Bitten (2014-)

So when I finished ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ I needed a new programme. Then I saw that this one, a fan of supernatural programmes, I thought I’d give this a go. New to Netflix, and only series one available, and honestly, I finished it in one day. I was hooked. To begin with, I wasn’t impressed, yet half an hour in, and I was more intrigued, I needed to know what was happening at Stonehaven, who was Elena, why were people dying? You get warped in pretty quickly.

Elena’s (Laura Vandervoort) life was simple and happy in Toronto with her new boyfriend Philip (Paul Greene) and her new life. However, she can’t keep her past life away for too long, especially when Jeremy (Greg Bryk) calls everyone home, including Elena, when a tragedy strikes. This is when we discover they’re all werewolves, and the family, well the family is Jeremy’s pack. All of them, Antonio (Paulino Nunes), his son Nick (Steve Lund), Pete (Joel Keller), Logan (Michael Xavier), and not forgetting Clay (Greyston Holt). All men, Elena only woman, coincidence? I’m not saying anything. Anyway, Elena’s reluctance to coming back home is soon figured out through the tension between her and Clay.


I guess you either hate or love this programme. But personally, I was absorbed into wanting to know what was going on. Everything was so fast pace and nothing seemed to ever fully answer the questions, so I had to watch and find out. I was hooked. Just want to mention, this is a show for older ages, the amount of sex there is in this programme means it’s definitely a show unsuitable for young audiences. Disregarding that, the tension and supernatural mystery with the werewolves is what it’s watched for. The audience is absorbed into wanting to know what will happen as Elena tries to solve issues at Stonehaven quickly, trying to get back to her human boyfriend who knows nothing. As lies grow and more issues arrive, Elena finds herself stuck in her past while present deaths create more tensions. No one is safe in this programme.


So even though Elena seems to be the main protagonist, we learn a lot about other characters as well. She does not carry the show, significantly, we learn a lot about Clay, a cleverly complicated, yet favourite character of mine. We get to know the whole pack of North America, who I’ve already stated. Also we get to know some villains of the programme, or otherwise known as the mutts, which basically, are disregarded werewolves that are not in the pack, alone in the world and unable to stay in the same place for a long time. We soon learn all about Pack Law and all the background knowledge we just want to invest in more. Just like any great show, it leaves the audience wanting to know more. But in this show, there is always more than one thing going on, we want to know everything. Can’t find that out unless you watch it. It’s a new world to get to know.


You have to be a fan of the supernatural if you want to watch this, obviously. But honestly, I was absorbed into it and wanted to know everything soon enough. Ok so maybe, it wasn’t right away I was hooked, because I turned it off half way through the first episode, but strangely something was pulling me back to it and after watching the first episode and when Elena was finally back at Stonehaven, things started to kick in and that was it. Maybe, I’m just a person who gets too involved into programmes way too quickly, I don’t know. But I am a fan of this show and I can’t wait to watch the next few series. Plus, it helps all the actors are great.

Once Upon A Time (2011-)

So maybe I was a bit slow on this one, but as this show is still running and episodes are still brilliant, I thought a review on this excellent TV programme was needed. Series six now, but just in case people haven’t seen any series, I will stick to series one (recently in my mind as I started to re-watch with my brother), and like I’ve promised before, nothing will be ruined.

Once Upon A Time in the human land is a place called Storybrooke. This is a place quite unlike to others surrounding, people who live there have forgotten who they truly are; Fairy Tales. Ok, if I lose you here stay with me, it’s not actually cheesy or stupid, it’s a great programme which combines these Fairy Tales we all know (don’t deny it!) into one town. All our children fantasy dreams come to life in actors and actresses playing them brilliantly, only they don’t remember who they are, and only one can bring back their memories; the saviour (yes of course there is a hero! They’re Fairy Tales!). But these Fairy Tales take a different twist to the ones we know, making them enjoyable and creative, but also they are still recognisable to the audience, the first series being a game of guess who is who (or is that just me?).


Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan, the one and only Saviour of Storybrooke, the one told to bring back the memories, even if she doesn’t believe a single word. I love how this is done at the beginning, because Emma doesn’t believe poor little Henry (Jared Gilmore) in his stories, the audience is brought along the storyline with her. But cleverly, the audience is more in the know, we are brought back from the human reality to the Fairy Tale world constantly. There are flashbacks for the audience to build up the background stories of the characters in Storybrooke, the parts they have forgotten. A new character is brought in and we are confused by who they are, until their story unfolds in the other dimension, where fantasy worlds come alive for the audience, whether it be the Enchanted Forest, Camelot, Oz, Netherworld, Sherwood Forest, Wonderland, and so many more!

So many of the characters interweave with each other, unlikely friends or obvious enemies, they are enjoyable for the audience and also creates so much depth into the frequent characters. So who are these? I’ve already mentioned Emma and Henry, but linking more significantly to Fairy Tales are the four main characters from series one. The beginning revolves a lot around the Fairy Tale ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ so the main characters here are Snow White and Prince Charming (who Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas play and are adorably married in real life; like it’s fate…), but also the Evil Queen, Regina (Lana Parrilla). Another very important character has to be Mr Gold, or most famously called Rumpelstiltskin, played amazingly by Robert Carlyle, seriously he plays this creepy all-knowing powerful character brilliantly, but one you should never trust. As there is so many series, so many stories have taken place, therefore many characters have been introduced, all of them should be recognised and known through this Fairy Tale world we all love (yes I said love now, everyone must love at least one Fairy Tale!). We meet characters in Fairy Tales such as, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘101 Dalmatians’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Frozen’ (yes, even recent ones!), ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ahh I should probably stop there, there are way too many! Because of this massive selection, everyone must at least know one! There’s loads! Some of them loved and some of them hated, a lot love to hate, or some just growing to love; trust me there’s some characters in series one you’d never think you’d love in the later series.


So there are six series of this show, it must be good! Who is going to be paying for a TV programme to run if it’s a load of crap? So obviously it isn’t, and you can probably tell I love it! It is such an addictive show, to want to know all the different stories of these well-known Fairy Tales or to just learn about who is who (this is still happens later on, not just series one). Even now watching it, they still have great storylines, it doesn’t feel overplayed or repetitive; it is done very well.

As you can tell, I would definitely recommend this programme. Probably don’t try to watch it all in one sitting, you need to give yourself some breaks, otherwise maybe you’ll start thinking you’re trapped in a world where you used to be a Fairy Tale… Maybe you are? But always remember “all magic comes with a price”.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-)

At the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, there is a team of detectives. And they are truly great, all so different, yet all hilariously brilliantly created. I’m writing this review based upon the first series as I don’t want to ruin or spoil too much, so I apologise if the characters and information is different in the future, but I really hope it isn’t. Firstly, the two superior leaders of the team, Captain and Sergeant. Introducing Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), from the first episode he is a new addition to the Precinct. His character is played excellently with an emotionless face making it hilariously difficult for the rest of the team to read his mood. Next is the Sergeant, Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), a new father trying to ease back into being a police officer and the action of the job. Terry Crews is always brilliant, personally knowing he’s the one who adores ‘A Thousand Miles’ in ‘White Chicks’ makes my day; yet he is equally great in this programme. Obsessed with staying muscular, there are many scenes of him working out whenever he can or perhaps eating 10 thousand calories every day…

brooklyn-nine-nine-holt    brooklyn-nine-nine-jeffords

Here comes the detectives. What I love about this programme, is that even though it definitely seems like things are more revolved around Jake Peralta in advertising, things actually aren’t in the programme, all the characters get enough depth and screen-time so the audience can love all of them. So to begin with, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), the hilarious detective who thinks he’s the best at everything and nothing is his fault. He is played extremely well to execute this hilarious comments to the audience. Samberg’s character is loveable, yet childish and unable to grow up. Next is Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). Santiago is described in the show as very competitive as she is the only daughter with seven brothers, however we learn this pretty quickly throughout the show. She is an excellent character for the audience to love, her determination to always search for approval of her new Captain is great and continues throughout the first series. This shows how great she is played, as something as small as that is in her character and a reliable element for the audience. Also, Jake and Amy’s relationship is competitive and snarky at each other, even if perhaps predictable still enjoyable.


Additionally, there is scary Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Her character is so different to all the others; she keeps her past and life very close to herself and doesn’t share much, so as small things are revealed by different people in the Precinct, the audience learns with them. She has hilarious outrages which are great for the audience to witness. Next is the best friend of Peralta, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio); a detective who works extremely hard. But that’s not what makes him great! His close friendship and dedication to Jake is loved by the audience. Some of his comments are brilliant, and his constant obsession with the best food in Brooklyn is a reliable theme. The one who actually isn’t a detective but an assistant is Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), but equally still a part of the team. She is excellent, I love her character. She is hilariously mean and self-obsessed, yet there are moments where in her crazy ways she does the right things and they are so clever!


Not forgetting, Scully (Joel McKinnen Miller) and Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker). However, I feel they are a bit underappreciated in this programme, yeah they aren’t involved in many of the cases to solve, but they’re in pretty much every episode and are great in their own way! Both of them at least making me laugh at least once in every episode. If it be Scully’s obsession with food and eating, or Hitchcock’s random decisions to take his shirt off, they are both comical.


So as you can tell, there has to be a character for everyone to love. I can’t even begin to say who my favourite character is, I find them all so hilariously brilliant and all so different it would be impossible to choose. Just like any good programme, you learn new information about the characters and all the episodes are so different, that they are all watchable and don’t become repetitive for the audience at all. I can watch them over and over again… Just an easy 20 minutes or so watch to make me laugh. The show began in 2013 and is still on-going. It is an easy watch, hilarious, enjoyable sitcom. Amongst the comedy, there are also new cases to watch the detectives solve; some of them, the audience can even try to figure out where the murder weapon went or who the murderer was. However, even if it is based in a police station, I wouldn’t say it’s scary or a thriller type of programme. Like at all!


So if this seems to be your sort of TV programme, I would 100% recommend. You can probably tell I love it!

Hustle (2004-2012)

This BBC 1 programme produced eight series from 2004 to 2012, involving six episodes per series. It is revolved around a group of hustlers conning greedy men and women of England, most predominantly London. Like Robin Hood, but instead of giving the money to the poor, they mostly keep it for themselves. But trust me it’s good, better than good. One of those proper addictive programmes, plus they’re all on Netflix so each episode is played straight after another. Also, all the episodes are so different, it’s not a show that gets repetitive at all or boring; the writers are always throwing around different plots that are exciting for the audience.


The first rule of being a hustler: “Never con an honest man”. One of the best things I love about this show, and trust me there are many things. But one of them is that it’s so different from other programmes. There are moments in this show that the plot of that particular episode seems to pause and the main characters, the con artists, talk to the audience; it’s like they are giving the best hints in how to con someone, and what to do if something goes wrong. As the plot freezes and the actors talk to the audience personally, they give tips how to hustle this particular character. It is so different to other programmes as they speak into the camera, it makes the audience feel more attached to the characters, it’s great. However, this does tend to become less frequent as the series goes on, it is much more common in the first series than later ones; but it still does appear.

Hustle - Ash, Sean, Mickey, Emma, Albert 2

Something to say is that the characters do change in this series. To begin with the con artists are, the egotistical main leader Michael Stone, also known as Mickey Bricks (Adrian Lester), “the Fixer” Ash ‘three socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister), “the Roper” Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn), the sweet-talker Stacie Monroe (Jaime Murray), and the new guy Danny Blue (Marc Warren). Later on, Stacie and Danny are replaced by brother and sister, Emma (Kelly Adams) and Sean Kennedy (Matt Di Angelo). But because these characters are so different, it’s done well to not miss the old con artists. However, I do have to say my favourites, even if Stacie’s character annoyed me at times, were the first group of the programme. Although, Emma and Sean do make their own ways in the group and are still great. I find it tricky to say who my favourite character would be, all the characters are so different and loveable in their own way. Danny is such a loveable character, with his competitiveness, hilarious, big-headed ways. But then there’s Ash, who is just great in his own way, with some of the things he does being so heart-warming. But then there’s Sean, who continuously impresses the others with his amazing memory, and his brotherly love for his sister is so strong. And of course Albert, who is one of the greatest con artists, teaching Mickey everything he knew, and chooses most of the targets they will con. Or Mickey himself, who leaves the audience unsure whether a con is supposed to go the way it is, making episodes tense whether he has a plan B or not, and his many clever ways of getting what he wants. Then there’s Stacie, who manipulates many men to help with the cons, either they be short or long cons. Finally, Emma, the one who just wants to fit in and puts her trust in Mickey in every point, who changes her personalities in order to win cons, which I have to say seems to be wearing a lot of wigs. I can’t decide who a favourite is, but I’m sure there has to be at least one character that everyone must love, if not all.

Hustle - Ash, Sean, Mickey, Emma, Albert

Of course, the gang have a meet up in a place where they are based repeatedly throughout the series. This is at Eddie’s Bar; therefore introducing Eddie (Rob Jarvis), the owner and barman. The poor bloke, too trusting and continuously conned so they gang don’t have to pay for their drinks. No matter how funny it is, he definitely ends up out of pocket.

Additionally, of course all the actors are brilliant. They are played excellently down to every point. Also there is a range of actors who appear throughout the series, whether to help the hustlers out or whether they are getting conned themselves, these are great too, and some recognisable, for me anyway. However, it’s not like the actors who guest-starred in a ‘Friends’ episode, who are very well-known, like Brad Pitt, Winona Ryder, Danny DeVito or Bruce Willis etc… But there are some recognisable characters in ‘Hustle’. Anyway, the point was that all the actors are great.

Hustle - Albert, Ash, Danny, Stacie, Billy

The episodes are really brilliant, they range from different genres, some being more tense and dangerous, some revolved around the police wanting to arrest them for fraud, some more competitive and fun. It’s really great how they don’t get repetitive at all. The audience is left out of the loop a lot to whether something was supposed to happen or not, then surprising plots fall out that you never expect. The audience is unsure who they are to trust at who they say they are, as shown straight away by the first episode. The audience isn’t supposed to know what is happening for the con artists, whether it’s in their way or not, until the very end. They are very clever endings to the episodes that are difficult to guess.

This gripping TV programme get the audience cheering for anti-heroes, for men and women stealing from the greedy and rich, but it’s like it’s more acceptable as they characters they steal from are so outrageous and treat others terribly. I found that it’s like the hustlers are doing a grateful thing for the public, even though it is still stealing a lot, and I mean a lot, of money from people. It’s clever how the audience wants to cheer for them, even if they are criminals. I would say give a watch, it truly is addictive and amazing! “But remember never con an honest man”.

iZombie (2015-)

Thrown straight into the action when Liv Moore got scratched at a Boat Party by a zombie, ever since then she’s joined “team Z”. Love her ironic name, gets me every time. Liv Moore. Because she’s undead… Sorry. Anyway, she uses her zombie powers for good, unlike some in this programme. If you don’t like the supernatural, well zombies really, then don’t watch this. It’s all about zombies, like the majority of it. But then again I think the title gives that away. But just in case, there’s your warning.

Team Z. Zombie-ism. Not like other programmes or films. These zombies need to eat brains in order to remain functioning. They can’t taste food, only with extra hot sauce. They crave nothing but brains. They see visions of those brains that have been eaten, their memories when triggered, and also develop a personality trait from them. Additionally, they are extremely pale and develop white hair. And if they lose control they go into full zombie mode, and nobody wants that, red eyes, extra strength. Basically don’t irritate a zombie. That is the definition of a zombie in this show. But mostly, with a spray tan and dyed hair, they walk among the living. Yet most people don’t believe they are real and that everything is normal, that their neighbour, or father, or cousin aren’t zombies. Well not everyone is, but the point is, it’s all a secret.

Full on zombie mode

So the programme is revolved around the main character, Liv Moore (Rose McIver). The recently turned zombie. Firstly, there’s her new job at the morgue, the place where she gets her brains from, the already dead. Here is her boss, my favourite character by far, Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli). Ravi has to be my favourite, he’s hilarious yet clever, without him the programme wouldn’t be near as good.

morgue in izombie

Then there’s Liv’s other job, which is helping Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) with solving homicide cases. This is the part of the programme that involves more of a murder mystery element. In each episode there is a new murder and Liv and Clive have to figure it out, I like these sorts of programmes so this definitely made the programme more interesting and different to other zombie or supernatural programmes as it’s not all about them, even though it kind of is as Liv is a zombie… But Clive doesn’t know that. Only Ravi knows the truth of Liv’s condition in life. Anyway, the reason why Liv is Clive’s partner is because she claims she sees visions that help uncover what happened to the murder victim, this is because she’s eating their brains and seeing their memories, but again, Clive doesn’t know this, he just thinks she’s a very accurate and helpful physic.

Clive and Liv

Of course Liv is not the only zombie, there has to be another in order to turn her. This is Blaine DeBeers (David Anders). A very different zombie to Liv, who tries to help solve cases, whereas Blaine, not so much… More murderous and goes on killing sprees to feed zombies in Seattle, whom he has turned himself. Blaine is truly evil. This is alternatively Liv’s worst enemy, where she doesn’t really want to be a zombie, yet more are turned and she’s scared for the human race; while Ravi desperately tries to discover a cure for zombie-ism. This element of the film is more gory, and definitely stressful and tense. But again cleverly done, that it becomes an addictive show to watch.

Blaine and Major

Moving away from the zombies, there’s Liv’s best friend from before she turned into a zombie. The oblivious Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka), who has to live with Liv’s up and down personalities depending on whose brain she had eaten that day. From suddenly learning how to paint or being able to play the drums, Peyton is thrown about not understanding why the sudden life changes in Liv’s life. However, these personality changes are hilarious in some cases.

liv and peyton

Again, another character lost in this new confusion and change for Liv, is her ex-fiancé, Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley). His heart broken when Liv got scratched and broke off the wedding, moving her life from being a surgeon to down in the morgue. Major gets the brunt of everything not knowing anything. However, Major definitely has his own difficulties and his own plot to the series, heart broken and desperate, then losing some of his children he’s supposed to look after as he’s a social worker, his life turns upside down throughout the series. I found that he is definitely one of the most loving characters in the programme shown through his affection of Liv, so the audience definitely feels sympathetic towards him.

ravi and major

I wouldn’t say you would watch this programme in order to spot actors you recognise, out of the whole two series so far, I only recognised two, and that was David Anders and Aly Michalka (from Aly and AJ!!). Additionally, I thought I should mention that, even if I’m not aware of the age restriction, I would say that it’s probably not appropriate for young ages. There are some graphic scenes, death scenes, bloody gory scenes, many dead bodies, many murdered dead bodies I should say. Also some may consider a few scenes to be slightly frightening. And there’s a lot of brains. Like loads.

I would however recommend this programme if it sounds like a programme you would enjoy. Each episode has a new case that needs to be solved. As the show goes on you discover more of Liv’s life and her complications, also some of her personalities that she goes through are brilliant and hilarious, have to mention excellently acted by Rose McIver. Also, the knowledge of zombies increases, new threats arise, and secrets becomes harder to hide. I was definitely hooked watching this programme non-stop until sadly finished and got to the end of series two. But hopefully there will be a new series. Also all series are on Netflix. But anyway, if you enjoy watching some murder mysteries and throw in a bit of zombies, then join team Z with Liv Moore in iZombie.

Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

As I finally finished ‘Gossip Girl’ today, I thought I’d write a review on it. A couple of years behind, I know, but I prefer to watch programmes after they’ve finished so I don’t have to wait for the next episode. I’m not so good with suspense and waiting, I tend to get impatient. But six series later and it’s finally finished and I have to say it is such a good show. Even though, I had two massive breaks in between watching them all, I was hooked in each three times. I believe there has to be some breaks, otherwise it just takes over your life. It’s a very addictive show.

So what is ‘Gossip Girl’ even about? Set in New York City, and filmed there too, the show follows the lives of the Upper East Side; the rich, popular, have everything want everything kind. Gossip Girl in the show is an internet website posting about the main characters lives, all their truths and secrets, everything is exposed; and to say the least, the programme always has something going on. There is a focus on fashion and art because the world that is based upon is full of money; fashion is definitely key to the characters and to express their personalities. So the main characters? Firstly, there’s the blonde star of the show, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). Then her best friend, well sometimes best friend, they go through a lot in the show, is the mean “Queen B” Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).Serena and BlairThere’s of course the bad boy, who throughout the film strangely becomes the dark horse for the audience to start to love, no matter how unbelievable at the beginning, this is Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). Then there’s the guy that all the girls want to be with, the rich boy trying to find his own way in life, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). Lastly, there’s the character that doesn’t quite fit in, the one who tries all he can, but doesn’t ever seem to get there as he’s not from the Upper East Side, he has his ups and downs, but realistically he is always known as the “Brooklyn Lonely Boy”, this is Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley).

Nate, Chuck and Dan

All of the characters interlink with each other, and are confronted in one way or another.

There are also some reoccurring characters that also become key to the plot in different series. One of these is Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg), someone that can’t be trusted, the master of scheming is probably best for her character personality. Additionally, there are the parents, most significantly Dan’s father, Rufus (Matthew Settle), and Serena’s mother, Lily (Kelly Rutherford). Both having their own significant stories. In Blair’s life there is Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski), her maid, who I believe is a great character, even if she isn’t one of the main protagonists. Also, Dan’s sister, Jenny (Taylor Momsen), Serena’s brother Eric (Connor Paolo) and Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) are all key characters in certain series. There are obviously many more characters, but somehow it doesn’t become confusing to who is who, especially that most characters are stuck to their plot line in their series; so as a new character comes in, one leaves. All of them have their own plot lines and something big happens to all, so you can understand how many things are going on at once. I love most of the characters, I think they’re all great in their own way, they’re scheming and funny, and they make the show so great. Moreover, they’re all so different, so there is a character for everyone to love.

To say the shows contains scandals and lots of drama would be an understatement. Seriously, I’ve never watched a show with so much drama in it, and that’s saying something because I’ve watched a lot of TV series. A great thing about the show as well is that it also has the shock factor, things you wouldn’t expect to happen. The characters all have their secrets and the audience is not always known to what they are; especially to who Gossip Girl is, which isn’t released until the final episode. But because of all these secrets and how the show is created, you become attached to the characters, more so than you would in a film, and sometimes you love them, next minute you hate them, then you love them again. You just never know who can be trusted and what the character’s real agendas are. This is what makes the TV programme so addictive, you just want to know everything that has happened or how things are going to spin out. Even though some plots are best kept in their series, some are continuous throughout the show. This is clever in making not just one series addictive but all of them. For example, the relationship between Blair and Chuck, this is definitely something that audiences have been hooked on and wandering if anything would happen, and I’m not spoiling anything, so I’ll leave it there.

I would probably say that this is not a show for young children, and is probably aimed at teenagers and young adults. A lot of the scandals are revolved around sex, and there is the occasional swearing.

If you’re wanting a show full of drama and scandals, yet characters to love, then ‘Gossip Girl’ would be at the top of your list. I highly recommend it. But then again, it probably is for certain people. But nevertheless I would still recommend. It’s a teen drama with numerous shocking scandals and stressful moments. Things happen that are good, many that are bad. ‘Gossip Girl’ is definitely an emotional TV programme, besides it is following the lives of the same five characters for six series.

That 70s Show (1998-2006)

‘That 70s Show’ is a comical television programme set in 1970s Wisconsin, when actually aired from 1998-2006. The show of eight series follows the stories of a group of six friends; the lives of teens, careful Eric Forman (Topher Grace), confident Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), “rock ‘n’ roll” Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), dumb Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), “foreign exchange student” Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) and bossy Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis). That 70s Show

Every episode has a new storyline, however, there is a continuing plot arc over the series, for example, following the relationship between Eric and Donna or even Hyde’s living situations. The show is mostly based at Eric’s house, or their meet up place which is his basement. This means there is the involvement of Eric’s parents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp), who bring in their own comical element to the film. Red being the harsh father and Kitty trying to make things easier for Eric but mostly failing to do so. Red’s repetition of “dumbass” and kicking asses, adds a comic throughout the whole of the series that will always make you laugh. It adds a predictable feel but also familiarity to the show.

Each episode is just under half an hour long, which is the perfect length to quickly just watch an episode whenever. The show is very much episodic, so you can dip into any episode and still understand what is going on and enjoy the show even if you haven’t seen any other episodes. All of the seasons are also on Netflix if you own it.

There is a unique style of the camera and editing to ‘That 70s Show’. This is something which makes it different to other sitcoms. The show is split into this unique style but also has normal story telling edits of the young adults’ lives. There is the use of flashbacks, and black and white interpretations of character’s thinking of a moment, and much more. There can be some scenes that are obviously overplayed by actors to add an unreal feel the show, but this is done on purpose, it is almost sarcastic and adds comedy. Sometimes even the actors look into the camera pretending the audience are the characters. Between each scene there are happy bright colours of flowers or the actors jumping in the air. The whole show gives a slight over-exaggeration to the use of camera and editing, this shows that it is clearly not a show to be taken seriously. Some people may consider these aspects to be silly or not necessary, but personally I think it just adds to the humour, and gives a moral to not take everything so seriously. However, don’t make this think that it’s not relatable because the majority of scenes are just following the lives of these teens which is realistic, just this use of camera makes you realise you are watching a TV programme.

The age restriction is at 12 and should be obeyed as there are repetitions of drug use and sex throughout the series, so not appropriate for younger ages at all. There is an over-exaggeration on the use of drugs, this shown through what I’ve previously said on the use of camera and editing, for example, Red and Kitty’s heads becoming different shapes and sizes when Eric is high and trying to be serious in a conversation with them or the wall moving in different ways behind his parents etc.

If you like shows like ‘Friends’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you would like this one too, there is added laughter to the programme alike these, although in ‘That 70s Show’ it follows the lives of teens rather than adults. However, be warned things are over-exaggerated, but it adds to the humour in my opinion, this is especially different to shows like ‘Friends’; as ‘Friends’ tries to keep a reality and realistic feel for the audience, whereas ‘That 70s Show’ does in the majority of scenes, but also links to this emphasis on the unreal and sarcasm. Overall, I think it’s a great, playful programme to just watch and make you laugh, and easy to just watch a couple of episodes as they are short yet all equally as good.