Fractured (2019)

This mystery thriller follows a family of three on their return home from Thanksgiving with the in-laws. However, they never quite make it home when an accident occurs at a pit stop construction site. Instead, they spend their next few hours at the nearest hospital, Kirkbride Regional Hospital, where six-year-old Peri Monroe (Lucy Capri) will be treated for her perhaps fractured arm. As a precaution the young child is sent with her mother, Joanne (‘American Horror Story’s Lily Rabe), to get a scan. The father, Ray (Sam Worthington), waits in agony for his family to return, but when hours pass, he becomes impatient. However, the two have seemed to have gone missing from the hospital leaving the father desperate to find his family once again.

Fractured 2

This is a very good mystery thriller. You’re never really certain of what is going on until the very end. You think one thing, then doubt hits, then you second guess, thinking an opposite extreme, to return to the original thought to again think ‘hmm maybe not’. It is a constant circle of ‘what is happening?’. You do become very absorbed into this mystery, trying to read into every hint on screen to discover what is going on. You may think you know the ending of the whole film and fully get it correct during the film, but you’ll back down on your thoughts as you hesitate becoming uncertain over everything.

The acting is very good, particularly as the main character, Ray Monroe. His character becomes very believable on screen as you see his agony and desperation with his confusion and determination. More plots seem to unravel on screen as the film continues, making the film only more intriguing. You do become very captivated by the mystery. Every character does seem very eerie.

Fractured 1

‘Fractured’ follows a classic old-styled thriller. It’s a simple plot with unnerving potential. The only issue with these sorts of films is that once you’ve seen it once, it becomes difficult to watch again knowing the ending. Although saying this, I did watch it twice and it still held some potential, it just didn’t feel the same as I knew what was going on; instead I tended to read more into the clues and watch some parts of the film that I hadn’t noticed before. After two, I would say that I wouldn’t watch again: there’s only so many times you can watch something when you know the surprise ending. Nevertheless, I would recommend this mystery thriller. It does become very intriguing and everything escalates more and more, the reminder of being in a hospital and the potential of damaged minds is in constant play. Where do you think his family could have gone in this sinister hospital?

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