Good Girls (2018 – )

Anyone that reads my reviews will probably know that I watch a lot of television shows… After catching up with ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘iZombie’, I felt a new binge watch needed to be found – so I chose ‘Good Girls’ on Netflix. Starring Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman (from ‘The Duff’), it seemed like a strong female lead for a comical crime show and well it is!

‘Good Girls’ follows three suburban mothers, Beth, Annie and Ruby, all in desperate need for money but suffering with everyday family expenses. Beth discovers her husband has lost all the money, Annie gets told her ex wants to challenge her in a custody battle for their child and finally, Ruby’s daughter needs medical help that costs $10,000 per month. In their desperate situations, they turn to the only thing they can think of doing, robbing a grocery store. Although, this doesn’t turn out the way they think, stealing $30,000 and end of, nope instead they steal half a million dollars from a street gang – and this boss is not happy. Instead, an alliance forms, the ‘good girls’ do jobs and get their cut of the money. Simple right?

Good Girls 3

Let’s start with Beth (Christina Hendricks). Beth’s character seems to portray the perfect suburban mother, does everything for her children, a housewife etc etc etc. However as the episodes progress, Beth is the one who starts to thrill the most in these crime adventures. She seems to have a much darker side seeking for an excitement in her life. We soon discover her life isn’t as perfect as it seems when her husband is discovered cheating on her. Her husband, Dean, who by the way is played by Shaggy from ‘Scooby-Doo the Movie’ (Matthew Lillard), is a character to dislike. Watching Beth’s character change is exciting in the show as she keeps returning to her loyal friends with a “I did something…”

Good Girls 2

Secondly, Beth’s little sister, Annie (Mae Whitman). I think Annie is probably by favourite character. She’s hilarious in her blunt ways, but she has reason for her hate throughout the series. Annie seems to be the character who jumps to the crime solutions to their problems in her feisty ways. Her character is quickly loved by the audience as she is the one caught in the act and she becomes manipulated and used in the most horrible way. Her strength is phenomenal in this programme, you become attached to her character very quickly along with the hate of another. Moreover, her relationship with her daughter, Sadie, is brilliant, both are great characters.

Finally, Ruby (Retta). Ruby’s expressions are the comical genius that make this programme hilarious. If Beth starts a sentence with “I did something”, just watch for Ruby’s expressions, they are phenomenal. Ruby, I think, is probably the character most down to earth, with her heart-warming family of the most-loving father and her great children, one who needs medical help asap. Her story is definitely the one to feel most sympathetic for as Ruby would do anything to save her little girl’s life.

Good Girls 1

‘Good Girls’ is a great show and I really hope it goes on to more seasons. It’s got everything in these episodes; comedy, crime. Some moments you are shocked by what has happened, others you are laughing at the response or escalation this one grocery store robbery has come to. It’s extremely cleverly done with the boss of the gang weirdly loved by the audience. The three women’s relationship is adored. How far would you think these mothers could go for their families?

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