Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man so far! He tops Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in my opinion.

Tom Holland is who makes this film brilliant. His quirky, awkward teenager presence as Peter Parker is welcomed on screen. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ finds Peter Parker desperate to keep a normal life. We watch as Spider-Man tries to cling onto his summer vacation with his friends at school. Travelling around Europe, Peter sets himself a plan to tell MJ (Zendaya) how he really feels – aww. But when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes an entrance by shooting Peter’s friend with a dart gun, Peter’s summer holiday becomes a save-the-world expedition once again.

Spider Man Far From Home 2

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has the same awkward funny moments as ‘Homecoming’ did. The plot is also a brilliant one, interesting and intriguing. Leading on from the catastrophe of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the world is feeling the loss of beloved Avengers, where others have given up the game and many have died. Spider-Man still lives, although weight is off his shoulders when another different superhero comes on the screen – Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Elementals have taken over the world, destroying famous cities; fire, wind and water explode through Venice, London, Prague.

I did have a few reservations about this film. For starters, I wasn’t sure about Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio as it did seem like a weird choice. Furthermore, Marvel has had so many numerous films, can it continue to get better or it is just the same story over and over again? Especially after the mass hit of ‘Endgame’. However, I did not need to worry. Jake Gyllenhaal was a good addition to this Marvel film. His and Tom Holland’s bond on and off screen has to be loved by the audience. Plus, the plot was refreshingly different and interesting throughout.


‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ was an enjoyable film. It has the action and the comedy. Tom Holland and Zendaya are fabulous and brilliant characters on screen. As is Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon). Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan is ever more so present in this film and should be loved, his character is brilliant. Elements throughout the film get darker and twisted as the plot unravels and unravels. For some reason, I knew all the twists in this film, so if you know them, they don’t become such the great twists and turns throughout. Although, still worth the watch as it is a great film with brilliant Spider-Man skills developing further and Peter Parker’s presence as a teenager is also perfect.

PS. Don’t forget the two scenes at the end of the credits – they’re gooduns.


Avengers: Endgame (2019)

I now understand the fuss… I understand why this has smashed box office scores. I understand why this film was sold out across the world. Yeah, I get it. This film has such a perfect, wholesome ending to the original Avengers. I know they are making new Marvel films, but I truly believe this to be the perfect final ending of the amazing originals: Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye. It was perfect for all these characters, all the way to end. Ok, I might have said this before, that Marvel has dragged it out for too long, but I take it back for this ending to be concluded. It was truly a brilliant film and I cannot contest otherwise.

Avengers Endgame 2

‘Infinity War’ told us that Thanos was successful. He was successful in making 50% of Earth’s population disappear. This included some of the new heroes: Spider-Man (Tom Holland), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Only a few were left behind to pick up the pieces. The world has become broken and lost. A lot happens when everyone loses someone, tragic, drastic changes. Our heroes that are left behind becomes ones we don’t recognise; Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) are examples in particular. Others become desperate in fixing the world, unable to move on: Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

Can Marvel make a film longer? Yes! Three hours ‘Endgame’ is. But so much happens, and it really doesn’t feel like it is that long. Everything that happens makes so much sense in the film that you can’t really take any of it out. Plus, you cannot predict any of it. Well maybe you can predict some parts just before they are about to happen, like just before. Nevertheless, don’t go into this film having the plot predicted and easy, it’s a film to absorb you and shock every element.

Avengers Endgame 1

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is a mass of action scenes with the usual excellent special effect, of the familiar comedy of the loved characters and of an emotional rollercoaster to take you on. The film gets your shocked, sad, hopeful and laughing. I have to mention the phenomenal moment that got me cheering for the film (not literally…) – the absolute love for the women power was empowering. I really can’t say there was any part in the film that I didn’t enjoy. I was hooked from beginning to end, lost in the cleverly thought-out plot that was intriguing and brilliant. Every character was perfect in their execution and reasoning in the plot, we needed them all and they all came to a hell of a finale. Although, to have a full understanding of every second, you do need to watch all other Marvel films connected, however, I haven’t seen them all and it still made sense to me.

Captain Marvel (2019)

Let’s bring it all the way back to the beginning. To the beginning of earth’s understanding of out of space threats. To the creation of Marvel. It is the start of all stories.

I didn’t have my hopes up with this film, it’s just another film I was going to see. And to begin with, I wasn’t completely sold. But soon enough, I was absorbed into the film. I loved the music, who doesn’t love a bit of No Doubt and TLC? Then of course the special graphic effects were amazing, when are they not nowadays? ‘Captain Marvel’ was so fast pace, it was a great escapism to get lost into.

Captain Marvel 2

Vers (Brie Larson) has completely forgotten her identity after a crash made her lose her memories. Living on the planet, Kree, she finally has the opportunity to use her powers that were given to her to fight for her country. In her first mission, an ambush is set waiting for her. Landing on earth, she finds her emotions always get in the way of her mind as she tries to track down the enemy’s target. But that’s not the only thing she discovers, but instead everything she’s forgotten. You become warped into an enemy that can shapeshift. You have no idea where they are as they could look like anyone. It’s fun and simple.

I really liked her story. I wouldn’t say it was the most shocking, because I could kind of tell where the whole movie was heading. But regardless, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching it unfold. I did love all the originality of the beginning of Marvel. Definitely enjoyed all the connections to unasked questions in all the other films. We see the return of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) – which I have to say, they did well to look younger – his story of how he first found out about space troubles. Plus, there’s a cat, and it’s amazingly hilarious. Other than the cat, I can’t say the comedy was hit there as usual in Marvel films, unfortunately.

Captain Marvel 1

Was this the best Marvel film I’ve ever seen? Probably not. But I still enjoyed the story very much, particularly loved Vers back story and lost past. And I adored the connections to other films, the realisation of questions you didn’t even ask in previous Marvel films. I even enjoyed the plane fights and Vers growing into her powers. It’s an enjoyable escapism and a brilliant original story. You know you’ll have to watch all Marvel films before ‘Avengers: Endgame’ anyway!

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

This film has had so much advertising, to say the least! And it’s had a massive uproar of a grand celebration too. So maybe my review will be extremely different to popular opinion. I have a few issues with it. I don’t think it was up to the huge standards the audiences are making it out to be, but when something is this hyped up can it ever reach standards? It gets to the point where it is got such a phenomenal reputation it’s impossible to hit that height. For me anyway. So bear with me, I have reasonings for everything. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things in this film obviously!

Avengers Infinity War 1

All the Marvel characters are united in one film, finally, ahh as the Marvel audience applaud. All of them together, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk and so many more. All of them combined into one long film. Although, with this mass of characters means that there is a hell of a lot of jumping around to places, which for me became a bit confusing. We were jumping all over the place, which also made me feel like the time was going slllooowww, something that is not needed for a long film such as this one. It gets very chaotic. You definitely have to pay attention. I spent the whole of the film waiting and waiting for all of them to finally unite, but that takes a really long time. The majority of the film is fragmented characters in fragmented places.

Avengers Infinity War 2

I definitely love more characters than others. I loved the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I love Chris Pratt and I love the influence of great pop music and knowledge of film they bring. Plus Drax is hilarious, his moments in the film made me chuckle and made me want to see him more. Teen Groot is fabulous, really great too, constantly playing on a game, brilliant! Guardians of the Galaxy were a great part for me. Can’t forget the cheeky chappy of the wonderful Tom Holland as Spider-Man, he is amazing as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Finally, Bruce Banner vs The Hulk moments are extremely comical as Bruce Banner struggles to reach the Hulk in peril scenes. Obviously, Chris Hemsworth needs to be mentioned, when is he not magnificent? Wanda is a cool character, she deserves a lot more explanation than she did in the film, but maybe she did in earlier films? I’m not sure. For the other characters, you’d be surprised how many of them actually got screen time. For example, I felt Scarlett Johansson was only briefly in the film, she was always there in the background, but never came to the front much, obviously there were some occasions, but surprisingly minimal. It is heavily based around Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’m ok with that, and obviously Iron Man, because I feel he very much carries a lot of Avenger films anyway. Robert Downey Jr is great as Tony Stark, he’ll always be a character to remember. Captain America didn’t really hold much for me in this film, thinking back he didn’t really stand out in any parts to remember, and he didn’t have his iconic shield…

Avengers Infinity War 3

So another problem, because of the hectic characters and the amount there is, it does help watching a lot of the other Marvel films before. But there are so many! I don’t think it ruins the film if you haven’t seen all of them, but it definitely helps, because this film does not get any time to introduce any characters, it’s more of an assumption that once you see their face you already have everything you need to know. Also, because it’s such a big franchise it doesn’t leave much ambiguity at the end of the film, although I did love the ending.

Now the villain. Yes! Finally a villain worthy of note. Everyone is at risk, people do die, anyone can die. One of the problems I’ve had with superhero films is that I don’t see point when the superheroes are too good, there are no faults, there’s no thinking that they could lose, however with this villain, there are risks, he is good, he is too good, I love it! Anything could happen, and that’s what I needed. Thanos is a huge purple alien man, I don’t know, but he has a background story that is intense and clever, he is a character to be appreciated, even if as the villain.

Avengers Infinity War 4

I wouldn’t say this is the best Marvel film I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’ve just become bored of them. Although saying this, with the ending that they did present this one, it preludes to a different sort of Marvels which would intrigue me and get me into them again. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is of course action packed and there are some great fight scenes. There are shocking moments as I said everyone is at risk. But it is long, feels fragmented and chaotic. I guess it’s all up to opinion, but sometimes when there are too many characters, ones that are loved can become lost. And when films delve into magical elements, there needs to be some sort of connection to reality, otherwise it can become farfetched. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Pratt were fab though.

Avengers Assemble (2012)

One of my favourite Marvel films has got to be ‘Avengers Assembles’. It brings in all the Avengers from previous Marvel films and puts all the action into one film.

One of the great aspects is that each Avenger has their own quirky personality, different from the others. So I’m sure there must be one character, for each person, to like. If it be the nervous Dr Banner (Mark Ruffalo) scared of becoming the uncontrollable Hulk, or the undeniably self-absorbed genius Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), or the “world’s first superhero” Captain America (Chris Evans) confused in the new life, or even the out of this world God Thor (Chris Hemsworth), or maybe a secretive skilled Russian spy Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), or lastly a taken over Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) captured by the evil Loki. Avengers Assembles

This film is very action-based; as there is action from the beginning, so you have no boring start waiting for the story to get interesting, the action begins immediately after the flicker of the ‘Marvel’ logo and even before the films own title. If you like a film that won’t leave you bored, this is one to choose, as something is always happening. Although, if you like films that are completely relatable, keep in mind this is a superhero film, special abilities and all, so relatable is not what you’re looking for in this film. Even though, this film is most predominantly action, there are elements of comedy to make the film lighter and not so serious all the time. All characters have small comments what will make you laugh; Robert Downey Jr’s (Iron Man) character does this very well, with his witty, opinionated comments. However, it’s definitely not a comedy film, where you’ll be in stitches from laughing too much at the end of the film, so if you’re looking for a good cheer up and laugh, not this film, even if there is the occasional chuckle.

There isn’t much secretive twists in this plot, not one that’s confusing to follow, so an easy watch. You are told the insights of the goodies and baddies. So ‘Avengers Assemble’ could be appropriate for younger audiences in this sense only, as you’ll always be kept in mind who should be trusted; for example when Hawkeye is under control by Loki, there’s a focus into his non-human bright eyes, to show that he shouldn’t be trusted even if he is in previous films. However, violence and many deaths occur, so may not be appropriate for younger ages, although deaths aren’t graphic or gruesome, more chaotic.

The Avengers

The way in which the camera is positioned in this film adds to the excitement and action of the film. There’s a variety of camera usage, for example zooms and canting, also a mix of long and medium shots. This variation coincides with the action of the movie, throwing the audience around to make the film more gripping. Other technological aspects are also cleverly done and made as realistic as possible, so you don’t get a feeling of the movie being fake, even though the aliens are not real. The mise en scène is also something that should be commented on. It’s important for each Avenger to have their own costumes to make them distinctive and outstanding, the costumes are great and everything else in play just adds to the film. The cinematography is definitely great in this film and should be appreciated as it is so key to making a superhero excellent and interesting. Additionally, helps that all the actors and actresses are excellent and portray the protagonists to expectations.

There are some aspects to the film that link to previous Marvel films, for example each Avenger’s own film. So if you haven’t watched them all, some small comments might not make as much sense as they would if you had seen them; although it doesn’t make a massive difference and doesn’t consequence to the film overall. This film has a simple plot, a small comic side and is action-packed. If that’s a film you’d enjoy, then the superhero film you should watch should be this one, ‘Avengers Assemble’.