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Welcome to Striking Film Reviews.

My name is Bethan Strike and I love watching films and writing my opinions on them! So what better way than to have my own blog on them? I watch a variety of films, so I’m sure there is something here for everyone to love watching, so please give my reviews a read.

New reviews posted every Wednesday and Saturday! 🙂

I’m always writing more, and they’re accessible through the header above. Click on any of the categories that are interesting to you and there are a variety of films to click on to read from there, so you can figure out if it is a film you want to watch or not. Also, all of them can be viewed more easily in the A-Z section.

Any feedback is welcome. Or if you have any recommendations for me to watch and review, please let me know. More details in the About section.

Hope you enjoy my opinions on certain films. Thanks!

For something a little different, I’ve recently added some new homemade quizzes! Find them here! 🙂