a show if it’s lagging and the mouth is moving at a different time to the sound.

The Rain - Simone

‘The Rain’ is a dystopian apocalyptic kind of show. Simone (Alba August) is quickly taken out of school when her father rushes in, before she knows it she’s running through the woods confused following her parents. Soon enough, her and her brother are ushered into an underground bunker and their father is telling Simone to keep her brother safe and he’ll be back. The first episode excels through six years, their father never returned, they’re running out of food and oxygen levels are running low. Then the door opens…

The Rain - all 2

I was so intrigued with this show from the beginning, anything could happen, I didn’t know where it could go. I was hooked. That was until I finished it. I felt a bit deflated, not sure what to think of it. It just seemed I’d watched all the episodes of series one, and then flew straight back to episodes one and two again, to the beginning. It all became a bit predictable by the end, which was such a shame! Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great first series, but it just felt a bit let-down by the end.

As you might have guessed, the apocalyptic notion of the programme is to do with the rain. There is a deadly virus in the rain falling, anyone caught in it instantly dies. There are a few graphic ways to die, usually revolved around throwing up then collapsing. Dangerous and nothing I’ve seen before. While on the topic, it is for older ages, as it does swear too.

The Rain - Simone and Rasmus

As Simone and her brother, Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen), finally enter the real world from the bunker, new characters are introduced. The character developments of the show are very clever and their backgrounds are exposed in different episodes of what happened to each of them before the rain came. It is a brilliant way of creating they’re backgrounds and reasoning to why they are the way they are now. I have to admit, I loved that they did this, as I was so intrigued to discover their stories. I’m not the biggest fan of all the characters, I don’t think they are all loveable, actually there are times when Rasmus irritated me, and Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic), at times, seemed like a pathological lair so she’s a difficult character to understand too. But I don’t think this is takes anything away from the show, as they are raw, real characters, reacting to an apocalyptic world they used to live in. Simone and Rasmus add to this collective group as they embark on an adventure to try and understand what has happened.

The Rain - all

‘The Rain’ was a great first series, I was intrigued all the way through as I did want to know what was going to happen, just sad about the predictability coming a bit too realistic by the end. However, saying this, I would probably still watch a series two. This programme is tense and thrilling, the young adults try to escape from the one thing most difficult to, the weather.


Jessica Jones (2015 -)

So if you’ve got Netflix or are a fan of Marvel, you would have seen the mass of Netflix Original Marvel shows: ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Daredevil’, ‘Iron Fist’, ‘The Defenders’ and this one, ‘Jessica Jones’. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to watch these, as some of them you have to watch in order to understand others and that really irritates me. But it’s all because of a Marvel Universe timeline or something… Although, happily you can watch ‘Jessica Jones’ on its own and that’s what I did because I couldn’t get into the other ones, maybe I will another time. Anyway…

‘Jessica Jones’ is extremely different to the Marvel films, the films of Avengers, light and superhero savour is not transferred to this television programme. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the Avenger films, in fact I usually go see them in the cinema once they’ve been released. But I love this show, I love the differences. It is very cleverly put together to contrast the Avengers.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, the main protagonist of this Marvel show, is played by Krysten Ritter and I believe she is the best actress for her, she becomes the character and suits everything about her, plays her amazingly well. Jessica is a PI, private investigator, at Alias Investigations, in the underbelly of a city she lurks in shadows and photographs those riddled in affairs and crime. Deep down, Jessica is troubled from her past, her whole family’s death, the man who used and abused her, she has a traumatised history. Her coping mechanism is at the bottom of a bottle, of any whisky bottle. The theme of alcoholism is a common denominator throughout the series as it’s the one thing Jessica will always return to. Her past haunts her present, and even more so when her past comes to find her once again. Introducing the series bad guy, and a hell of a bad guy at that, Kilgrave, which by the way is played by the phenomenal David Tennant. A psychopathic, narcissistic mind-controller, his power is extremely strong as he forces people to do what he wants, whether that’s to give into him or kill themselves… He’s definitely a horrendous villain. Jessica is forced to face her fears when others are being controlled like she once was. Time to use her magnificent strength, physically and mentally, to help.

Jessica Jones 2

Another character who should be mentioned is Jessica’s adopted sister, Trish (Rachael Taylor). A strong female protagonist who desires to be as strong as Jessica, but is the complete opposite. Her character is definitely one that grows throughout the series as she becomes obsessive and determined, also troubled. Where Jessica is easily found in a bar, Trish is easily found through the paparazzi as her childhood stardom as Patsy is constantly remembered by the public and her Trish Talk radio station keeps up her celebratory status. She’s desperate for her best friend to be a superhero, not matter how much Jessica rejects the thought. Finally, another strong female protagonist is Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss), a manipulative but powerful lawyer. Her character, again, is one that develops so much, and the struggles she endeavours are hard-hitting by the end. Survival is everything. All the characters are flawed, and many do things which are controversial in thought, but I think that is what makes them great characters, they feel real. Although, neither characters are likable throughout the whole series.

Jessica Jones - Trish

‘Jessica Jones’ is definitely a show that becomes extremely addictive, in the action, crime and thrilling moments of this dingy city. Jessica is powered, but she never asked for her strength, she got them without choice. Her life is full of terror and trauma. A mass of problems arise throughout the series as Jessica struggles in her own mind as she blocks people out and turns to alcohol every time. I would definitely recommend watching this show, I watched it extremely quickly. Personally, I think series two is great too, not as good as series one, but still stands some ground in enjoyment, regardless of popular opinion. Become absorbed in this different light of Marvel, purposely made to look low-budget and dark.

Santa Clarita Diet (2017 – )

Now I’m going to be completely honest, this is such a weird show. It really throws you straight in with the randomness and craziness. Oh and some gross scenes, like a lot of vomit, a lot of being sick. This is definitely a show for older ages, a few sex scenes, a lot of swearing and also use of drugs. There’s also many gory scenes, the main character does eat people…

I started watching this because Netflix was really pushing it, definitely a lot of advertisement for this show, it kept on coming up as a recommendation for me. Besides, it’s also Drew Barrymore and I love her! She’s great, she stars in so many films I love: ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Ever After’, ‘50 First Dates’, ‘Blended’ and I could go on. So I gave this new show a chance. Once I started watching, even though I was so confused over the weirdness, I strangely couldn’t stop watching it. Once you get used to everything, it becomes comical and so addictive. Every episode ends in some chaotic new drama and you just need to watch the next episode.

Santa Clarita Diet - Hammond family

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the plot for you. The Hammond family changes completely when the mother suddenly falls ill. They are real estate agents whose life became routine and boring. Until… Sheila (Drew Barrymore), the mother, dies. And then she wakes up again, but this time, undead. Sheila changes completely, more confident, more impulsive and more truthful. Then what changes the most, she discovers she wants to eat people. Her husband, Joel (Timothy Olyphant) just wants a normal life. But he loves his wife so much, and would do anything for her, even though she does want to eat people, the freshest of people, because dead people don’t work for her. So this concludes the beginning of their normal-not-so-normal life of killing people to satisfy the now-undead Sheila. They try to keep secrets of their new life from their sixteen year old daughter, Abby (Liv Hewson) but in reality she knows everything, and tells all she knows to her next door neighbour, Eric (Skyler Gisondo), the stereotypical intelligent but awkward teen. The Hammond’s try as hard as they can to remain a normal family, however as the next door neighbour Sherriff becomes more suspicious and Sheila becomes more impulsive, and the question of food for the now-undead mother, things get crazier and crazier and escalate to extremes as they comically struggle through something that’s on a different world than what they’ve dealt with before.

Santa Clarita Diet - eating people

As it is a Netflix Original, of course all episodes are on Netflix. You also do need to watch the programme in order as the episodes practically lead on from one another directly. They are such an easy watch, only half hour long. It is such a different programme to other undead shows I’ve seen before. Safe to say, it’s highly opposing ‘iZombie’ for example, that even though carries comedy as well, has more of a murder mystery element. ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ has comedy, gore and crazy moments that are honestly reacted by an average family.

Santa Clarita Diet - Sheila and Joel

You know what, I would recommend it. It’s a great watch and extremely addictive in every episode. Honestly never episode is boring. The actors and actresses are superb and the loving relationship between Sheila and Joel shows no bounds. But like I’ve previously stated, it is a 15 for a very good reason. If you think this is a show you would appreciate and enjoy, then watch it!

The Middle (2009 – 2018)

Not going to lie to you all, I love my television programmes. Sometimes nothing is better than to have some easy watch 30 minutes programme on in the background, and ‘The Middle’ qualifies under this category. It’s a great show, easy to watch and real life. It tells the day-to-day life of a family living in the middle, in Orson, Indiana. The family struggles of mother and father of three, Frankie and Mike of Axl, Sue and Brick, introducing the Heck family! All of the characters couldn’t be more different, they all bring something new to the house and they’re all equally as great.


Starting with the mother, Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton). Frankie actually narrates the programme as well, she brings the audience in at the beginning and doesn’t leave as she fills out the programme what is needed to know, she talks as from the present and we’re watching her past life. Frankie might be seen as a nagging mother by her children, but she becomes a character who just wants to improve her life by trying out wacky new ideas each day to her children’s despair. She loves the Bachelor and Oprah is gospel to her. She’s a great mother, who constantly ends programmes admitting that her and Mike are “lazy parents”, but in truth she tries as much as she can to make it better for her family, even if that means getting a second job. Frankie is constantly searching for affection from her eldest, and she’s accepted her blunt husband as he is, but they have a loving relationship. In work, Frankie usually falls at the bottom as she works as a car saleswoman and cannot sell a car. She’s hectic and shouts a lot of the time, but when it comes down to it, all she wants is her children back young again. You can always expect her to get out a tub of frosting to make everything better.


Next, father of the household, Mike Heck (Neil Flynn). A recognisable actor, mostly for me as the revengeful Janitor in ‘Scrubs’. The man of the household, the man who cannot show true emotions, he’s blunt and practical in everything he does. He sees showing emotions and being soft as a weakness. When things break in the house, he comes up with creative ways to keep them going, as they don’t have enough money to replace them, practical down to a T. He’s the manager at the quarry in Orson. Watch him as he’s always in a plaid, flannel shirts, and all that’s on his mind is sports, hence his strong connection with Axl being a football player, however not so much with Brick as they don’t have much in common, other than not being sociable. But deep down, family is everything to him. To say the least, Mike’s not much of a talker.

The Middle - Mike

The oldest of the three is Axl (Charlie McDermott). The charismatic older brother, the big-headed oldest son. Axl is a great character, truly loved. The American football player of the family, who makes his father most proud. But to everyone else, he’s full of insults, particularly to Sue. This is a common theme of the show, where Axl can’t show gratitude to his family, however this becomes a comical element. Although, I do have to admit there are moments where he does show love to his sister, and those rare moments just build to his character that much more. Axl is the son who doesn’t think before he does things, his stupid ideas are hilarious. He also lives the boxer life, which if you don’t know, means when he comes home he strips down to his boxers and lies on the sofa, something you see a lot in this programme. He’s not academic, although sporty and sociable.

The Middle - Axl

Next, the only daughter, Sue (Eden Sher). Sue is the optimistic, loveable, never giving up daughter of the family. A common theme for Sue is her trying out in every club she possibly can at school, however never making anything. She’s the traditional good girl, can’t keep secrets and cannot lie, she would never do anything to hurt her parents or disobey them. She tends to be forgotten and constantly not noticed in school. She’s the awkward teen struggling to fit in, but a brilliant optimistic ball of light in the show. She becomes the punchline to most of Axl’s jokes as they are constantly arguing, but all she wants is affection and love from her family. Sue Sue Heck, yes that’s her name, is the happiness of the show, the one who would do anything to please people or to achieve something in life. Her life is controlled by as she believes it speaks the truth. Additionally, Sue’s character brings in the singing Reverend Tim Tom as she holds onto every word he sings to the teen group.

The Middle - Sue

Finally, the youngest, Brick (Atticus Shaffer). Brick’s the reader, I say this because books are his life. He is constantly seen in this show with a book reading, ignoring what’s around because nothing is more important to him than books. If he’s not reading a book, he’s either going to the library or talking about the library and his extensive library fees. Brick is a great youngest son, just like his quirky name he has many quirks. His quirks entail whispering to himself after talking and then he adapts to whooping to the sky. He also has a fascination with fonts, yes fonts. All this adds to Brick not being the most sociable of the family, this is a constant theme of the programme as Frankie is desperate for him to get a friend, when in reality all his friends are books, the most important friend of all is ‘Planet Nowhere’. Saddest of all, Brick is usually the child that’s forgotten, left behind in many places, but regardless he’s not forgotten in the show, he’s a great addition.

The Middle - Brick

‘The Middle’ definitely deals with real life aspects. The constant struggle of a low income family is a dominant theme of the programme. All characters are flawed, but all characters are loved. It is a programme with reality throughout it all, the struggles of a mother realising her children are growing up too fast, the messy house that never gets clean with three children, siblings who are constantly squabbling and arguing, and so much more. The whole aesthetic of the programme is fun and enjoyable. It’s comical and there are moments of truth, every episode has some meaning behind it. I would definitely recommend this programme as an easy watch and not regrettable one at that. It does become addictive to just watch episode after episode. Furthermore, you don’t need to watch them in order, ‘The Middle’ is episodic where each episode has a different plot line, however there is a story arc throughout the series, but that’s easy to catch on without watching episodes before. Sadly, I’ve read it is coming to an end with series nine, but it’s so worth a watch anyway! Watch the Heck family live a life of junk food and watching TV on the sofa as Frankie desperately tries to change the habits, but never succeeds. Just go ahead and watch the Heck family with day-to-day struggles because they are fab.

Psych (2006-2014)

This show has to be one of my favourites, however I feel it’s extremely underappreciated. It’s no longer showing, but people don’t even seem to know it even existed and trust me it’s a good’un. A detective show solving crimes, oh but not serious as ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Psych’ is a comedy. Because the main character, Shawn Spencer (James Roday) is hyper-observant, he notices things that people usually don’t pick up, he uses this gift to then pretend he is psychic. Teaming up with the police, Shawn and his partner-in-crime, literally, and long-life friend, Burton Guster, otherwise known as Gus (Dulé Hill), help solve crimes. The police detectives who get lumped with this witty fake psychic and his know-it-all best friend are Carlton Lassiter, ie. Lassie (Timothy Omundson) and his junior detective, Juliet O’Hara aka Jules (Maggie Lawson). Then there’s only Shawn’s ex-cop father, Henry (Corbin Bernsen) and the Chief of Santa Barbara Police Department, Karen Vick (Kirsten Nelson) to introduce.

Psych - Shawn and Gus

If you think it’s boring solving homicide cases over and over again, then you won’t be bored with this show. Shawn and Gus’ private detective psychic agency cases are all different, there’s been a murderer back from the past, a death of a sealion, a dinosaur involved, and a mummy walking out of a museum. There’s been a slasher movie episode and a ghostly haunted ‘Shining’ episode. All of them unique and great! The reveals of the killer are always fun as Shawn is always hilariously over the top in his pretend psychic ways. Every episode begins with a flashback of Shawn’s life, usually with his father involved – the first few series from 1987 of a young Shawn played by Liam James, who is a brilliant choice. But there are still the great familiarities that are loved from episode to episode. Henry and Gus are the only two that know of Shawn’s fake abilities. Shawn’s flirty banter with Jules and her constant knocking him back down; I love this as they’re the hope of the golden couple, but never happening. Shawn’s constant witty comebacks and Lassiter’s insults and hatred of Shawn. Shawn repeatedly changing Gus’ name to clients. And finally Shawn and Gus’ fist bumps, stealth mode and angry whispers. Then there’s always some quotes that seem to keep coming back, Gus’: “I’m going to kill you Shawn”, “I hear that” and “you know that’s right”; and Shawn’s: “wait for iiiiiiiit”, “I’ve heard it both ways” and “I can’t do this with you right now” when squabbling with Gus, I can hear them both saying it. Plus, there’s always a pineapple somewhere…


So more detail of the characters… Shawn, my favourite. He is brilliant. He’s immature, not a stickler for the rules, never discrete, always has a mocking tone and an opinion on everything. Shawn always has to be right, he’s a smart-ass and loves the sound of his own voice. He just has a way with words and is so easily distracted. But those words are usually mocking or in reference to some old tv or film. His extremely high-pitched screams are constant and comical. Hilariously played and a great main protagonist. His life-long best friend, Gus… Gus’ main job is a pharmaceutical rep but he is always dragged into Shawn’s stupid ideas. He has a super sniffer, a magic head and is a sympathetic cryer. He calls himself a “player”, but he’s petrified of blood always running out of the morgue from looking at a dead body. He’s logical and full of the knowledge Shawn doesn’t know any thing of. He has the constant love of reality shows that Shawn constantly mocks him about among other things. And food is always on his mind. Charming and always chasing after the wrong girls. Next Lassie. The detective whose job is everything to him, seriousness is down to a T with police procedure and protocol. He’s stuck in his ways and hates Shawn’s influence in the police department. You can always expect his angry outrages at Shawn. Juliet is great, she’s extremely trusting and a hard-worker in what she does. When she goes undercover, she goes down deep. She always trusts Shawn and believes his psychic ability like there’s no tomorrow. You can always rely on her sympathetic looks. Henry, Shawn’s father. He is the reason Shawn is the way he is, as when he was younger he constant tested Shawn on what is in the room and what he can see and hear. He’s a brilliant character, stubborn, prideful and controlling. But he is always loyal to helping Shawn when he needs it, even if they have to make a deal or even if he protests. Finally, Karen Vick. Head boss of everyone, chief of police. She’s blunt but keeps returning to Shawn and keeps hiring him, having blind faith in what he does. No one will dare question her, her looks are ones that make people hold their tongue. All the characters are amazing, they all bring so much to the table. They all have their own hilarity and they all must be appreciated.


‘Psych’ is addictive and fun. As all episodes are different, you can watch them continuously. There’s eight series and I could watch them over and over again. If you think you would like this show, I would 100% recommend. You don’t even have to watch episodes in order, they all have a different case therefore can be watched whenever. Shawn’s witty comebacks are hilarious, Gus’ loyalty and continuous want to kill Shawn for getting him in the situations he does is always comical. Even got to appreciate the mystery of the programmes, some are more serious than others, but they all have a classic Shawn with his psychic observant ways.

Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23 (2012-2013)

Ok, so this show didn’t run for very long, two series. But I wish it lasted a bit longer, but then again, if it did Krysten Ritter may have not been Jessica Jones and that would be devastating, so this show ended and she found her new role. Nevertheless, she’s fab in this, the blunt, rude bitch, who “may or may not be a psychopath”. Chloe (Krysten Ritter) the roommate who hates human emotion vs June (Dreama Walker), the one who sees good in everyone, the optimistic, small town girl who is way too trusting.

Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 - Chloe and June

When June moves to New York in the first episode, everything goes wrong. She loses her Wall Street job, she loses her apartment and worst off, she loses her fiancé who she caught sleeping with her new roommate Chloe on her birthday cake. June’s life is then completely turned upside down, especially when Chloe’s plan to con June out of Apartment 23 doesn’t work and Chloe has to accept her as a new roommate.

There are also many other characters. Introducing the creepy guy who lives opposite, Eli (Michael Blaiklock). The girl who lives down the hall, Robin (Liza Lapira). Additionally, Chloe’s best friend, James Van Der Beek as himself, the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actor. Then there’s June’s friend at her new job at the coffee shop, Mark (Eric André). Finally, James Van Der Beek’s assistant, Luther (Ray Ford). Eli, hard to explain, he’s very sexual in his language and his mind. Robin is obsessed with Chloe, to say the least, she would do anything to be Chloe, or the very least, be her friend. No matter how hard she tries she’s never successful in getting into Chloe’s life, she’s always that neighbour obsessed. James Van Der Beek is determined in making his career life great again, by trying whatever he can to be in the paparazzi’s eye. This includes, teaching, Dancing with the Stars, being mentor etc etc etc. Mark, like June, lost his job on Wall Street and became manager at the coffee shop, thanks to him, June was able to get a job after losing hers in the first episode. Luther dedicated to his job and his love to make everything perfect for James. As you can see all the characters are so different and they bring different elements to the programme.

Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 - Chloe and James

Chloe drawn to inappropriate men, always partying and drinking. James’ one and only best wing man. A girl who goes to extremes that you would never expect, surprises that are just hilarious. She’s rude and blunt, someone who always tells it as it is, but also a con artist and a liar. She is the best character in the programme, and brings the humour. She’s all about the spontaneity and fun. Everything is about Chloe.

This is a programme for older ages, due to all the sex references, mentioning of drugs, the alcohol, partying and the very occasional swear word. Just a by the way.

‘Don’t Trust The B In Apartment In 23’ is an easy watching programme, it makes me laugh. I guess it’s one of those programmes that you either love or hate, but it’s such an easy watch. Watch as June changes into a completely different person as Chloe has her effect, but also as Chloe understands what it is to have a female friend. Although, of course Chloe never changes from her partying, drunken life. (And all the episodes are on Netflix.)

Friends (1994 – 2004)

If there is a generation today who haven’t seen at least one of the ‘Friends’ episodes then something is sincerely wrong, at minimum they are missing out! This sitcom is a classic! The all-time watch whenever, the all-time watch repeats, the all-time hilarious sitcom. It is hands down one of the best programmes out there. All ten seasons are appreciated by millions and are still watched repeatedly. I am hoping that everyone has seen at least one episode. I know how much of a success this show was, but I still wanted to do a review, just highlighting my reasons for my love of this show.

Friends - all

Every episode is great and I don’t think there is one that I dislike, actually I know there isn’t. I can’t explain every episode, all I’ll say is they’re all different so a binge-watch is easy, very time-consuming, but easy! So instead I’ll explain our amazing ‘Friends’ characters, by listing great aspects shown throughout the numerous episodes. THIS LIST IS NOT IN ANY PARTICUALR ORDER.

Six friends; three male, Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Joey (Matt LeBlanc); three female, Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, so read at your own risk. However, every episode is episodic and they’re not needed to be watched in order, so watching at different episodes, these elements of the characters are quickly realised.

So firstly, Ross. The doctor of dinosaurs. The one who is always fine. The one in love with Rachel since college. Three divorce guy. The one who owned a monkey named Marcel. His worst New Years’ Revolution was putting on leather trousers, but at least he is unagi, oh sorry has unagi. He married a lesbian. He counts Mississippi-ly, cannot play the bagpipes and has hand gestures for asking someone to quieten down. As a child, he used to have a recurring dream that Monica was going to eat him. He’s considered as his parent’s favourite. Overall, he is adamant they were on a break. To be honest, Ross is my least favourite character, some of the things he does and says does anger me, he can be extremely irritating. I actually quite dislike him… Although, saying this, he’s still a character necessary in the show because I don’t think it would be the same without him.

Friends - Ross.png

Secondly, Chandler, the joker of the group. Jokes when he’s uncomfortable, when he thinks it’s appropriate and when it’s not. He’s got a defence mechanism of jokes. He’s not the serious one of the group. He’s lonely and desperate until he finds love. His job is unknown, the closest to it is a transponster, if you know what that is. Oh my god, you cannot forget Janice. I guess he’s going to Yemen. He’s the creator of the game ‘Cups’, and he puts too much emphasis on the word ‘be’. He lived in a box and gum would be perfection for him. He has an awkward dance and a third nipple. He is the one who hates thanksgiving but loves baths. Chandler is my favourite character, he’s funny and loved. 

Friends - Chandler

Lastly of the guys, Joey. Two words describes Joey best: food and sex. As he says it’s too difficult to choose between the two, but we know Joey doesn’t share food. He has a chair called Rosita, a TV called Stevie and a cuddly penguin called Hugsy. He cannot speak French and he’s the worst player of the game ‘Pyramid’. He knows everything about pizza toppings or the burning sensation when you pee. He’s a sandwich protector who got a turkey stuck on his head. He’s an actor who accidentally brought a boat. He even eats in the shower. He sleeps with girls and doesn’t call them back. Joey is hilarious and the comical stupid comment guy, he’s definitely near the top of the favourites list. Plus, Joey’s and Chandler’s friendship is one to be adored, especially with all the loving hugs.

Friends - Joey

To start off the girls, Monica, the younger sister of Ross. The clean freak. The control freak. The competitive chef. A sore loser to say the least. She’s organised and things cannot be out of place. She’s excitable and bossy. She wins the award for the best bad massage and humidity turns her hair huge. She’s an obvious drunk but loves presents to an extreme that she cannot control herself. She even considers money as more important than friends, but she’s always loyal. She’s incredibly strong. She’s the one who couldn’t tell time until she was thirteen. She’s the one with the fat childhood and her favourite game at the arcade was the vending machine, but don’t worry she always won. Even though she’s loud and extremely competitive, she’s a great character to be loved, and she is definitely one to be appreciated. 

Friends - Monica

Next, Phoebe. Phoebe’s the spiritual one, with voices in her head, with her dead mother’s spirit in a cat. She’s the most truthful, especially in her songs. Her songs about a smelly cat or a love triangle. She’s scared of a pigeon, but don’t worry it apologises for it’s wrong-doing. She’s vain but has back-up husbands. She’s tough, but she fought with a fire alarm. She’s the maker of Gladys. She can’t run but doesn’t care what people think about her. She fell in love with a gay ice dancer. She snaps at peak points to extremes. She doesn’t know the difference between Ralph Lauren and the copy guy. She gives birth to her brother’s triplets and has a family of baby rats. She’s the one with a secret roommate, because who is Denise? Phoebe is one of the best characters, she’s creative and hilarious in her honest ways. 

Friends - Phoebe

Finally, Rachel. Rachel is the daddy’s girl trying to make it on her own after leaving a man at the altar. Her passion is fashion, but she returns all gifts given to her. She’s extremely loyal. She takes ages to get ready and is petrified of the swings at a playground. She can’t make a trifle, discovering it doesn’t contain meat. She’s a gossip and can’t keep a secret. She was the one who owned the cat (not cat), Mrs Whiskerson. She’s got an admirer who loves her from day one, introducing Gunther. Rachel’s the one who lives in all the apartments, and invites herself to live with Monica in the first episode. And happily she got off the plane. Rachel is obviously loved by many as she is Jennifer Aniston, but she can be annoying at times in the beginning, if I’m completely honest. But it is great to see her character grow in strength throughout the series and she becomes such a character to be loved.

Friends - Rachel

I think that gives the basics of the characters, but what I need to stress, is that they’re all hilarious, they are all brilliant. There are also many guest stars in this brilliant sitcom. Here’s my top 20 (not in order): Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Paul Rudd, Anna Faris, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate, Gary Oldman, Helen Hunt, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Paget Brewster, Christine Taylor, oh and so many more! Just shows how great the show is if you can get brilliant stars such as these on it!

Watch this show! It is never a let-down and a good laugh. The characters are amazing, the stories are great, the whole show is classic. Watch ‘Friends’ to hear stories of Ugly Naked Guy, to meet Mr Heckles from downstairs, to see Central Perk, to witness flashbacks into the character’s past lives and to clap every time during ‘I’ll Be There For You’.