Sister Act (1992)

This is one of those films you have to say you’ve seen at least once, a film that’s well-known that everyone has heard of. But the question is: do people actually know what it’s about? Yes, I’ve heard of it, and yes I watched it recently for the first time knowing I should have watched it way before this. But I was so wrong at what the actual plot was. So if you’re not aware: when our main protagonist, Deloris (played by the brilliant Whoopi Goldberg), witnesses a murder committed by her boyfriend, the police have to put her in the one place he would never find her. And that is St Catherine’s convent. Deloris now Sister Mary Clarence, to say the least, finds it extremely difficult to fit in in this completely different place from her old loved life.

Sister Act - 2

So of course Whoopi Goldberg carries this film, she is the star of the show, carrying the narration and the comedy. And you don’t need me to say she plays the part well, because of course she does, it’s Whoopi Goldberg! The comedy of this film isn’t as much as laugh out loud, holding your belly, but there are some great moments that do make you chuckle. Mostly the film is a nice heart-warming film. The development of a strong-willed singer to a woman hiding as a nun in a convent, a change not that easy. Amongst her hiding and the comedy of her trying to fit in, is the crime of the film. Now, it is not scary crime at all! They make it more comical, especially at the end and the difficulties the two sidekicks of Vince (Harvey Keitel) have with Deloris dressed as a nun and their command to “waste her”. So as IMDb suggests this is a good family film, not scary in the slightest, and a rather enjoyable comical film.

Additionally, you can never forget that the brilliant Dame Maggie Smith is in this film! She is obviously amazing in her role as Mother Superior, struggling to accept someone so controversial to what she believes in. Maggie Smith always plays her characters to the greatest extent and this film is no different. You have to love Maggie Smith anyway! Professor McGonagall in ‘Harry Potter’, in ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang’ and so much more!

Sister Act - 1

‘Sister Act’ does have an element of music to enjoy in this film as well. It’s not a musical, but with Deloris loving her singing, her talents move towards the church’s choir. There are many songs that are enjoyable, starting the film with the classic ‘My Guy’. There are many performances to enjoy within the film, this just adds another element of the film to appreciate.

Overall, yeah I would recommend this film! It’s a nice easy-watch film, with funny moments and enjoyable songs. Whoopi Goldbery and Maggie Smith, I say again. You should at least watch it once, watch Deloris struggle to hide herself when she’s a star witness.


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