High School Musical 2 (2007)

The second High School Musical film and I love it, of course! You have to be a fan of High School Musical, like I’ve said before, but this one is different to the first and third, so should be appreciated in its difference. This is because there is a completely different setting to the film, this time it is summer, something you will click quite quick onto in the first five minutes of the film. So the setting of the film is moved away from East High school to Lava Springs. A different setting, but all the same people back. Troy. Gabriella. Sharpay. Ryan. Chad. Taylor. Etc, etc, etc. Don’t worry though, Zac Efron is back to singing again.


After all was forgiven in the end of the first film by Sharpay, she’s back at her old ways again, trying to get Troy for herself. I have to admit, this film is definitely one where Sharpay is at her craziest and her most jealous, her most scheming. Definitely worse than the first film. ‘High School Musical 2’ is more revolved around Sharpay and her schemes to get between Troy and Gabriella, and well to say the least, this film is probably the most real one that Troy and Gabriella come to breaking point, tensions get really high. This film is also the source of the beginning of Ryan’s growing jealously and resentment towards his sister. Also the increasing pressure of the future on teenagers shoulders. This being the source of Sharpay’s controlling fuel over Troy.

Compared to the first film, a lot more money has been put into the second (and third) – the whole dynamic of the film is completely different to the first. Even the lighting, noticeably the film is considerably brighter and the cast seems to have grown much bigger. To say the least, this film was destined to be a success with the money put into it. Even Sharpay’s songs have got much more extravagant from ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ with Ryan in the first film, to Sharpay’s ‘You’re The Music in Me’ with her costume, the glamour and fire sparklers. Even the setting shows the money in the film, the golf course setting, the helicopter. This film really did go all out with props and costume, compared to the first, but again this is seen in the third film.


So what is the second film even about? Troy manages to get everyone summer jobs at Lava Springs, Gabriella being the new life guard, the Wildcats working in the kitchen, Taylor in management, Kelsi playing the piano during lunch and dinner times. We witness the life of Sharpay, her family, her rich life, all on her turf. This is why it is a lot revolved around her, more significantly than others. Troy is consumed into possibilities about his future, while leaving behind the rest of his friends. Among all this, of course there are a multitude of songs, being a musical (hint is in the name of the film…). The songs are enjoyable, but as I said before Zac Efron is actually singing, so his songs are slightly different to the first film, noticeable lower. But overall the songs are mostly like the first, enjoyable, poppy songs. Ranging from ‘Bet on It’ of Zac Efron angrily running around a golf course, to ‘Everyday’, a beautiful song I have to admit, one of my favourite parts of the film, and then to the weird and crazy, yet still enjoyable, ‘Humuhumunukuapua’a’.


The second High School Musical film, classic like them all. Again, if you like the first then of course watch the second, but vice versa. They are films of certain tastes. But hey, they’re enjoyable small escapisms. Though keep in mind, this one is more revolved around Sharpay, and her turf. Yet contrasting to this, is the build-up of Ryan’s character and his friendship with the Wildcats, especially in ‘I Don’t Dance’ – a song with some great dancing, ironically, but I think that’s the point… Compared to the other two, this film develops the characters of Sharpay and Ryan. Of course, never forgetting a centre of Troy Bolton however.


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