Christopher Laws and Jack McKenna direct and star in this short film about a young man struggling to come to grips with his life as he thinks everything through on a park bench. Released in 2016.

‘The Convict’

In 2014, Mark Battles directs a desperate man who does whatever he can do to make this much needed journey.

‘The Deja Vuers’

2016 short film directed by Chris Esper where a man approaches a woman on a bench after recognising her from a dream, then everything changes.

‘Emotional Motor Unit’

A film revolving around one writer whose life in isolation is changed when he has a glimpse into human interaction with a machine. Directed by Adam Nelson in 2016.


Foster Vernon in 2016 directs about a man desperate to get the promotion he deserves and needs to write the perfect article to win it, discovering something he thought he never would.

‘Here Lies Joe’

Joe is a man struggling with his life as he joins a suicidal anonymous group which perhaps saves him. Directed by Mark Battle in 2016.

‘The Misogynist’

Chai Dingari directs in 2011, a man struggling to find his new edge goes to extremes to capture the perfect pictures.

‘One In A Million’

Patrick Ireland directs a film powerful for the audience as a young boy just dreams of winning the lottery. Released in 2016.

‘Simple Mind’

Delve into the mind of a man who tells all at a therapist office. Directed by Phil Newsom in 2012.

‘Socks and Cakes’

All the truth explodes in this drama at a dinner party, in 2010. Directed by Antonio Padovan.

‘That Terrible Jazz’

Mike Falconi directs this short film as a private investigator is hired to discover what happened to the saxophone player. Released in 2014.

‘Thin Places’

An intriguing short film of a man discussing what he’s not entirely sure has happened. Directed by Mark Schwab in 2016.

‘To Be Alone’

A short film of a man in an unbalanced state of life as the audience are not sure what has happened. Directed by Matthew Mahler in 2017.

‘Total Performance’

In 2015, delve into the life of Cori Sweeney who helps act out difficult situations for people. Directed by Sean Meehan.

‘The Trouble With Uncle Max’

This 2016 short film directed by Rufus Chaffee is one about Sonya and Joe taking a road that leads to murder.

‘What Jack Built’

Directed by Matthew Mahler in 2015, a man is crazed by wanting to discover what is in the woods.