TV Programmes


When Elena’s pack calls her back home, she reluctantly leaves her perfect life in Toronto to be faced with many werewolf-related murders.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

The police force of the Nine-Nine fight crimes while the audience falls in love with the comical detectives.

‘Gossip Girl’

Upper East Side comes to life with scandals and tons of gossip.


A group of Hustlers work London by conning greedy people out of thousands of pounds.


A zombie outbreak has occurred and Liv is one of them, working in the morgue eating brains of victims to solve their mysteries.

‘Lie To Me’

Cal Lightman and his scientific team try to solve crimes by reading the faces and discovering who is lying to them.

‘Once Upon A Time’

Storybrooke is a town in Maine where the people stuck there are Fairy Tales that have forgotten their past.

‘That 70s Show’

Travelling back to 1970s Wisconsin with a group of teenagers experiencing life.