Hot Fuzz (2007)

One of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s iconic duo films. I remember watching this film when I was younger, however I couldn’t actually remember what it was about at all. And to be honest, it wasn’t as good as I remember, even though remembering was little. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ tops this one, by far.

‘Hot Fuzz’ follows a by-the-book police officer, Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg). Everything is morally right or wrong and if wrong is done you’ll be arrested right off. He’s an officer who never turns off, he is an officer by name and by life – never relaxing, never not seeing wrong or right. Therefore, his excellence was putting the other MET officers to shame, so he was sent off to the quiet town of Sandford noted as one of the perfect towns where nothing bad happens. But, when a series of murders happens in this small town, officers claim them flukes and just “accidents” leaving only Nicholas believing differently.

Hot Fuzz 2

In one of these Edgar Wright films starring both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, what is loved most is the relationship between Pegg and Frost. But this seemed a bit lacking in ‘Hot Fuzz’. The iconic hilarity seemed to be missing in this film. I think that was due to the personality created by Simon Pegg, as in his character of Nicholas Angel. It wasn’t a welcoming protagonist that invites other characters to become friends as the newcomer. Nick Frost of Danny Butterman held his usual comical remarks and was definitely enjoyable to watch.

‘Hot Fuzz’ does have quite a slow beginning. As Nicholas Angel moves to Sandford, it takes a while to generate the setting and characters of this new town. A bit unnecessarily slow in my opinion. Although, when it finally kicks into the mystery of the film, the solving of the murders, or accidents as the others claim they are, the film becomes considerably better. Simultaneously, this is when the comedy and action arrive. When the plot finally kicks in, it is really good. Comical, in the usual satire or reminiscing of cinema we know well.

Hot Fuzz 1

As I said ‘Shaun of the Dead’ is better. The whole beginning of ‘Hot Fuzz’ did feel unnecessarily long and slow. Nicholas Angel as a character was very rigid and I felt there weren’t as much comical elements in his personality, however Danny Butterman did hold the comedy. When the mystery kicks off, the action does get wild and enjoyable to watch in its mad explosions and crazy gun fights. One of the classic Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films – not as great as it’s original, but still good to watch with a few faults.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man so far! He tops Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in my opinion.

Tom Holland is who makes this film brilliant. His quirky, awkward teenager presence as Peter Parker is welcomed on screen. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ finds Peter Parker desperate to keep a normal life. We watch as Spider-Man tries to cling onto his summer vacation with his friends at school. Travelling around Europe, Peter sets himself a plan to tell MJ (Zendaya) how he really feels – aww. But when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes an entrance by shooting Peter’s friend with a dart gun, Peter’s summer holiday becomes a save-the-world expedition once again.

Spider Man Far From Home 2

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has the same awkward funny moments as ‘Homecoming’ did. The plot is also a brilliant one, interesting and intriguing. Leading on from the catastrophe of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the world is feeling the loss of beloved Avengers, where others have given up the game and many have died. Spider-Man still lives, although weight is off his shoulders when another different superhero comes on the screen – Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Elementals have taken over the world, destroying famous cities; fire, wind and water explode through Venice, London, Prague.

I did have a few reservations about this film. For starters, I wasn’t sure about Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio as it did seem like a weird choice. Furthermore, Marvel has had so many numerous films, can it continue to get better or it is just the same story over and over again? Especially after the mass hit of ‘Endgame’. However, I did not need to worry. Jake Gyllenhaal was a good addition to this Marvel film. His and Tom Holland’s bond on and off screen has to be loved by the audience. Plus, the plot was refreshingly different and interesting throughout.


‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ was an enjoyable film. It has the action and the comedy. Tom Holland and Zendaya are fabulous and brilliant characters on screen. As is Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon). Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan is ever more so present in this film and should be loved, his character is brilliant. Elements throughout the film get darker and twisted as the plot unravels and unravels. For some reason, I knew all the twists in this film, so if you know them, they don’t become such the great twists and turns throughout. Although, still worth the watch as it is a great film with brilliant Spider-Man skills developing further and Peter Parker’s presence as a teenager is also perfect.

PS. Don’t forget the two scenes at the end of the credits – they’re gooduns.

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

Yet another Fast and Furious film crashes onto our screens. Although, leaving the original franchise a new spin-off results in just Hobbs and Shaw in the centre. Hobbs and Shaw have already shown us the hatred between each other from ‘Fast and Furious 8’, but they are forced to reminisce and work together when the world is about to come to another end in this film.

Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw 2

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham return as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw and have to work together when a new threat has risen. Everything went wrong in a mission to collect a secret virus when they were interrupted by the “bad guy” aka Brixton (Idris Elba). Instead, in a panic, one of the agents injects herself with the virus to stop Brixton from getting his hands on it. Although, it’s too easy for Brixton to spin the story, claiming that she is the one who has killed her own team and she is the enemy. This sounds like a lot of potential in a storyline, but actually once Hobbs and Shaw are on team, it all seems extremely easy to track the agent down and ultimately know she is of course not the baddy of the film!

Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw 1

I did love this new addition of this agent, Hattie (Vanessa Kirby). She was a brilliant badass agent on screen, which was great to see against the “alpha males” constantly bickering. Something they definitely put a lot of effort into was these bickering squabbles between Hobbs and Shaw. There’s a clear hatred on screen straight away, although forced a little. The comedy seemed to play within these bitchy comments back and forth. I didn’t think it was hilarious, although some did make me giggle. Moreover, I loved the addition of two stars who grace the screen, which I’ll leave unnamed as they make a happy surprise.

Overall, I do think the plot was a bit weak, it felt a bit confused and all over the place. The main problem I found was that it tried to fit in a lot of backstory of both Hobbs and Shaw. This meant it spent a lot of time trying to explain all the pasts of these characters, which wasn’t so necessary and meant the film had a lot of confusing backstories.
Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw 3

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ is just what it is – an action movie. With that, it does have a lot of action. From car chases with motorbikes, fancy skids under moving lorries, to fight scenes, with fists or guns, and explosions. Explosions are obviously a must in an action film such as this one, right? With this action comes a lot of slow-motion mid-action shots. Perhaps too many, but I quite enjoyed the action it was explosive and packed. As an action film, it’s enjoyable. There’s not much wrong with the film, it was ok and the action is where it is supposed to be, present and fiery. Not the best, not the worst.

Never Let Me Go (2010)

So I bought this film on a whim, understandable as it starred Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield, a great Spider-Man, so it was added to my extensive DVD collection. However, if seen before, I wouldn’t say I would have actually bought it. This isn’t to say it’s a bad film, because it is far from that. My problem was the depressing nature of the storyline, there felt like there was no hope and I didn’t really see the point other than to sadden the audience.

Never Let Me Go 2

The film is split among three phases of the main protagonists’ life. We start in the present, in 1994, and we go to childhood, 1978. We stay here for a while, then the middle is possessed in 1985, then back to 1994. Now introducing the National Donor Programme, I told you it was a sad film. In 1978, the main three children, Kathy (Izzy Meikle-Small), Tommy (Charlie Rowe) and Ruth (Ella Purnell), were in an extremely strict school, Hailsham. The children were tracked by bracelets, had to take pills every day, and going past the boundaries spreads horrific scary stories of death. The real reason why there are there becomes abundantly clear when they are finally told the truth: when they grow up they are to give vital organs to people who need them, they do this until they “complete”, or in other words, die. Growing up Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley) all know they will die for anyone who needs an organ. It’s a horribly sad film.

Never Let Me Go 1

‘Never Let Me Go’ is a film with a lot of deeper meanings, but by the end it’s all about death. You get to know these characters from childhood into adulthood – they are only on this planet to die for others. You explore the memories of drama and romance, of lost love and of hope. You watch as they try and cling on to every emotion and aspect they can before donations start. The three protagonists try and live their lives before their time is over. It is a beautifully well-done film full of drama based on a novel of the same name. Ready for a cry?

Nerve (2016)

The advertisement around this film was screaming excellence, best mystery thriller of the year, so of course I had to watch it and put my own opinion on it. Plus it’s got Dave Franco and Emma Roberts, who’s going to say no to that?

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco as Vee and Ian, find themselves being forced to pair up when it comes to a game of Nerve. “Are you a watcher or a player?” Vee has been a watcher, until Sydney (Emily Meade), her best friend, who is a player, pushed Vee to do something with her life. Taking life through dares, Vee, paired with Ian, seems to be getting the worst dares. Something Sydney becomes quite jealous of. From watching the trailer, to be honest I thought it was going to be a bit more of a thriller from the start than it was, but I felt that it built up characters much more than I thought it would. Not saying this is a bad thing.

Nerve - Vee and Ian

The way tension was built was extreme. There were parts of the film where I couldn’t watch, too much stress all at once. This was all because of the camera angles, they were very clever in creating this tension and making it extremely stressful for the audience. Literally, times in the film where I had to turn away, worried for what might happen. This made the film crazy and a clever thriller. I felt the film was all building up to the ending, and it was a very good ending at that. Mix of shock, unsure what will happen, unsure what just happened. Very clever. I also loved the excellent use of technology in this film. This is what the film is revolved around as Nerve is a game on the internet, the aspect around technology had to be good and it was. There is a constant unknowing of what is going to happen.

Nerve - motorbike dare

As Vee and Ian start to become more famous with their stunts, the mysterious watchers watch and the game only gets more dangerous, more risky, more deadly. They had no idea what it would build up to but now they have to win.

Mission: Impossible III (2006)

Well even before the title I was absorbed into this third impossible mission. We start with a flashback, where things have clearly hit their peak in a mission that seems to have gone incredibly wrong, then were back in present time where things are at it’s happiest for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), he’s engaged! Let the mission begin: what started off as a search and rescue becomes a lot more than that. Plus, his fiancé knows nothing of his spy tales.

Mission Impossible 3 - Search and Rescue Mission

This Mission Impossible may have just topped the first and second. This third movie of the series is jam-packed with so much action, it’s even more explosive, there’s more fights, it’s non-stop action –there may be 15 minutes throughout the whole movie that isn’t. This really is a brilliant action movie, the plot was interesting, the villain was fantastic, the action was explosive and the twists were shocking. A lot happens in this film, like the others there’s layers to build the action in the plot, but this one seems to have a lot more to it with action in every section.

Played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, the villain of the film is the best one so far! It doesn’t seem like the mission is easy, because this man doesn’t hold back. His sadistic twisted ways portray Ethan Hunt at his most desperate. We see as there are helicopter chases, missiles fired, arrests and jumping out of windows and off roofs. Additionally, Simon Pegg is in this movie and he does make me giggle even at a time of peril for Ethan Hunt.

Mission Impossible 3 - Ethan Hunt

‘Mission: Impossible III’ is a brilliant action movie. I’ve enjoyed this one more than the other two. So far (as I’m watching them in order for the first time), I would rank this one top, the first second and the second last. It was nice to see Ethan Hunt in a different light of a normal family life, but always returning to his spy ways and this film just brought bigger and better explosive action. Obviously, with the excellence of the use of faces alike to the first two films, but this time we get an insider peak of how they are made.

Mission: Impossible II (2000)

Another impossible mission. The second delves into pharmaceuticals, the advancement of biotech. A deadly virus has been stolen and it’s up to Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team to take it back before it’s sold. Additionally, Luther (Ving Rhames) is back in his hacking duties excellent as ever.

‘Mission: Impossible II’ builds the tension really well once again. Everything seemed to connect better in this film, everything you watch will be linked in. Where the first ten minutes of the first ‘Mission: Impossible’ seemed irrelevant, this one interweaves much more nicely. Although, I do think that the first film has a better plot. Not that this one is bad, because it isn’t, it’s interesting and things definitely don’t go well for Ethan Hunt – things do not go to plan. This second film brings explosions and an action-packed plot. Oh and it’s very dramatic.

Mission Impossible 2 - Ethan Hunt

The villains do seem to have swapping accents, it does become a bit annoying, although maybe I’m thinking about it too much. It’s not that much of a problem. You definitely tend to watch these films for the action plots anyway rather than the talking. And what’s important is that the action plot was there. There were lots of moments of long fighting scenes although still remain investing, car chases and more of Ethan Hunt’s acrobatics. Furthermore, ‘Mission: Impossible II’ has another new character in the mix, Nyah (Thandie Newton), who’s a great addition. A character Ethan is sent to hunt down for the beginning of the film, unknown to him why and what his mission actually is. Nevertheless, the romance wasn’t necessary, it escalated rather quickly…

I did enjoy this second Mission Impossible. So it’s not the most amazing action film I’ve ever seen, but it’s still enjoyable. Maybe more could have been put into the plot, but as I’ve said it’s one of those films for the action thrilling scenes. The use of faces makes you second guess everything, just like their use in the first film. The use of these is very clever. On the other hand, there’s a lot of slow-motion moments and I’m not sure if all of them actually hold the action value they are supposed to – it did become a bit silly with them. Regardless, it remains an action-packed film with twists and turns throughout. A solid action film – it is what it is! Not a fan of Tom Cruise’s haircut though…