Killing Eve (Season Two)

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are back for a second season of ‘Killing Eve’. One of the best shows I’ve seen of 2018, of course it had to come back in 2019! In just one day, season two had been watched – every ending just begs you to continue, so why resist? There will be some spoilers from season one as they carry one from each other, therefore read at your own risk – watch season one first: review here.

Villanelle (Jodie Comer), heartbroken yet impressed by Eve’s (Sandra Oh) recent stabbing, is trying to cope with the injury. However, what Eve doesn’t recognise is Villanelle’s even more deepened interest in the MI6 agent. Meanwhile, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) recruits Eve back on another psychopath hunt. Eve is looking for Villanelle, Villanelle is hunting Eve. The obsessed chemistry only gets worse between these two, as the first contact between at the end of season one has only brought a need for more.

Killing Eve S2 - Eve

Both actresses are phenomenal in this season just alike to the first. Jodie Comer as Villanelle is amazing in her acting talents, more of her accents are experienced in this series. Talents from Russian, to British, to French and American. Again, we travel across Europe visiting the beautiful shots and scenes, while Villanelle patrols doing what she does best: killing. However, we see so much more of this character, we learn more. The complexities are explored in this season. Although, keeping the sassiness and hilarity of her bluntness – the things that make her character so great.

Whereas, Eve in her new psychopath-centred life, forgets her husband and delves even deeper into a life of MI6 hunting of murderers. Eve’s character changes progressively throughout the season. She begins to think differently, influenced by Villanelle more than she’d want to admit. Finding Villanelle is her whole life.

Killing Eve S2 - Villanelle

The parallels between the two series is phenomenal, beautiful in its irony and reflection. I do think this is a great second season, I don’t think anything will ever live up to the brilliance of season one, however it doesn’t need to. This season brings everything that is needed from season one and draws even more out of the characters. ‘Killing Eve’ continues to be a fantastic show, so different from other shows. Something is always happening, there are shocks and laughter. Characters unpredictable yet addictive. If you loved the first season, don’t worry this one isn’t a let-down.


Dead to Me (2019 – )

Well this new TV show didn’t take long to finish at all… One season, 10 episodes, one sitting, one day: easy. From the first episode, I was hooked, I had to keep watching till the end, desperate to know what was going to happen, desperate to uncover all the secrets. It’s such an interesting, shocking programme. Brilliant from beginning to end. Truly with a phenomenal cast, the entire season was just excellent in every element.

Dead to Me

So, if you haven’t seen the wide advertising Netflix does so well, then here’s a quick plot. Jen’s life has become a downward spiral ever since her husband was violently murdered in a hit and run. Since then, she’s become a widow and single mother to her two sons. Her response for grief is anger and wine. However, she does start to try and make way for life again when she going to a grief counselling. In this meeting she meets another grieving woman, Judy. Amongst all the loss and hatred the women hold, they soon become unlikely friends as they try to piece together what happened three months before and finally come to grips with their losses.

Apparently described as a comedy – I don’t really get it. There were parts of the programme that made me smile, but I feel like I was invested into the drama significantly more. My face wasn’t really a constant grin but rather jaw-dropped from the twists and turns this show takes you on. You can’t help but watch the next episode when you’re left stunned and speechless at the end.

The two protagonists of the show have to be mentioned as they are both incredible. Firstly, as the heartbroken widow, Jen, is Christina Applegate. She is absolutely outstanding in her role of damage and anger. Then there’s Linda Cardellini (who I always remember as Velma from ‘Scooby-Doo The Movie’) as Judy, the supporting friend with way to many secrets locked away. The roles these stars become is remarkable and really brings the whole show to life.

Dead to Me 1

I would definitely recommend this new binge-watch. It doesn’t take long and becomes an interest for a day. So much happens as you become warped into these two women’s lives, invested to learn all the secrets and uncover what is going to happen. Just a quick note: the programme is a 15 as it does involve drugs, sex and swearing. Nevertheless, ‘Dead to Me’ was such a change of pace from the programmes I usually watch and was so refreshingly different, I couldn’t stop watching – that was until Netflix announced that there were no more episodes left for me to watch. Give it a go, I promise you’ll be hooked straight away!

Scrubs (2001 – 2010)

‘Scrubs’ is a comedy drama about a group of doctors, surgeons and nurses in Sacred Heart Hospital. This is a brilliant show with hilarity, emotion and just good fun to watch. Although, I have to admit, there are a few episodes that I’ve cried my eyes out during. This is what makes this show slightly different to the other comedy sitcoms of the same era. ‘Scrubs’ tells a moral every episode, but also highlights the reality of life, anything could happen. You really can’t underestimate the emotions of this show. Nevertheless, ‘Scrubs’ still somehow seems to maintain an upbeat and comical strike to enter every episode.

The characters of this show are only ones that build up over the nine series, you get to know these people so well. And they are all flawed, at some point they will all do something stupid or something that will make you hate them, even if only just for a little while. All the characters are realistic, there are no perfect protagonists. This just adds to the brilliance of the show. To begin with, ‘Scrubs’ is mainly revolved around one character. This character is JD (Zack Braff). JD quickly becomes known as Newbie as he is a new intern at this hospital from the first episode and it is his journey we watch as he becomes more of a competent doctor. JD’s character resembles one insightful, goofy and desperate for a mentor. Due to his sensitivity, he quickly adopts another nickname of Bambi from a co-worker. JD is also the voice of the running monologue of the show, he narrates his life or his thoughts. This is another element that is something different to other shows. Constantly throughout the show, you will be flashed into JD’s mind of a moment he sees comically different; a lot of these are relevant to popular films. For instance, two colleagues having a heated debate of egos, in JD’s mind becomes ‘Star Wars’ of good vs evil. Or maybe, when JD becomes surprised by what someone has told him, a tonne of bricks come crashing down on him. And so on. I do love this element of the show and JD’s narration and dreamland are a nice constant throughout the programme.

Scrubs - JD and Turk

Along with JD, there are two other main characters that start on the same day. There is JD’s best friend from college, Chris Turk (Donald Faison) and a new friend met on the first day of interning, Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke). Turk is confident and cocky, and extremely competitive. Unlike JD, who’s a medical doctor, Turk is in a different department of surgical medicine. Elliot, however, is quite the opposite. Whilst also being extremely competitive, Elliot is a doctor like JD, she’s very talkative and adopts the nickname Barbie by another doctor. As the show goes on, we quickly learn that there is a lot more to these characters than what is just shown in the first few episodes.


There’s also a mass of other characters to really love and appreciate in this programme. I have to mention Nurse Carla (Judy Reyes) to begin with. Pretty much from the first episode, Carla becomes the love interest of Turk. Although, she’s a lot more than that. She’s strong-minded and extremely confident in her own person. She loves to tell people what to do, but she’s always there for her friends. Then, there’s Dr Cox (John C. McGinley), who is rather different from all characters. His large ego and his brutal honesty are two reasons why JD becomes so desperate for his approval. He should be remembered for his long rants and his anger towards everything. Next, there’s the chief of medicine, Dr Kelso (Ken Jenkins). Constantly referenced to as the devil by Dr Cox, he’s the one who has to make all the hard decisions of controlling the hospital and where the money should go. Although, he does enjoy making sure people are scared of him. Personally, Dr Kelso is one of the funniest characters on screen.

Scrubs - Dr Cox

Lastly, a few other minor characters I wanted to mention to just show the vast personalities we have on screen. Nurse Roberts (Aloma Wright) is one of my favourite characters and I think she is so underrated. Her sass and comical honesty are brilliant on show, but also her loving nature is to be adored. Then there’s the reliability of surgeon Todd (Robert Maschio), who comes along to make anything comically sexual ending with a high-five to whoever he says it to. Another excellent character lies in the Janitor (Neil Flynn) who from the first day has it out for JD for putting a penny in the door. There comical back and forth is fun and enjoyable throughout the whole series, with a reliable prank in most episodes. And lastly, Ted (Sam Lloyd), an acapella singing lawyer of the hospital, whose nerves and desperation for love is always present.

Scrubs - Janitor

As you can see there are so many characters to appreciate, I haven’t even begun to explain all the characters of the show, but they are the best ones to highlight. There are also some great guest stars, including Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks and Courteney Cox. We cannot forget the episodes with Brendan Fraser from ‘The Mummy’. Every episode is episodic, so there isn’t any need for them to be watched in order. Just like, ‘Friends’, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ or ‘The Middle’. Alike to these, there is a story arc throughout the series to maintain some essence of growth and connection between episodes. There are a range of episodes too and they never become boring. All telling a different story, or even a different style. We have an episode that changes from JD’s narration to other characters and even a musical episode, which I do love! There is fabulous music in the whole season, this is definitely a great aspect to the show. All the episodes are so easy to watch and enjoy, I would recommend this show over and over again. One thing I have to say which isn’t a positive, is that the last series was such a let-down. For some reason they decided to get rid of the original characters and change them for new med students – it’s definitely not the best thing they’ve done. Nevertheless, watch the medical and surgical interns from day one all the way to the end of nine series.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

A simple, comedy sitcom of the story of five best friends going through life. Similarities burst in this show to ‘Friends’, so if you’re a fan of one it’ll be weird if you didn’t like the other. The show has comedy, meaningful moments, morals, romance and more comedy.

How I Met Your Mother 2

Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) tells a very long story to his children of how he met their mother. He narrates reflecting on his past life, all the stories with his friends at MacLaren’s Pub or in his own apartment above the bar. His love life, his friendships, everything that has happened to the five lives in New York City. Ted is constantly looking for ‘the one’, for his soulmate. Him and his red cowboy boots as he tries to do anything to find the girl of his dreams, whether that’s waiting during Halloween every year in the same outfit or blurting ‘I love you’ on the first date. He’s extremely romantic with what his friends call cheesy actions with every woman he dates. His interests are very different to the rest of the group; with enjoyments found in fonts, coin collecting and architecture.

How I Met Your Mother - Ted

Next, is one of the best couples. Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel). They’re a reliable couple throughout the series. Lily is a kindergarten teacher who tells people off by taking something precious away and teaching them a lesson. She’s very fierce and the puppet-master of the group. As she loves to declare she’s a proper New-Yorker being able to translate conductor and understanding the quickest routes to get around. Marshall is superstitious and loyal in everything he does. He wants to save the world as an environmental lawyer. In Minnesota he’s very family-orientated, all he wants to do is be nice and kind to everyone. He’s always ready to lawyer someone with his catchphrase ‘Lawyered’. Lily and Marshall are the best couple in the show as Lilypad and Marshmallow, their great high-fives and pause in arguments, they’re always reliable for some comedy. Plus, they are the original finders of the “cockamouse”.
How I Met Your Mother - Lily and Marshall

Then there’s Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders). She’s the newest to the group, arriving in the first episode as Ted’s love interest. From Canada, her friends always hold that against her. However, her life in Canada comes to America in spirit of songs and joy in malls (you’ll understand if you know the song); it’s a brilliance in comedy. Robin lives the life where she grew up as her father wanting a son instead of a daughter. She chooses her career over her love life again and again, as she moved to New York to become a famous journalist.

How I Met Your Mother - Robin

Finally, the best till last, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris). He’s the one with all the catchphrases: ‘True story’, ‘I only have one rule…’, ‘Challenge Accepted!’, ‘Suit Up!’. Barney is definitely the one crude in his attitude towards women; he lies to most women to do anything to pick them up at bars, successful time and time again to their friends’ disbelief. He has his own playbook where he writes about every scam he’s done. He always declares his hatred of marriage. But deep down he’s a great character, who will take the mick out of everything hilariously, but remain loyal to all of the group. Constantly in suits, always ready for a bet, and spent a year in a ducky tie; he loves to play lazar tag and demand he is the best friend of Ted’s.

How I Met Your Mother - Barney

They are all fabulous characters, and it’s very fun to watch their journeys. Overall, I just love all the reliabilities of the characters and their personalities that become so predictable yet loveable. Plus, there are some iconic guest stars, here are some: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Morrison (‘Once Upon a Time’), Sarah Chalke (‘Scrubs’), John Lithgow, James Van Der Beek, Lucy Hale (‘Pretty Little Liars’), Nicole Scherzinger, Katie Perry, and many many more.

How I Met Your Mother 1

The show is fun and a bit OTT at times, but that just adds to the comedy. I also love some connections to brilliant cinematic history. Each episode is episodic but with story arcs across series just alike to many other sitcoms. You don’t have to watch in order, besides they’re on TV a lot in random episodes. I love how they tell stories in different ways, from different points of views or in flashbacks. Each episode is different; however, we can always rely on character catchphrases, interventions, slap bets or some brilliant songs.

Revenge (2011-2015)

I started this show ages ago, but never had the chance to finish it. So I returned to it recently from the beginning and I’m hooked! A scandalous drama even thrilling at times. Welcome to the Hamptons socialites, they would do anything for everything. There are no limits they wouldn’t go to. Expect a lot of drama, twists and turns, surprises and shocks throughout.

revenge - emily and nolan

‘Revenge’ follows one particular woman on a path of, can you guess? Revenge. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) travels to the Hamptons to start on her meticulous revenge plan against some of the most powerful and wealthy socialites, the Grayson’s. What they don’t know when Emily carefully plants herself into their family, is that she is secretly Amanda Clarke, the girl who lived next door as a child, the daughter of the man Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) framed for murder. David Clarke (James Tupper) was framed in a plan cleverly devised by the Grayson’s with a lot of other powerful influential people involved; all knowledge Emily Thorne possesses left by her father after his death in prison. One by one she crosses people off her list as truths arise and scandals are revealed. Emily Thorne is brutal living a life to avenge her father’s death. But how long can she keep her secret identity hidden?

revenge - victoria, conrad and charlotte

There are many other characters along the way. Ones to love, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), even if he is presented as a bit sceptical in the beginning. Nolan needs a mention, because his character is phenomenal, his dedication to Emily is one to admire and route for. There are a lot of characters that are not likeable, but many to be loved too. Characters to feel wary of, to hate, to learn to appreciate, or even ones that need removing from the picture immediately: this show has got them all. We predominantly follow Emily Thorne and the Grayson family; Conrad and Victoria and their two children, Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). But also, we dive into the Porter family at the Stowaway Pub, where we find Jack (Nick Wechsler) and his younger brother Declan (Connor Paolo – Serena’s brother in ‘Gossip Girl’).

revenge - emily and jack

This show’s episodes follow from one another, making it so addictive as you want to uncover more and more about the characters. We are thrown into flashbacks in some episodes where we find more about their backgrounds, things we don’t expect or things that make what we already know more clearer, more understandable. There are so many shocks and surprises in the whole show, where you have no idea how the characters are going to react. They all are unpredictable, particularly, Victoria and Emily, the two female stars of the show. ‘Revenge’ is a drama of lies and secrets, of revenge and scandals. I think it’s a great show, so addictive and unpredictable. It’s fun to escape into, a life of upper class stab-in-the-backs and unknowing sins. ‘Revenge’ will throw anything at you.

How to Get Away with Murder (2014 – )

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is one of the most addictive shows. Anything can happen, anything could happen – it’s addictive with thrilling twists and turns. It is inappropriate for younger ages, there’s a lot of murder, if you couldn’t tell from the title, also quite a lot of sex scenes – so definitely not appropriate for younger ages. The show is scandalous, crazy and full of madness.

First of all, plots. Set at Middleton Law School in a Criminal Law class, Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) begins a new year with a new lecture of students. Every new episode has a new case to be solved in court, led by Annalise and involving some of the students. The students are pinned against each other, all desperate for a case, as they compete to win defences and be chosen to work with Annalise. 


Next, structure. The show jumps and plays with time throughout the series. We see more and more snippets of the future, as it becomes one month before, to three weeks, to two weeks, to knowing more and more with one week in the future, and so on. But we don’t know everything, we actually know quite little, but more and more is slowly revealed, but still you don’t know everything until the end. In the first series, as we are brought into the future a particular group is brought together when they are the ones involved with a case of their own and they must be the ones to get away with murder. This element of structure is so clever as it just forces you to keep watching.

Thirdly, the lawyers. Annalise Keating – she’s harsh, she’s brutal, she would do anything to win a case. Absolutely anything to solve a case, if not legal, it’s creative. Then there’s the two flanking her side, Bonnie (Liza Weil – Paris Geller from ‘Gilmore Girls’) and Frank (Charlie Weber). Bonnie is such a vulnerable and desperate character, she’s so interesting. Frank, again, is one that is discovered more and more about as we go on. But we know he would do anything Annalise asks him to, he is her henchman, as such.

How to Get Away with Murder 3

Now, the students. Wes (Alfred Enoch – Dean Thomas from ‘Harry Potter’), the one that seems to have an unusual connection to Annalise. Connor (Jack Falahee), sex-driven to get what he wants, but also is probably the one with the biggest character growth. Michaela (Aja Naomi King), very driven, opinionated and determined in her own mind. Laurel (Karla Souza), the one that is underestimated at the beginning, but equally as driven as the others. Asher (Matt McGorry – John Bennett from ‘Orange is the New Black’), who maybe an outsider at the beginning, but becomes a character loved and appreciated as series go on.

The characters are some deep, complex people in this show. All with complicated backgrounds, many of them extremely difficult. This just makes it so much more interesting as we never know the potentials of the characters and the limits they would go to and trust me they are pushed up to boundaries and beyond. They are all played phenomenally well, obviously this includes the brilliance of Viola Davis in this series.

How to Get Away with Murder 2

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is a magnificent show. I became obsessed with it, it is so addictive. It has the fun lawyer court scenes with such an intense underlining plot arc that only gets crazier and crazier. Then we’re thrown to a future that is utter madness and we don’t know the full story, begging to know more, you just have to continue to watch and watch and watch. It’s a show thrilling and exciting, worth a watch.

Finally, as the original trailer states: “Sex, Lies and Murder” – this is what underlines this show quite accurately.

Killing Eve (2018 – )

New BBC show based on the Villanelle books by Luke Jennings. After all the hype died down over this show, I finally decided to watch it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH? It was amazing. Twenty minutes into the first episode and I was hooked, absorbed into this MI5 life.

The two main characters are magnificent. They are both complicated, yet so interesting, women: Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Both actresses play their characters phenomenally, you become absorbed into their lives, wanting to know more and more about each character. So to begin with, Villanelle, the psychopath. She’s brilliant, unpredictable and ruthless. But somehow she becomes a character to adore watching. You want to know more and more about her, her past is a mystery. She has no emotions, or that’s what she wants us to think. Her comments and outrageous behaviour are brilliantly portrayed, even funny at times. Even the hilarity in her bluntness of honesty.

killing eve - villanelle

Secondly, Eve, the woman tracking her. Eve feels very real and relatable, rather than relating to the psychopath on screen. At her job in MI5, she is the only one that believes a string of murders are done by the same person, a woman, which is one thing she is clear on. Eve, with an obsession with female psychopaths, becomes addicted to knowing more about this supposed woman. A woman we’ve already met and know, Villanelle.

killing eve - eve

The show is serious, thrilling at times, and deathly frightening for all characters. You become worried for every character, especially with the unpredictability of Villanelle. However, it’s also amusing, there are times I found myself actually giggling which in a show such as this I didn’t expect. ‘Killing Eve’ feels very human, relatable in some way, it just feels realistic. We travel around the world, flipping from Eve’s life to Villanelle’s. We seem to know most on screen in that moment, but at the same time we know so little to everything in the background. There are also some other characters to love on screen from each life, new characters to delve into.

killing eve - eve and villanelle

It was a great new binge-watch and I can’t wait for season two. It’ll definitely be top on my list to watch when it is released. If you haven’t watched it, I would definitely give a watch!


Season two has now been released, find my review on it here!