John Tucker Must Die (2006)

One of the best classic romcoms going in my opinion. If you are a fan of the romcoms (which I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this), then this film must be on the top ten list. Every single time. Classic chickflick.

Unlikely friends of a know-it-all Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), head cheerleader Heather (Ashanti), a vegan obsessed Beth (Sophia Bush), and the invisible Kate (Brittany Snow – a younger blonde Chloe from ‘Pitch Perfect’), meet when they discover they all are dating the same guy (well not Kate but she brings them together). With one plan, they find themselves plotting. One plan that they thought would be simple and easy – to destroy John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe). As narrator Kate points out, this is not her story, but the story of the one and only John Tucker instead. Although, I have to say, it is a lot about Kate too. Now John Tucker is the number one player. The number one star of lying to girls to just get with them and break up with them. Not the only one in film, but one of the best! And one of them that should be remembered always! This 2006 film should not be forgotten.


‘John Tucker Must Die’ is full of classic pop songs, comedic moments, and girl power. As the film advertisement states, “Don’t get mad. Get even”; and that’s surely what happens. Firstly, the music, I love it, I think it’s a great aspect of the film, even if it’s something that’s not really noticed when you watch it, you don’t realise how much music makes a difference to the audience. The music in this film is very clever in which it starts as non-diegetic music, so not within the actual movie, to then incorporating into the film through someone’s headphones or a CD player, becoming diegetic music the characters are also listening to. This is a small but great way in which the audience is dragged through scenes and different places easily. Plus it helps that all the songs are classic great ones, from ‘Dirty Little Secret’ (an obvious choice for a film about a guy who lies to girls…), to ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ (again blending in with the film well); just two examples there.

Within the four girls coming together to take down one guy, there are many funny moments to enjoy. There are witty comebacks as the girls start as rivalries from different cliques of the school. Throw in some awkward moments they find themselves in, especially Beth, just adds to the humour of the film. Also bring in a different romance element from “The Other Tucker”, Scott (Penn Badgley – ‘Gossip Girl’), which the audience can admire. Additionally, there are moments that girls of similar ages can relate to. So probably more of a classic chickflick for girls of that age, so a particular audience, but I’m not limiting it to this, just because of the relatability of the film. If you like films such as ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘The Duff’ or ‘Easy A’ (other chickflick school based films), then you would 100% love this one.

John Tucker Must Die

It really is one of those classic chickflick films that if you love this genre then this wouldn’t be a let-down. ‘John Tucker Must Die’ is riddled with comedic elements, while four girls try and get their payback on the guy who screwed them around in the first place. But what is always to remember is “never underestimate your opponent”.


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