A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song (2011)

Once again, another version of ‘Cinderella’. This time one rather different from all the others, especially from the original. Instead looking for a shoe, he’s searching for that girl with the voice. Hence the ‘Once Upon A Song’.

I love versions of Disney Classics, if you don’t already know. And I do love this version, however I would understand if you didn’t. It could be considered one of those cheesy chick-flicks, but who cares? It’s a feel good representation and different take on the classic ‘Cinderella’. Also, it has a very predictable ending, but of course it does! You don’t watch one of these films to think you’re going to be delving into a mystery and full of twists that leads to confusion, you watch it for that cute soppy ending, where everything turns out great. And this is definitely what the film expresses. I love it!


I really like how different this representation is to the others. The ball is instead a Bollywood Dance, as I’ve already said he’s searching for a voice rather than a glass slipper, there’s no magical edge or fairy god-mother, and instead of two step-sisters, it’s a step-sister and a step-brother. So there is of course many differences. Although saying this, there are still elements that links it to the ‘Cinderella’ story. The main protagonist, Katie (Lucy Hale), is living with her step-mother due to her father re-marrying and then sadly passing away, although this story isn’t told at all, just mentioned. Also, the ‘prince’ of some sort, is Luke (Freddie Stroma) in this, who, not actually a prince, is famous and is controlled by his father wanting him to pursue something else in life than what he wants, ie. like the prince in ‘Cinderella’ having to choose a princess to marry rather than marrying for love. Additionally, Katie is blackmailed by her step-mother and she has to do everything she says. So you can see there are essences of ‘Cinderella’ within this film.

Personally, I think this film is actually hilarious. Bev, (Megan Park) the step-sister, is so dumb you just have to laugh, the things she comes out with… The step-mother, Gail (Missi Pyle), is brilliant as well. She is definitely a different interpretation on the evil step-mother, she is self-obsessed and so rude, but her comments are cleverly done to make them funny, her harsh realities really do crack me up. But she’s also a drunk, something quite different to the other interpretations I might add. The step-brother, Victor (Matt Lintz), obviously a different take having it being a brother instead of a sister. But I love this change, he is a great addition to the film. He’s such a naughty little boy, called the “demon’s spawn”; the sort of things he comes out with is so cheeky yet some things are so extreme. But when it comes to the end of the film, he adds to the soppiness and happiness of the ending. To be honest, there are many moments where I laugh in this film.


I really enjoy the songs as well. Because this film is so revolved around songs and singing, it is important for this to be a good aspect, and it is. You can definitely hear that it is Lucy Hale singing, who of course is Aria from ‘Pretty Little Liars’. They are fun poppy songs that are enjoyable. They can be quite repetitive however, but you just learn them throughout the film and sing along by the end. Also I have to add, Freddie Stroma singing is beautiful, much love when he sings ‘Knocking’. So I hope that other people would find these songs enjoyable as well.

As you can tell I love this film! It is quite fun and such a different take on the famous ‘Cinderella’ everyone must know. So if you want to witness a different life of ‘Cinderella’, one where she wants to be a singer, when she’s the one with the great voice not her step-sister, then this your calling.


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